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{{TriviaQuote |Text=
{{TriviaQuote |Text=
Mary appears to wear the same monogrammed [[Dead Guy Robe|robe]] that has previously been worn by Dean.
Mary wears a monogrammed [[Dead Guy Robe|robe]] with the initials S.C.K.
{{TriviaQuote |Text=
{{TriviaQuote |Text=

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Title Mamma Mia
Episode # Season 12, Episode 2
First aired October 20, 2016
Directed by Thomas J. Wright
Written by Brad Buckner
Eugenie Ross-Leming
On IMDB Mamma Mia
Outline When Castiel gets a lead on Sam's location, Dean and Mary set out to rescue him. Meanwhile, Crowley has tracked Lucifer down, finding him inhabiting the body of rock star Vince Vincente.
Monster Men of Letters
Location(s) Lebanon, Kansas
Aldrich, Missouri
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  • "Lost Angel" by Heart
(plays over the montage of Sam, Dean and Mary in the Bunker)


Mary: When we do find Sam. How am I gonna face him?

Dean: What do you mean?

Mary: That yellow-eyed thing would never have come for him that night if I... I started all of this.
Dean: How'd you sleep?

Mary: I had dreams all night.
Dean: Good dreams?

Mary: Stuff I'd forgotten about. Funny stuff your Dad did. He was a great father.
Castiel: I think I may have found Sam's location. It's a farm, it appears empty. But it was rented two weeks ago to a woman with an English accent.

Dean: Did you have a look inside?
Castiel: No. It's powerfully warded.
Dean: Powerfully warded... Okay, buddy that was your headline right there.

Castiel: ...Are we still discussing the same thing?
Dean: Why don't I take this one solo, okay? We don't know what we're walking into here.
Mary: We never know. We're hunters.
Dean: You know when you died, it changed Dad. I mean he was hellbent on finding out what happened. The hunter life just took him over. I guess I was the same. But, Sam. Sam, he was different. He wanted out. He went to school, he went to Stanford.

Mary: Sam had a chance to get out, and he came back?

Dean: When Dad disappeared, Sam and I looked around and something became very clear. The only thing we had in this world, the only thing besides this car, was each other.
Rowena: I can't believe I'm once again down some dank hole seeking the Devil. That's why I'm retiring to Boca Raton with Ben.
Toni: Anything to add?
Dean: No. No, I just came by for some tea and a beating.
Mary: Get away from my boys.
Sam: Mom?
Mary: Well, we should call the internet and find out as much as we can about these people. Did I say that right?

Dean: So close.

Sam: Yeah, it was close.
Sam: If you ever wanna talk. I know what it's like to come back and not feel like you really fit.

Mary: I just have so much about you boys to catch up on. First tooth, first crush. I just have a lot of blanks to fill in.
Sam: Right. Dad's journal. His writing, his words. Helped me fill in some blanks, answer some questions I didn't know I had. And it you know, it keeps him with us. Sort of.
Mary: Thank you.
Sam: Goodnight
Mary: Dean said you got out of hunting.
Sam: Yeah.
Mary: And here you are.

Sam: Well, this is my family. My family hunts, this is what we do. Mom, for me. Just, um, having you here fills in the biggest blank.

Trivia & References

"Mamma Mia" is the name of a 1970s hit song from the Swedish pop group ABBA. It is also the name of a musical featuring their songs.
The comic book Crowley is reading as Lucifer enters his throne room is Superman #206.
Crowley: Lucifer. Wearing Vince Vincente, second tier star. I would have thought Bieber was more your style.
Crowley is referring to Canadian pop singer Justin Bieber.
Sam: I thought you were dead.

Dean: I'm not sure that I'm not. I'll tell you, I'll tell you everything. First off, who's Angry Spice?

In the '90s Brit Pop group The Spice Girls, each of the members had a nickname - Posh Spice, Scary Spice, Sporty Spice and Baby Spice.
Dean: Your meatloaf was amazing.

Mary: Came from the Piggly Wiggly. Sorry to burst your bubble.

Piggly Wiggly is a chain of supermarkets in the Southern and Midwestern region of the United States.
Lucifer: You know, I gotta say Rowena. I took one look at you and all I wanted was to snap your miserable neck again and keep it snapped this time. But I think I've decided against it.

Rowena: You won't regret it, sir. I am done with all this. I'll stay far, far away, sipping martinis with Republicans at my tennis club.
Lucifer: You're missing my point. A witch as gifted as yourself, with access to the Book of the Damned to boot, would be much more valuable as a prisoner. How's that saying go? 'Friends close, enemies closer.'

The saying comes from the 1974 movie, The Godfather Part II. It is Michael Corelone who says: "My father taught me many things here — he taught me in this room. He taught me — keep your friends close but your enemies closer."
Imagine lyrics in hotel detail.


Woody Jefferys, who played Tommy, previously played Marshall Hall in 1.12 Faith.
In response to the June 12th 2016 [Orlando nightclub shooting], Jerry Wanek placed lyrics from John Lennon's song "Imagine" in the set decoration of Vince Vincente's hotel. After the episode aired, Wanek tweeted "Thought we needed serenity after Orlando tragedy."
Kailey Spear previously played an uncredited Chastity Group Member in 9.08 Rock and a Hard Place and Beth in 9.16 Blade Runners.
"Mamma Mia" is the fifth episode of Supernatural to not included any deaths. Previous episodes with that distinction include: 4.18 The Monster at the End of This Book, 4.21 When the Levee Breaks, 10.17 Inside Man and 11.23 Alpha and Omega.
Mary wears a monogrammed robe with the initials S.C.K.
The photo Mary looks at in John's Journal is the same one of the hunters at Camp Chitaqua from 5.04 The End.

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