13.14 Good Intentions

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Title Good Intentions
Episode # Season 13, Episode 14
First aired March 1, 2018
Directed by P.J. Pesce
Written by Meredith Glynn
On IMDB Good Intentions
Outline The Winchesters, Castiel, and Donatello continue trying to find a way to open a rift, which begins to take its toll on Donatello. Meanwhile, in Apocalypse World, Mary and Jack escape Michael and find refuge with Bobby Singer.
Monster Angels
Donatello Redfield
Timeline November 2017
Location(s) Lebanon, Kansas
Apocalypse World
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Zachariah is mentally manipulating Jack into using his powers to open a portal by inducing hallucinations. The most recent has him back in in the Bunker trying to save Sam and Dean who are locked in a room while a fire rags inside it. Michael says he wants Jack to open a door big enough to march an army through, and orders Zachariah to try again.

In the bunker workroom, Donatello works on translating the Demon Tablet, amid hallucinatory whispers. Castiel brings him breakfast, and Donatello scrambles to hide his notes. Cas suspiciously asks if he’s okay. Donatello suggests the energy of the Tablet must be affecting him.

Zachariah tries another illusion on jack – this time it is Castiel trying to convince him that Sam and dean don’t care for him, and that humanity will ruin the world without angelic intervention. Again, Jack is able to realise the ruse.

Donatello cracks the Tablet code and gleefully brings the results to Sam, Dean, and Cas. The spell supposedly requires the hearts of Gog and Magog, dangerous ancient warriors bound outside of space and time. Cas and Dean volunteer to summon and fight them, while Donatello and Sam stay behind to assemble the other spell ingredients.

Michael drags Jack down a hallway to a cell and tosses him in, where he finds Mary. She recognizes Jack, and he tells her that Sam and Dean sent him. He doesn’t know what Michael wants from him, but Mary tells him the angels want him to open a door to their world, and that they’ll torture her until Jack agrees to do it.

Dean asks Cas how he’s doing, and Cas wonders again why he was brought back if he isn’t even able to protect Jack. Cas wonders if he was brought back to help prepare for war against Michael, and Dean assures him they’ll do whatever it takes.

Dean and Cas summon Gog and Magog to a clearing. Following fight, Cas and Dean manage to kill the giants, but Cas discovers that, contrary to what Donatello insisted, Gog and Magog were not human but creatures made of sand who have no hearts.

Mary and Jack find that the angelic warding that suppresses Jack’s power in the cell is weak near the barred window, and they manage to escape.

Sam mixes ingredients in the library while his phone buzzes with a call from Dean on the other table, which Donatello disconnects before Sam hears it. Donatello picks up a bottle and hits Sam over the head with it. Dean and Cas return to find the bunker trashed and Sam holding an ice pack to his head. Sam shows them the video feed of Donatello locked in the dungeon, ranting and raving about power. Cas explains Donatello wanted Gog and Magog to kill them, that he wants them dead.

Mary and Jack run into Bobby who takes them to his camp in the woods. Bobby explains that everyone there had been attacked by angels, who are exterminating humanity. Mary warns Bobby that Michael will be after them, but he tells them they’ll be okay there and the camp is heavily guarded.

Cas watches from the library as Sam and Dean interrogate Donatello in the dungeon about the spell. Donatello taunts Dean by telling him that God chose him as the prophet, not Dean, and is annoyed that Dean’s not dead. Donatello tells them he won’t give them the spell, but he’ll show them some magic. He suffocates Dean with a spell, and Sam brings Dean out of the room while Cas rushes to the dungeon. Dean recovers while Donatello laughs, and Cas glares at him suspiciously again.

In Bobby’s camp, Jack entertains the children with shadow puppets while Bobby tells Mary about the version of her that he knew, who didn’t make the demon deal. She realizes that making the deal may have hurt her boys, but it prevented the war that destroyed Bobby’s world.

Bobby notices Jack’s unnatural, magical shadow puppets and asks if he’s a witch or a psychic, but Mary trusts Bobby enough to risk telling him the truth. He demands Jack leave by morning, and Mary says that if Jack leaves, so does she. Bobby warns her that, just like the angels they’d thought were on their side at the beginning of the war, Jack will eventually turn on them, too.

Dean, Sam, and Cas try to figure out what went wrong with Donatello. Sam mentions that Donatello has no soul, and Cas is appalled. He says that there’s no way to fix what’s happened to Donatello, that he’s been corrupted by the darkness in the tablet. Cas suggests killing him is the kindest thing they could do, and that another prophet will awaken to translate the tablet, but Sam insists they not kill him. Cas resigns himself to do what he has to and locks himself in the dungeon with Donatello.

