11.16 Safe House

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Title Safe House
Episode # Season 11, Episode 16
First aired March 23, 2016
Directed by Stefan Pleszczynski
Written by Robbie Thompson
On IMDB Safe House
Outline When a creature is released in an old house, leaving a mother and daughter in a coma. Sam and Dean investigate and find that Bobby and Rufus hunted the same creature a handful of years ago.
Monster Soul Eater
Timeline Two weeks since 11.15 Beyond the Mat
Location(s) Grand Rapids, Michigan
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  • "Nite Life" by Willie Nelson
(playing over the montage of Sam, Dean, Bobby and Rufus researching)
  • "Midnight Rider" by The Allman Brothers Band
(playing as Bobby is driving away and as Sam and Dean drive away)


Dean: You really think now's the time to take our eye off the prize?

Sam: We can't just sit around and-and wait for a lead. Plus it'll be nice to get a win, this case seems like a layup.

Dean: Yeah. When's the last time we had a layup?
Bobby: The Apocalypse is on the horizon and you wanna hunt a damn ghost?

Rufus: Well unless you found a way to stop the end of the world during your little siesta. We got jack all on any of that business. I knew you were in the area, heard about this possible little gig, I thought a win would be nice.
Bobby: Oh, wait. I'm supposed to be your frickin' backup?
Rufus: Yeah. Well, if by backup you mean you do all the heavy lifting while I watch... It's Shabbat.
Bobby: Are you serious?
Rufus: Deadly.
Bobby: You drove over here. Isn't that against the rules?

Rufus: Less talking. More hunting.
Rufus: It's officially none of your damn business, ma'am.

Bobby: Were you ever nice?

Rufus: 1985. Worst year of my life.
Dean: Well, Bobby and Rufus were definitely on a ghost hunt.
Sam: 'Grand Rapids, Michigan: Possible ghost hunt with jackass.' That's all he wrote?
Bobby: Been burning the midnight oil the last couple of weeks, up for days looking for ways to stop the Apocalypse. Looking for anything. Sam and Dean are right in the middle of this thing. I'm worried about my boys, Rufus.

Rufus: Your boys? Hey, hey, alright okay. Papa bear. But you know more than anyone Bobby, even if we find a way to keep the world spinnin', not everyone's gonna be on that bus ride home. Sacrifice, greater good, all that jazz.
Bobby: Yeah, I know.

Rufus: Oldest rule in hunting, Bobby. You can't save everyone.
Dean: Come and get me you son of a bitch.
Bobby: Stay away from me you son of a bitch.
Soul Eater Dean: You know your brother wants to go to the Darkness, he needs to go. But I can keep you safe, both of you, forever.
Rufus: You saw something in the nest, didn't you? What'd you see Bobby?

Bobby: My boys. Both of them. Both of them dead, and I saw... I don't know what the hell I saw.
Rufus: Forget the oldest rule, Bobby.
Bobby: You getting soft on me Rufus?
Rufus: Soft this.

Bobby: Idjit.
Dean: I don't know. Maybe it's like-like you said before, that Bobby and Rufus' trap sigil forced their souls out of the nest back then, and that the soul eater was just making me see things. However, if Bobby did go into the nest back then, and you said that the nest exists outside of space and time, then... theoretically couldn't he and I have been there at the same time, right?

Sam: My head hurts.

Dean: Let's get drunk and not think about this ever again.
Sam: Hey. You said the soul eater made you see things, plural. So, what else did you see?

Dean: I saw you, dead on the floor. What?

Sam: How messed up are our lives, that you seeing a vision of dead me is actually kind of comforting.

Trivia & References

Sam and Dean use the aliases "Rizer" and "Bean," a reference to characters Bill Rizer and Lance Bean from the classic video game series Contra. Bobby and Rufus use the aliases "Riggs" and "Murtaugh," a reference to the characters from the Lethal Weapon franchise.
Dean: Okay, so they're either hunting chicken bone or asshat. One ghost breaks bad back then, the other's been marinating until now.
The book Rufus is emerged in when Bobby disturbs his reading time, is Old Man's War by John Scalzi.
Dean: Hey, easy like Sunday morning works for me.
"Easy like Sunday morning" is a reference to the chorus to the song "Easy" by the Commodores.
"Ooh, that's why I'm easy / I'm easy like Sunday morning / That's why I'm easy / I'm easy like Sunday morning"
Rufus: What's complicated? I'm not saying it's a ghost, it's a baku.
A baku is a Japanese spirit that feeds on dreams and nightmares.
Rufus: What happens to the remains of the souls in the nest.

Bobby: Well, they wither too. But they stay with the soul eater, keeping it fed in lean times. Sort of like a cud.

A "cud" is a portion of food that returns from the stomach of an animal, usually cattle or sheep, to be chewed and eaten again.
Sam: You know it's too bad Bobby and Rufus aren't around to see this stuff, they'd have been great Men of Letters.

Dean: Yeah. Grumpy old Men of Letters, but yeah.

Probably a reference to the 1993 movie Grumpy Old Men, starring Jack Lemmon and Walter Matthau. Sam compared Bobby and Dean to the same movie in 5.07 The Curious Case of Dean Winchester.
Bobby: Keep painting, Picasso.
Sam: I'm getting too old for this.
"I'm getting too old for this shit" is the famous catch phrase from Danny Glover's character Roger Murtaugh in the Lethal Weapon series. "Agent Murtaugh" happens to be Rufus's alias in this episode and in 5.02 Good God, Y'All he made the same reference.


Holly Elissa, who played Mary Henderson, previously played Lucy in 4.05 Monster Movie.
During the flashback scenes, both Bobby's Car and Bobby's flask can be seen.
At the end of the episode, Bobby gets a bottle of Johnny Walker Blue from Rufus since he was right that they weren't dealing with a baku. This bottle is found by Sam and Jody Mills in 7.12 Time After Time. The two wonder about what the bet Rufus and Bobby had but never find out.

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