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* [[12.17 The British Invasion (transcript)]]
* [[12.17 The British Invasion (transcript)]]
* [https://www.slideshare.net/JulesWilkinson/1217-the-british-invasion The British Invasion Script] (Production Draft)
* [https://www.slideshare.net/JulesWilkinson/1217-the-british-invasion-shooting-schedule Shooting schedule]
* [https://www.slideshare.net/JulesWilkinson/1217-the-british-invasion-251106988 Picture Vehicle Breakdown]

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Title The British Invasion
Episode # Season 12, Episode 17
First aired April 6, 2017
Directed by John F. Showalter
Written by Eugenie Ross-Leming
Brad Buckner
On IMDB The British Invasion
Outline Mick Davies is caught in the middle when Dr. Hess of the British Men of Letters decides that the Winchesters need to be brought into line. Meanwhile, Kelly Kline's pregnancy with Lucifer's child is advancing.
Monster Dagon
Location(s) Outside London, England (1987)
Lebanon, Kansas
Fall River, Massachusetts
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Kendricks Academy, England -- 1987
Two boys, one a young Mick Davies, enter the office of the headmistress, Dr. Hess. They notice that a section of the floor is covered with plastic. Dr Hess tells the boys they have both conquered many trials at Kendricks, through natural talent or hard work. Today, they’ll find out who moves on. She goes to the table and opens a piece of cloth to reveal a knife and tells them that only one of them will be leaving the room. While the other boy, Timothy, urges Mick that they run to his father for help, Mick tells him to close the door.

Later, young Mick walks down the corridor towards Dr. Hess where she waits. She looks up. Mick is splattered with blood. Mick tells her Timothy fought well; he didn't want to die. Dr. Hess tells Mick the Code demanded otherwise. Mick clutches the knife, covered in blood, in his hand.

Present Day
In the Impala, the boys are chatting to Eileen Leahy via FaceTime on Sam’s tablet. She tells Sam she was in Idaho, the last place anybody saw Kelly Kline, and right after Kelly left, somebody burned down an old warehouse. She tells Sam she found something after she did some digging and sends Sam a message to his phone. There are security shots of Kelly going into the warehouse with a woman. Sam surmises that it must be the Prince of Hell, Dagon. Sam and Dean arrive to the Bunker and find Mick waiting for them. Mick has word from the head of the British Men of Letters about a cosmic disturbance. Sam and Dean tell him what they know about the Nephilim. Mick is surprised both that they didn't tell him tht the Devil is having a child and that they haven’t killed Kelly to stop the birth. Mick agrees that maybe wouldn’t have been easy, but the Code demands it.

In Crowley's Lair, Lucifer is chained to a chair. He starts to chant Dagon’s name. “Dagon... Hear me.” Dagon hears Lucifer telepathically and replies, telling him that things are well and Kelly should be fine until the child is born. In England, Dr. Hess is on the phone to Mick. She asks about the Winchesters and he tells her he’s making some progress. Hess threatens that if they can’t get the Winchesters on their side they will have to be killed.

After finally caving into Kelly's demands, Dagon takes Kelly to see a doctor who says her vitals and preliminary labs were great and that he wants to do a quick sonogram. When he notices something on the screen, the doctor starts to wonder what it is, but just as Kelly starts to worry, Dagon’s eyes turn yellow and she telepathically instructs the doctor: “Everything looks a-okay.” The doctor smiles at Kelly: “Everything looks a-okay!” Kelly is relieved the baby seems fine.

Dean is pacing in the Bunker library, on the phone, listening to Cas’ voicemail message. Dean’s frustrated that he’s tried to call three times now and tells Castiel to call back. Sam and Eileen are sitting at the table, drinking beers and talking about her research. Eileen ran the plates of every car that drove past that warehouse in Idaho just before it burned down. One was registered to Dermott Culp, a man reported missing a year ago. She tracked his car to Iowa and found him coming out of a building carrying a dead body. Eileen says he works for Dagon and covers her tracks. Eileen managed to get a phone number from Dermott before she killed him.