Jack admires the humans at Bobby’s camp, but Mary tells him they have to leave. A siren sounds as angels fly into the camp. Mary and Jack run for cover as Zachariah and his troops arrive.

Cas tells Donatello that he’d sworn he’d never take memories from a human without their permission, but breaks that oath. Donatello attempts to cast a spell, but Cas silences him, telling him he won’t allow anyone to hurt the people he loves again. He enters his mind, extract the spell from the tablet.

The angels found Jack at the camp because he’d used his powers making shadow puppets. Bobby gives Mary an escape route from the camp and tells her to take the children to safety. She tells Jack to hide from the angels and they split up.

Zachariah and his angels wander Bobby’s camp killing people. Jack hears the fighting and returns just as Zachariah finds Mary. She refuses to tell him where Jack is and he knocks her to the ground. Jack uses his powers on Zachariah, raising him into the air and exploding him in a cloud of dust. More angels fly in and Jack explodes them in the air before they can land.

Bobby thanks Jack for helping save everyone, and Jack says it’s what Sam and Dean would’ve done. Jack knows the war won’t stop as long as Michael is alive, and is convinced he must kill Michael.

Sam and Dean return from taking Donatello to the hospital, where he’s on life support. They confront Cas about what he did, and Cas tells them there was no way to save Donatello, and that they didn’t have time for another plan if Michael’s bringing a war to them. Cas lists the ingredients for the spell to open the door, so that together they can beat Lucifer and Michael, and survive.






Sam: Don't you think you should, uh, take it a little easy on the nitrates?
Dean: Dude, if bacon's what kills me, then I win.
Jack: I-- Sam and Dean... We were coming to save you, but something went wrong, and now it's just me. And Michael, I... I tried to fight him, but he was in my head. He wants me to use my powers, but I don't know why.

Mary: I do. You said he was in your head? Well, he's in my head, too. And I saw everything. He's gonna bring an army to our world and just...
Jack: He wants me to open the door. But I won't. He can't make me. I-I don't care how much he hurts me.

Mary: He's not gonna hurt you, Jack. He's gonna hurt me. Why do you think he brought you here? So that we would meet, so we would talk. And then when he comes back, if you don't do what he wants, he's going to kill me.
Castiel: Dean, I was -- I was dead.

Dean: Temporarily.
Castiel: And I have to believe that I was brought back for a reason.
Dean: You were. Okay, Jack brought you back because we needed you back.
Castiel: Right. And how have I repaid him? I promised his mother that I would protect him, but now he's trapped in that place while Lucifer is here, who's... I mean, he's getting stronger and more powerful by the day. And if Michael really is coming, maybe I was brought back to help prepare.
Dean: Prepare for what?
Castiel: War. War is what Michael does.

Dean: Well, then we do what we do. Whatever it takes.
Gog: Which shall we kill first?

Magog: I will kill the pretty one.
Dean: It's like a furry diaper.
Castiel: Dean.
Gog: They are equally pretty.
Magog: The small one then--
Gog: Eh.

Magog: Enough! You! Embrace your beautiful death!
Mary: You called me Mary Campbell. Do you know me?
Bobby: Well, knew you, the other you. She... Well, hell, I thought you were a damn ghost. Turns out you're just from a whole other world, which is... weirder when you think about it.
Sam: Was it the tablet that -- that did this to you or...
Donatello: It didn't do anything to me. I translated the tablet. All of it! I saw the power of God! And it's all up here. And you wanna take it from me.
Bobby: I don't mean to stare. Just... You... you look just like her. Give or take a year or two.

Mary: What was she like?
Bobby: Mary Campbell was a... complicated woman.
Mary: Mm.
Bobby: Brave, but sad. Full of regret.
Mary: Let me guess -- she made a bad demon deal?
Bobby: Opposite. She didn't make one. Lost the love of her life. Never moved on.
Mary: And Dean and Sam were never born. Bobby, I made that deal. And it -- I... brought my boys a... lot of pain. But... What happened here, in your world? Sam and Dean stopped that war in mine.

Bobby: Then I'd say you made the right choice.
Bobby: Look, Mary, when this all started, when Lucifer and his demon army rose out of hell, we thought the angels were on our side. But one by one, they turned on us. He will, too. It's just a matter of time.
Jack: I had to come back. Sam and Dean, they wouldn't run. They'd stay and fight. These angels, what they're doing, they're not gonna stop. As long as Michael's out there, this war will never be over.

