12.05 The One You've Been Waiting For

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Title The One You’ve Been Waiting For
Episode # Season 12, Episode 5
First aired November 10, 2016
Directed by Nina Lopez-Corrado
Written by Meredith Glynn
On IMDB The One You've Been Waiting For
Outline When Sam and Dean learn that the Thule Society are back and looking to resurrect Hitler, they must act quickly before an innocent women is sacrificed to bring back the Führer.
Monster Thule Society
Location(s) Columbus, Ohio
Lebanon, Kansas
Berlin, Germany
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  • Symphony No. 7 in E Major, WAB 107: IV. Finale: Bewegt, doch nicht schnell by Netherlands Philharmonic Orchestra & Hartmut Haenchen
(playing as Commandant Nauhaus prevents Hitler from shooting himself in 1945)
  • "Thousand Watt Work-Out" by John Moran (KPM)
(playing in the diner when Christoph makes a deal with Sam and Dean)
  • Das Rheingold: Prelude by Stuttgart State Opera Orchestra
(playing as the Thule prepare to transfer Hitler's soul)


Sam: Dean. Dude.

Dean: Don't say it.

Sam: Maybe-maybe, let's not touch anything until we figure out if this stuff wants to kill us or not.
Aaron: We're half through the ledger. I nailed six and the Golem got the rest. It feels good. Finishing what the Judah Initiative started.

Sam: Your grandfather would be proud.

Aaron: Yeah, well. Dropping out of college to wipe out Nazi corpse bags wasn't exactly my mother's dream, but what are you gonna do?
Ellie: Wait. No, no. You can't just shoot him!
Dean: Oh, no, sure I can. See, I do it all the time.
Sam: I know it's hard to believe this right now. But, it will get easier. Trust me, I've been there.

Ellie: Oh right. Did someone want to use you to resurrect Adolf Hitler?
Sam: No, not exactly.
Ellie: There you go.
Sam: But they did want me to bring back Lucifer, I was his vessel-

Ellie: You almost, almost had me with Hitler. But Lucifer, really? The Devil? I can't do this.
Hitler: Sam und Dean Winchester. You must be important. He feared you. Nauhaus, he's still up here. Haha.
Sam: Dude. You killed Hitler.
Dean: Yeah. Awesome.
Dean: I killed Hitler. I killed Hitler. I killed Hitler. I think that entitles me to free drinks for the rest of my life. I'm gonna get t-shirts made.

Sam: You know no one's going to believe you, right?

Dean: You'll believe me. You were there.
Sam: So, how you holding up?

Ellie: Well, we just burned a pile of dead Nazi zombie bodies. One of which I killed. So, maybe like third worst day, ever. I had a rough time lately.
Sam: Yeah, and then all this happens.
Ellie: I think I'm gonna be okay though. I should probably call my Mom. I can only run for so long, you know. So, what do you think it harder? Facing the reincarnation of Hitler or going back to med school?

Sam: I think I gotta say Hitler.
Dean: You know, I was thinking. Passed a bakery on the way into town, sign said 'Best Pie for a Thousand Miles.'

Sam: So, now you want pie?
Dean: I killed Hitler. I think I deserve some pie. Did I mention I killed Hitler.
Sam: I'm never going to hear the end of this am I?

Dean: Probably not.

Trivia & References

"The One You've Been Waiting For" is the title of a song by Nick Cave, released in 1997. It can also be seen as a sardonic comment over the fact that this is the episode where Hitler appears. It also references the Grenade Launcher, the largest and (presumably) most destructive weapon in the Impala's arsenal. Despite being very noticeable to the audience due to its size and bulk, it was never used, interacted or mentioned in any way before. It has been part of the arsenal since the first episode, implying that the audience - and Dean - wanted to see it in action for a long time.
Dean: Check out the old lady. Loaded. I'm talking Scrooge McDuck swimming in pools of money. So what's a lady like that doing in a crap store at 3AM?
Scrooge McDuck is the obscenely rich uncle of Donald Duck, who was known to go swimming in his vault full of money.
Sam: Dean its called sublimation.

Dean: Yeah. Yeah, it's kinda my thing.

Sublimation is the act in which socially unacceptable impulses are transformed into other, more acceptable, behaviors.
Dean: Nazis. I hate these guys.
Presumably a reference to Indiana Jones and the Last Crusade, where Indy speaks these exact words,
Dean: Follow that car. I always wanted to say that.
"Follow that car" is an old movie or TV trope. Here it appears in its more usual modern form which is as an "I always wanted to say that" trope.
Sam: Any idea what's cooking?

Aaron: Whatever it is, it's big. We got out hands on some of their documents. Name of the mission is 'Das Blut' -- the blood.

Possibly a reference to the German war film Das Boot.
Dean: Alright, skip the foreplay. What did your dad do to Hitler?

Christoph: He saved his life. He saved his soul, like literally. The watch, it's like a Horcrux.

In the Harry Potter series, a Horcrux is any object a dark wizard or witch uses to hide a piece of their soul.
Gottfried: What should we do with her, Führer?

Hitler: Take the rest of her blood. Then give her to the dogs.
Gottfried: Führer, we have no dogs.
Hitler: Then get some! I love doggies. Woof-woof-woof.

Hitler was a known lover of dogs, most notably his German Shepard, Blondi.
Dean: Nice new meatsuit. It come with two testicles this time?

Hitler: One of many upgrades I am enjoying. Like this. It's like having a tiny Goebbels in my pocket. I sold ten million copies of Mein Kampf. What do you think I can do with Twitter? Where is my plane!

It is believed that Hitler may have lost a testicle while fighting in the First World War. This belief was commemorated with the song "Hitler Has Only Got One Ball." Joseph Goebbels was the Reich Minister of Propaganda for Nazi Germany. Mein Kampf (My Struggle) is the title to Hitler's autobiography, which he wrote during his stint in prison after his failed Beer Hall Putsch in 1923.


The name of the bar that Aaron Bass is outside of is called Das Murmeltier which means "The Marmot."
The establishing shot of the "Home Cooking" diner that Sam and Dean go to is the same one from 1.20 Dead Man's Blood. with subtle VFX augmentation.
While this might be coincidental, the use of a pocket watch to hold Hitler's soul is reminiscent of the way Time Lords' essences can be stored in pocket watches on the TV show Doctor Who, first shown in the two-part story Human Nature/The Family of Blood, in which The Doctor stores his Time Lord essence in his fob watch and becomes human. This is reused, most noticeably, in the episode Utopia, in which The Master regains his Time Lord essence from an old fob watch.

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