In Lucifer's prison cell, Lucifer appears to be broken and submitting to Crowley’s command, much to Crowley's skepticism. Later, Crowley parades the chained Lucifer in front to his minions. He tells them he understands some may be confused about their loyalty. Lucifer asserts that he has submitted to Crowley, but as Lucifer tells the demons there is only one true ruler of Hell, he silently mouths “me.” He goes on to say anyone who does not support ‘this one true king,’ can be assured of suffering unendurable and everlasting agony, and Lucifer's eyes burn red. He smirks and tells the demons to applaud. They seem confused, but slowly begin to clap.

Eileen and Sam call Kelly and lure her back to the doctor’s office where Dean comes up alongside her, grabs her arm, and tells her to stay cool and walk with him. They get into the Impala and drive to the junkyard where Sam, Eileen, Mick, and Renny Rawlings are waiting, after giving Sam the Colt. They try and reason with Kelly, but suddenly Dagon appears from nowhere. She thrusts her hands in the air and everyone except Kelly is flung back, landing heavily. As they slowly get to their feet, Dean and Mick try shooting Dagon but bullets don't slow her down. She throws them aside again and walks up to Kelly. Eileen sees the Colt, which Sam dropped when he was thrown. Dagon reaches Kelly, takes her by the hand, and begins to walk away. With Dagon in her sights, Eileen fires the Colt, just as Dagon disappears, taking Kelly with her. The bullet from the Colt continues on its path and hits Renny in the chest. Sam, Dean, Mick, and Eileen slowly realize what has happened as Renny collapses and dies. Eileen starts to panic, telling them she didn't mean to, she was shooting at the demon. Sam comforts her telling her it's all right. Mick, however, pulls out his gun and approaches Eileen. Dean stops him and Sam steps in front of Eileen. Mick tells them Eileen killed a Man of Letters and that she now has to die. Sam tells him it was an accident, but Mick tells them it doesn't matter, the Code demands that Eileen pay the price. Sam tells Mick he doesn’t have to blindly follow the Code, he only has to do what he knows is right, to answer to his own code. Mick slowly lowers his gun and tells them to go. Sam and Dean get Eileen into the Impala and drive off.

In a motel room, Ketch is in bed, covered to the waist, while Mary is getting dressed. Ketch tells Mary when he first met her, he didn't see this coming, he thought he’d end up shooting her. Mary tells him not to read anything into it, that it means nothing. Ketch shakes it off and agrees, saying that he’s not built for that.

In Crowley’s lair, Lucifer is back in his room talking to a demon named Drexel. The demon inspects Lucifer's body and tells him that the restoration of his vessel is holding and there are no problems he can see. He promises Lucifer he will crack the magic that is holding Lucifer trapped.

Back at their hideout, Dagon handcuffs Kelly to the bed, telling her she can't be trusted. When Kelly tells her she was only worried about the baby, Dagon tells Kelly that the baby is strong and will be fine, but that Kelly on the other hand won't. She says that the pains she has been feeling are only a taste of what's to come for her, as Nephilim births are always fatal for the mother.

In the Bunker, Dean enters the library in the morning with a cup of coffee. Sam is sitting at the table looking at his laptop. Sam asks Dean if he’s heard anything from Cas yet, but Dean says he hasn’t. Sam tells him Eileen has headed back to Ireland for a while, which Dean understands. Sam nods a minute then picks up an object in a cloth and hands it to Dean with a small smile. Dean opens it to reveal the Colt. He purrs, “Welcome back, sweetheart” as he takes aim down the barrel.

At the British Men of Letters Compound, Mick is shocked to find Dr. Hess waiting, telling her he didn't think she ever left London. She tells him she doesn’t, but she’s been assigned by the other elders to fix this "rapidly deteriorating situation." Mick tries to apologize, but she cuts him off. She gives him a lecture on the Code, and how it is the foundation of their order. As Mick tells her he can see other choices, can choose to do the right thing, Dr. Hess subtly nods to Ketch, who shoots Mick in the back of the head. As Mick's body lay slumped over the table, Dr. Hess tells Ketch that the grand experiment in recruiting American hunters has failed and that all hunters must be eliminated. She drops a file onto the table labeled "Authorized Personnel Only Case No. 23 – DEAN W."






