13.19 Funeralia

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Title Funeralia
Episode # Season 13, Episode 19
First aired April 19, 2018
Directed by Nina Lopez-Corrado
Written by Steve Yockey
On IMDB Funeralia
Monster Rowena
Timeline May 24, 2018 -
Location(s) Portland, Oregon
Lebanon, Kansas
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  • "Seductive Tango" by Dominic Richard Ashworth & Derek Nash
(playing as Rowena tangos and incinerates Elizabeth Mahler)
  • "Scotland the Brave"
(Rowena's ringtone)
  • "Supernatural Man" by Mable Jo and the Jealous Hearts
(playing in the bar where Sam and Dean meet with Rowena)


Dean: You know what? Forget Rowena. There's gotta be some other way we can track down Gabriel and hijack his grace.

Castiel: Even though he could be any place on Earth? Or technically, anywhere in the entire universe.

Dean: I didn't say it was going to be easy, but, uh... All right, come on. Ideas, come on. Here we go... Nah. I need a real drink. I'm gonna get a beer. You want a beer?
Dean: A rich lady exploded?
Sam: Yeah. Local cops are -- are calling it spontaneous combustion, but... pretty much.
Castiel: Dumah. I need to talk to you. I know you want to murder me, and I know that you have good reason to want to murder me. But there are events unfolding on Earth, and, um... well... the archangel Gabriel, he's alive. And I need to find him before Michael, who's... It's not our Michael. It's another much, much worse Michael. I need to find him before that Michael invades this world to... to either subjugate or destroy it. Or both, probably in that order. And there's also the problem of... of a missing Nephilim and Lucifer. He's back, too. It's... it's been an eventful few weeks. I realize that this may be a long shot, but...
Jessica: I'm especially fond of Sam's impressive... extensive array of hair products. Not to mention, the 3-day-old bacon cheeseburger in your room, or the VHS tape hidden under your bed, labeled, 'Sweet Princess Asuka Meets the Tentacles of Ple--'
Dean: Okay, all right, all right, that's not coo, okay? That's -- First of all, that's a classic. Secondly, the burger's for emergency cases only.

Trivia & References

"Funeralia" comes from the Medeval Latin for "funeral rites."
Castiel: We must assemble our most powerful allies to rescue our family and confront the archangel Michael. Now he's in an alternate universe, so...

Rowena: Oh! The handsome angel is there isn't he? Hello, Tweetie Pie.

Sam: Rowena, are you at a... party or something?

Rowena: I am, but I'm surprised you recognize the sounds of a party seeing as how you're all work and no play.

Dean: Look we didn't call to talk... The world is in danger, Rowena.

Rowena: And I'm currently surrounded by art that makes me think the would should be in danger. Best of luck to you boys, my three little musketeers. Mwah.

Castiel: Maybe Heaven could help us.

Dean: Uh, not for nothing, but don't the angels mostly wanna kill you?
Castiel: Yes. Yeah. This would be something of a Hail Mary. It's a sports term. Like slam dunk or, uh... ball handler.

Jessica: Have you ever heard of the Butterfly Effect?

Dean: Ashton's second-best movie.
Sam: Yes, of course. Uh, uh one small mistake can -- can casue all kinds of bad. What about it?


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