Bobby: So what are you saying?

Jack: I have to kill him.
Castiel: Some people just can't be saved.

Dean: Yeah, but who gets to make that choice? You? What exactly gives you the right?

Castiel: Nothing. I took it. And if I hadn't acted, we would still be sitting around and talking about what to do next. We would be wasting time. And it's time we don't have, Dean. I told you, war is coming. War. And I did what soldiers do. Now we needed the spell to open the rift, and I got it. We need four major ingredients -- the grace of an archangel... a fruit from the Tree of Life.... the Seal of Solomon... and the blood of 'a most holy man'. We find those things, we can bring everybody home. And together we can beat Lucifer and Michael. This is the only way we win, and this is the only way we survive. It's like you said, Dean. Whatever it takes.

Trivia & References

Donatello: Um, they're -- they're people. Kind of. Uh, sometimes referred to as brothers, other times lands. Uh... You know how Bibles are. Too damn many translations.

Castiel: Wait, Gog and -- and Magog... I'd -- I'd heard rumors, but I didn't think they were human.

As Donatello says, Gog and Magog are variously the names of nations, people, and entities in Judaic, Christian, and Islamic lore. They also appear in many legends across Europe and the Middle East. In Britain, they are depicted as giants who symbolize the conflict between the ancient Britons and the Trojan armies. Gog and Magog were said to have been defeated by Brutus of Troy and chained at the gate of his palace. They are often burned as effigies in pagan ceremonies, as a way of replacing and symbolizing sacrifice. This tale is represented in carvings at the Guildhall in London. Representations of these giants can also be found in the Royal Arcade in Melbourne, Australia.
Castiel: Dean, we have a problem. He isn't human. He appears to be a primitive beast formed of rock and sand.

Dean: That's a thing?
Castiel: Yeah. A very old thing. I thought they had gone extinct during the flood.

The Flood refers to the flood myth which is a story that appears in many traditions, where a deity sends a flood to punish and cleanse civilization.
Bobby: Oh, I remember. The daytrippers, right?
A daytripper is a person who visits a destination just for a day and returns to their own home on the same day.
Dean: The Muppet professor attacked you? Why?
The "Muppet Professor" was a puppet who featured in The Muppet Show called Dr. Bunsen Honeydew.
Dean: All right, what else do we know besides all work and no play makes Donatello a homicidal boy?
"All work and no play makes Donatello a homicidal boy" is a play on the proverb, "All work and no play makes Jack a dull boy" which was most famously used in the film adaptation of Stephen King's The Shining.
Castiel: We need four major ingredients -- the grace of an archangel... a fruit from the Tree of Life.... the Seal of Solomon... and the blood of 'a most holy man'.
The "tree of life" is a mythological archetype that spans many religions and cultures. The Seal of Solomon was a signet ring which belonged to King Solomon which granted him the abilities to command demons and jinn, or to speak with animals. It was believed that the demon Asmodeus, or Sakhr, obtained the ring by taking Solomon's form and tricking one of his wives, and ruled in Solomon's stead for forty days until it was lost in the sea, caught by a fish, recovered by a fisherman, and returned to Solomon.


Chad Rook, who played Zachariah (Apocalypse World), previously played Marshall Todd in 6.19 Mommy Dearest and Desmond in 8.09 Citizen Fang.
Michael Jonsson, who played Gog, previously played Yeager in 5.04 The End.
Zachariah of Apocalypse World attempting to manipulate Jack's mind can be seen as a reference to the original Zachariah, who used his powers to try and manipulate Sam and Dean in 4.17 It's a Terrible Life to think they were normal people as well as showing Dean the future in which he continues to refuse becoming Michael's vessel in 5.04 The End.
The spell which Donatello gives Sam and Dean includes the ingredients Balthazar used to send them to the World Without Supernatural in 6.15 The French Mistake:
"Cleanse the holy altar with sacramental water, built on a bed of godsroot. Bless the altar in the tongue of God. Coat a bronze bowl with Oil of Abramelin. Combine dragon's blood, wolfsbane, angelica root. Crush into a fine paste. Sprinkle with goofer dust [...] Mortar and pestle, combine with dead sea brine, virgin lamb's blood and the bone of a lesser saint [...] Mixture, paint three symbols [...] surrounding the altar [...] pastes into the [...] mix thoroughly, top with dried [...] Hearts of Gog and Magog."
Much like his father, Lucifer, Jack has a penchant for disintegrating angels.

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