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'''Lucifer:''' Oh. Sweet toy.
'''Lucifer:''' Oh. Sweet toy.
'''Dean:''' Yeah, I got off an old-new pal of mine. See we have this bet, see if it works against an archangel. So, say hello to me little friend.
'''Dean:''' Yeah, I got off an old-new pal of mine. See we have this bet, see if it works against an archangel. So, say hello to me little friend.
:''"Say hello to my little friend!" is a line famously spoken by Al Pacino in the 1983 movie [https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Scarface_(1983_film) Scarface] before shooting down a door. [https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=3MDHL0xnPpA Video]''

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Title All Along the Watchtower
Episode # Season 12, Episode 23
First aired May 18, 2017
Directed by Robert Singer
Written by Andrew Dabb
On IMDB All Along the Watchtower
Outline The Winchesters, Castiel and Crowley take on Lucifer for the fate of Kelly Kline's Nephilim child.
Monster Lucifer
Timeline May 18th, 2017
Location(s) Lebanon, Kansas
North Cove, Washington
Alternate Universe
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  • "Carry On Wayward Son" by Kansas
(plays during "The Road So Far" recap of events; also played in 1.21 Salvation, 2.22 All Hell Breaks Loose: Part Two, 3.16 No Rest for the Wicked, 4.22 Lucifer Rising, 5.22 Swan Song, 6.22 The Man Who Knew Too Much, 7.23 Survival of the Fittest, 8.23 Sacrifice, 9.23 Do You Believe in Miracles?, 10.23 Brother's Keeper and 11.23 Alpha and Omega)
  • "Scotland the Brave"
(Rowena's ring tone)


Dean: Okay let me just get this straight. So, we beat the Brits, we kicked their psycho tea swilling asses. And instead of popping champagne and heading to Vegas, we get Lucifer.
Lucifer: Oh, if you're looking for Rowena, she is presently indisposed. Which is a delicate way of saying I stomped on her face until the white meat showed, and then set her on fire just in case. Oh, gingers. It was messy and screamy, but it had to be done, Sam. I'm about to be a Dad, can't raise the little nipper from a jail cell now can I? Speaking of, you know where your little pail Castiel is?
Mary: All right then. I kinda always wanted to punch the Devil in the face.
Sam: Dean, wait.

Dean / Mary: Seriously?
Sam: He worked the Cage spell with Rowena, maybe he could help us.
Mary: What if he can't.

Sam: Well, then we kill him.
Crowley: I wanted to win. I perverted Mother's spell, put Lucifer in a vessel of my own making because I wanted to win. You have any idea how many people have made a play for my throne over the years? Lucifer, Abaddon, blah-blah-blah-blah. I thought if I could put the Devil on a leash, my own personal nuke. No one would ever dare challenge me again.
Sam: So, why are you here?

Crowley: Well, whenever there is a world ending crisis at hand, I know where to place my bets. It's on you. You big beautiful lumbering piles of flannel. So if you'll forgive my transgression, I'll make it worth your wile.
Dean: Which means?
Crowley: After we put Lucifer back in his Cage, together. I'll seal the Gates of Hell. You'll never see another demon again, apart from of course, yours truly.
Mary: You would do that?

Crowley: Why not? They stab me in the back, I'll happily stab them in the front, the sides and right up their little black-eyed asses. So, do we have a deal?
Dean: All right on a scale of one to ten, how bad is this?

Sam: I don't know. I gotta say a hole in reality to a bombed out apocalypse world. I'm gonna go with eleven.

Dean: Sounds right.
Dean: Bobby. It's us. Sam and Dean Winchester.

Bobby: The only Winchester I ever heard of was John.
Sam: Yeah, John Winchester. Our Father.
Bobby: Doubt it. He's dead, been dead over forty years now. The only reason I know about him, is this hunter I ran with Mary Campbell, you get a few pints of shine into her, she always told the same story about the man she loved -- John Winchester. Azazel killed her about ten years ago.
Sam: Cas what the the hell is this?

Castiel: This is a world where you were never born. It's a world you never saved.
Bobby: I don't know. It ain't so bad here, if you like killing angels.

Sam: And you do?

Bobby: It's my hobby and my passion. So, I figure it's only a matter of time before the dicks upstairs get wind of this. And when they show, me and Rufus go to work. He's loaded with a hundred rounds, cast from old angel blades.
Lucifer: Oh, no no no. You had your chance. You could have put me back in the Cage.
Crowley: You're right. It is personal. You humiliated me. I-I hate you, deeply, truly. And I'm gonna enjoy wiping that smug, self-satisfied look off your face. Personally.

Trivia & References

"All Along the Watchtower" is a reference to the song of the same name by Bob Dylan and most famously covered by The Jimi Hendrix Experience.
Kelly: Okay, but Cas you went a little overboard.

Castiel: I disagree. I have read 74 books on child-rearing and there is one thing they all agree on. Everybody poops.

Kelly: Pressure waves?

Castiel: It's what they call contractions in my doula class. I-I took it online. First time mothers, labor can be twelve to eighteen hours, sometimes longer. Though given this is the child of Lucifer and a quasi-celestial being...

Dean: Hey, if he shows. Can you 'flame on' again? Can you torch Lucifer like you did Dagon?
Castiel: It's a doorway to another world.
Dean: Anoth-- what, like Narnia?
Castiel: No. No through there it's Earth, but-but different. It's an alternate reality.

Sam: So, it's a bizarro world? Or -- or like that place we got zapped to where we were, uh, actors on a TV show.
Dean: Oh, yeah. The supernatural wasn't real. And you were Polish.

Lucifer: Oh. Sweet toy.

Dean: Yeah, I got off an old-new pal of mine. See we have this bet, see if it works against an archangel. So, say hello to me little friend.

"Say hello to my little friend!" is a line famously spoken by Al Pacino in the 1983 movie Scarface before shooting down a door. Video


"All Along the Watchtower" is Misha Collins' 100th appearance on Supernatural, including his voice over work from 11.04 Baby.
"All Along the Watchtower" reveals that archangels cannot be killed by standard angel blades.
Castiel's death fell on a Thursday, appropriate as he is the angel of Thursday.

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