11.21 All in the Family

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Title All in the Family
Episode # Season 11, Episode 21
First aired May 11, 2016
Directed by Thomas J. Wright
Written by Brad Buckner
Eugenie Ross-Leming
On IMDB All in the Family
Monster Amara
Timeline Immediately after 11.20 Don't Call Me Shurley
Location(s) Hope Springs, Idaho
Lebanon, Kansas
Lewis, Oklahoma
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  • "Don't Let the Rain Come Down (Crooked Little Man)" by The Serendipity Singers
(playing in the bar when Sam and Dean meet with Metatron)


Sam: Okay so um, Chuck. I guess we don't call you that, huh?

Chuck: I prefer it.
Sam: Okay, uh, Chuck it is. I'm sorry your gonna have to give Dean and me a moment to start to process. We didn't know you were around, I mean we knew about Chuck, but we just didn't know about 'Chuck.' I-I-I was hoping you were around, I prayed and I don't know if they got lost in the.

Dean: Sam. Babbling.
Dean: Here's the thing, um, Chuck. And I mean no disrespect. Um, I'm guessing you came back to help with the Darkness, and that's great. That's you know, fantastic. But you've been gone a long, long time, and there's so much crap that has gone down on the earth for thousands of years. I mean the plagues and wars, slaughters, and you were, I don't know writing books? Going to fan conventions? Were you even aware or did you just tune it out?

Chuck: I was aware Dean.
Dean: But you did nothing. And again I'm not trying to piss you of,f I don't want to turn into a pillar of salt.
Chuck: I actually, I didn't do that.

Dean: Okay. People pray to you. People build churches for you. Fight wars in your name, and you did nothing.
Chuck: You're frustrated. I get it. Believe me I was hands on, real hands on, for... wow, ages. I was so sure if I kept stepping in, teaching, punishing. These beautiful creatures I created would grow up, but it only stayed the same and I saw that I needed to step away, and let my baby find its way. Being over involved in no longer parenting. It's enabling.

Dean: But, It didn't get better.
Chuck: I've been mulling it over and from where I sit, I think it has.
Dean: Well from where I sit, it feels like you left us and you're trying to to justify.

Chuck: I know you had a complicated upbringing Dean, but don't confuse me with your dad.
Chuck: you have to understand this about the Darkness. She's relentless, a force beyond human comprehension. It's the only reason I came off the sidelines.

Sam: Must have been great being her brother, huh.

Chuck: It was the worst. Always telling me what to do, making me do what she wanted. I mean you guys know how that works.
Amara: Spoiled brat. I needed solitude and He needed a fan club. So he made all that, and when I complained he stuffed me in a hole for eons with your help.
Dean: Is that my computer?
Chuck: I've never seen so much porn. Not in one sitting.
Donatello: I-I-I guess you know that I was an atheist, until ten minutes ago. Is that an issue?
Chuck: Not from me. I mean I believe in me, but your skepticism is to expected. I did include free will in the kit.
Dean: Look you started this. You started all of this. But does that give you the right to end it? You know we're not just some toys you throw away. I think you owe us more than that.
Chuck: If my plan doesn't work, then humans will step up. You, Sam, others that are the chosen will have to find a way. It's why I saved you years ago. You're the firewall between light and darkness.
Amara: I missed you, and the sensations you arouse. I know you feel the same way, so what do we do?
Dean: There can be no us. We should just walk away.
Amara: This place, this world hasn't been especially easy for you. Why not at least consider my offer.

Dean: This world is flawed, I'll give you that. But I am not ready to say goodbye to it yet.

Amara: But one way or another you will. Its inevitable. My brother won't stop me again, because he can't. Dean, give up your smallness, your humanity and become boundless within me.
Dean: You're right. I am drawn to you. And it bothers the hell out of me, because I can't control it.
Amara: Then why fight it? What you're feeling is that I'm the end of your struggle. Something stops you, keeps you from having it all.
Amara: You were kidding with that weren't you?

Metatron: He meant well. Spare the universe.

Amara: Spare this.
Chuck: Occasionally I do answer a pray. You've changed.

Lucifer: You've changed.

Chuck: Well still. I'm really pretty much the same.
Dean: Still twitchy, huh? Well, you met God, Lucifer and the Darkness. You're gonna need a spa day. That or a pair of hookers.
Sam: So you wanna tell me about it? I mean Amara obviously figured out something was going on and she didn't rip your head off.
Dean: She wants me to be a part of her. Not metaphorically, I'm talking literally. Forever. So in other words, adios.

Trivia & References

Donatello: Call me Donatello. I'm named after him.

Dean: The Mutant Ninja Turtle?
Donatello: The Renaissance sculptor.

Dean: When you see Amara, you throwing in the towel?

Chuck: Ah, Metatron. Loose lips. You think I'm a dick, what do you care?

Lucifer: Oh goody. Larry, Curly, Moe. Search and rescue?
Lucifer: Oh, wow. It's one of Dad's favorites. Your ticket finally got punched, huh? It's wacky isn't it? One minute you're nobody, and then 'Shazam' you're Joan of Arc. Let's hope this ends better than that.
Sam: You're gonna help us take her down. If you say 'no,' we're just gonna leave you here in Abu Ghraib.
Lucifer: You grab this from the steno pool?
Lucifer: What happens in Heaven, stays in Heaven.
Metatron: It's okay Sam, you go.

Sam: What? Come one.
Metatron: I'm serious. I got this.


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