Dean: Look, it's not Kelly's fault, okay? She didn't know Lucifer was her boyfriend.
Mick: Oh, sure, yeah. It could happen to anyone.
Mick: This is not some werewolf. Do-- Do you have any idea what will happen if this abomination is born?

Sam: Mick... we're handling it, all right? We'll find her.

Dean: So, until then... I say we drink.
Sam: Wow. You look like crap.
Dean: Yeah, you look crappier. I gotta hand it to Mick. Man, you get him started, that guy can drink. I mean, we can drink, but he's got the 'can drink' gold medal.
Castiel: This is my voicemail. Make your... voice... a mail.
Crowley: My loyal...ish subjects, these troubled times, I'm aware there might be some confusion as to where you're supposed to place your loyalty. Even with Lucifer back in the Cage, there are those of you who would try to help him... because he scares you or engorges you. Just the chance that Lucifer could come back, the rumor, would've been enough to keep some of you working against me, undermining me, being a royal pain in my... pert, royal ass. But lo, the beast has been humbled. From his own lips, you will hear proclaimed of the one, true leader of all Hell. See... I didn't just beat the Devil. I tamed him.
Sam: I'm Sam, this is Eileen Leahy.

Renny: Ah, the banshee girl. We have a file. From what Mick tells me, neither of you have any formal training. Fascinating. I was top of my class at Kendricks--

Eileen: No one cares.
Kelly: You think I wanted this to happen? He used me. But I love this child.
Mr. Ketch: Well, that was unexpected. But invigorating. I must say, when I first met you I didn't see this coming. My thought at the time was, 'I'll end up shooting this one.' Hmmm. Life is full of surprises.
Mick: My entire life with the Men of Letters, I never broke a rule. And yes, at first I was shocked at how Sam and Dean operate. But what Lady Bevell doesn't mention is the lives they've saved, monsters destroyed, and outcomes made better not because of the Code, but because of Sam and Dean Winchester's sense of what's right.

Dr. Hess: And that is the crux of the matter. The Code is not a suggestion. It's an absolute. The Code is what separates us from the monsters. It is the order by which we all live.

Mick: No. The Code is what makes a young boy kill his best friend. When I was a child, I had nothing. I owed you everything, and I obeyed. But I'm a man now, Dr. Hess, and I can see the choices, and I choose to do the right thing.
Dr. Hess: It's over. The grand experiment recruiting American Hunters has failed. Utterly.

Mr. Ketch: Mm. What would you like me to do?

Dr. Hess: Exterminate them. Every... last... one.

Trivia & References

"The British Invasion" is a term used to refer to the spread to the U.S. in the 1960s of British pop culture and music such as the Beatles, the Kinks, and the Rolling Stones.
The Latin inscription for the Kendricks Academy seal reads Vis unita fortior, which roughly translates to "united strength is stronger." The coat of arms includes an Aquarian Star, a rampant lion and two crossed keys. In heraldry, crossed keys represent the Keys of Heaven and can be seen on the papal coats of arm.
Dr. Hess' name may be a reference to Rudolf Hess, Hitler's deputy. Dr. Hess' dress may also be a reference to the Harry Potter character Dolores Umbridge.
Dean: So, who's the chick with her, that, uh, Pat Benatar wannabe?
Pat Benatar is an American rock singer and songwriter.
Crowley: Look, kids. He goes where I tell him. He does what I tell him. He is my dog. Showtime, Marmaduke.
Marmaduke is a cartoon Great Dane who appears in the eponymous cartoon strips. No one can tell him what to do.


Gillian Barber, who played Dr. Hess, previously played Mrs. Rourke in 1.12 Faith.
Sam's use of ASL has improved noticeably. The first time he met Eileen, he used the sign for "fuck" instead of "thank you." This was something Shoshannah Stern and Jared came up with together.
Lucifer again confirms that Michael is still in Lucifer's Cage and is "drooling (and) insane."
During Kelly Kline's sonogram, Jack's fetus appears to change into a skull-like appearance.

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