11.17 Red Meat

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Title Red Meat
Episode # Season 11, Episode 17
First aired March 30, 2016
Directed by Nina Lopez-Corrado
Written by Robert Berens
Andrew Dabb
On IMDB Red Meat
Outline After Sam gets shot during a werewolf hunt, Dean takes drastic measures to ensure Sam does not die.
Monster Werewolves
Location(s) Lebanon, Kansas
Grangeville, Idaho
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  • "A. (I'm A) Road Runner B. Road Runner's 'G' Jam" by Humble Pie
(playing in the bar as Sam and Dean question Rose about the missing hikers)


Dean: Okay, there we go. There we go. Look at that, huh? Hey! Well, you know what? We're gonna keep that one. That one's gonna be a little memento, we'll laugh about it some other time.
Sam: I told you that roadhouse chili was a bad idea.
Dean: I'm gonna come back for you, okay. I promise.
Michelle: I-I just wanted to see how you were doing... and to tell you th... I'm sorry. You saved our lives and... well my Mom used to say, um, I didn't believe her then, but I-I think I do now. She used to say, 'death -- it's not the end.'
Michelle: Dean, what are you doing?

Dean: I need to, I need to talk to a -- well I wouldn't call it a friend, more like a... scary, crazy death machine. Werewolves aren't the only monsters out there.
Michelle: How exactly do you talk to an evil, scary death machine?

Dean: Easy. I die.
Dean: Okay. After I do this, go get the doc and tell her to, um, tell her to bring me back if she can. If not, no hard feelings, okay?

Michelle: You don't have to do this.

Dean: Yeah, I do.
Dean: You know the Darkness is out there, and the world is gonna burn. And once she gets started, that's the end of everything, including you. Sam's the only one that can stop it.

Billie: How's that?

Dean: ...
Michelle: How's your brother?

Dean: Doc says that, when Corbin choked him, uh, Sam's body went into shock. His breathing, his heartbeat slowed down to almost nothing. So he was, uh, mostly dead. But he'll be okay.

Michelle: Must be nice.
Michelle: He did it for me.

Dean: Michelle, this gonna be very hard, but you will be okay. And eventually, eventually you'll get back to normal.

Michelle: No I won't... They said I could leave an hour ago, but where am I even supposed to go? After everything we survived together, I watched the man I love die. There's no normal after that.
Sam: Hey so, what did you do... when you thought I was dead. What did you do?

Dean: Thought about redecorating your room, you know. putting in a Jacuzzi, a nice disco ball, really class up the joint.
Sam: Right. Seriously?
Dean: What I, uh, I knew you weren't dead.
Sam: Right.

Dean: I knew.

Trivia & References

Dean: Look if you wanna leave, I get it. But if you wanna help me, I'm looking for pretty much anything with barbital in the name.
Barbital was the first commercially available barbiturate -- a class of drugs used for sedation and anesthesia.
Dean: What's with the freeze frame?

Billie: Just savoring this. Though I have to say of all the ways I thought you'd go: heart attack, some fang, choking on a burger while watching Charles in Charge.
Dean: Well, that was peak Baio.

Scott Baio is an American actor who had a run of success in sitcoms including Happy Days, the spin off Joanie loves Chachi and Charles in Charge.
Billie: That's what I thought. It's cute though, you pretending to save Sam for the greater good, when we both know you're doing it for you. You can't lose him. But even if Sammy could win the title bout, the answer would still be 'no.' The answer will always be 'no.' Game's over Dean, no more second chances, no more extra lives. Time to say bye-bye to Luigi, Mario.
Luigi and Mario are brothers who star in the Mario series of video games. Luigi is Mario's younger, taller, thinner twin brother. Jared and Genevieve once dressed as the brothers for Halloween.
Dean: He was, uh, mostly dead. But he'll be okay.
This might be a reference to The Princess Bride. Miracle Max says to Inigo Montoya, "Turns out your friend here is only mostly dead." and then proceeds to revive Westley. (Demon!)Dean has referenced the film before, in 10.02 Reichenbach.


Eileen Pedde, who played Dr. Kessler, previously played Mrs. Frankle in 5.12 Swap Meat.

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