11.01 Out of the Darkness, Into the Fire

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Title Out of the Darkness, Into the Fire
Episode # Season 11, Episode 1
First aired October 7, 2015
Directed by Robert Singer
Written by Jeremy Carver
On IMDB Out of the Darkness, Into the Fire
Outline In the aftermath of the Darkness being released, Sam and Dean meet a young sheriff's deputy who claims people have been going rabid and killing each other. Castiel struggles to control himself from inflicting more violence due to Rowena's attack dog spell, while Crowley regroups after narrowly escaping Castiel's attempt on his life.
Monster The Darkness
Timeline Immediately after 10.23 Brother's Keeper
Location(s) Superior, Nebraska
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The Darkness had been unleashed as dark clouds unto Earth. Sam and Dean, quickly take refuge in their Impala. When the Darkness engulfs the car, Dean suddenly finds himself standing in a field within the maelstrom itself, face to face with a beautiful woman.

At the same time, Sam wakes up, surprised when his brother is not next to him. His memory brought back on how the Impala got its tire stuck in a pot hole when they tried to escape the smoke. When it reached the car, Dean instantly disappeared, and Sam was knocked out.

Sam finds Dean, unconscious, about a mile away from the Impala. When he comes to, Dean has no recollection why he was thrown so far away from the car when the Darkness hit them, all he remembers is seeing the mysterious woman in front of the car. Dean thinks that the woman is the Darkness in human form and that she saved him. Dean tells Sam that the Darkness thanked him for setting her free and told Dean that she knew he would never hurt her. Sam says that they still know nothing about it, but Dean adds that have to put her back from wherever they had set her free, whatever it takes.

Somewhere at a farm, Castiel takes refuge inside a chicken coop, still under the attack dog spell placed on him by Rowena. All he remembers after he was bewitched was he attacked Crowley, struck him down and stabbed him in the back. However Cas realizes that Crowley is still alive, as Crowley slipped out of his meatsuit before Cas stabbed him. One of the farm owner’s son finds Castiel and confronts him. Castiel tries to warn the boy, but as he aims at the angel, Castiel wrestles with him, and the gun goes off, alerting his family and forcing Castiel to flee.

The boys arrive at nearby town and find that the road is quiet, with dead bodies strewn everywhere. While they are investigating, a road worker shows up and attacks them. He is shot down by Deputy Jenna Nickerson, who demands Sam and Dean to show some skin, because one of the signs of the infected people (rabids) is black, bulging, veiny tendrils on their throats. Jenna relates to Sam and Dean that she was helping a family that was under attack and had to kill many of the infected people, causing her to get injured when she sought cover. Dean decides to take her to nearby hospital so she can get her wound treated.

At the hospital, they find more bloodied dead bodies everywhere. When Sam checks one of the hospital wings, he finds one of the rabids attacking a door. Before he can act the rabid suddenly dies, and Sam finds a man – Mike Schneider – inside with a baby.

Dean is stitching Jenna's wound when he remembers another moment inside the dark cloud with the Darkness. She thanked Dean for bringing her peace, but he denied it and told her that he knew about the Darkness from Death. Surprisingly, the Darkness didn’t recall ever knowing Death.

Somewhere in the suburbs, Crowley possesses a woman named Marnie, but doesn't appear to have the ability to call his minions to him, so decides to do things the old fashioned way and uses blood to communicate with his minions, taking a tire iron out of Marnie's car trunk. When Crowley enters the house, he finds that Marnie's husband and their best friends were discussing something for Marnie’s birthday, an orgy. Crowley is game for this and puts down his tire iron.

Back in the hospital, Mike tells the story of his baby’s birth during which the child's mother died just before a truckload of infected people arrived at the hospital attacking everyone. Sam notices black lines on Mike’s neck. While Dean wants to kill Mike before he fully turns, Sam and Jenna are against it. As they are arguing, Mike decides to make a deal, he will leave the hospital and find somewhere to hide while he waits for the infection to run its course and kill him, but only if Jenna saves and cares for his daughter. Jenna agrees. Mike leaves and a truck full of rabids arrives at the hospital.

While Sam and Dean argue about whether they have to kill the infected or wait until they die, Castiel calls after praying to his angel brothers and sisters to help save him from the spell. He asks if Dean is okay and tells the boys that Rowena fled with the Book of the Damned and Nadya's Codex. Sam asks about the Darkness but Cas doesn't know anything. At that point two angels appear, and Cas tells the Winchesters he may not see them for a while.

As Sam, Dean, and Jenna try to leave the hospital with the baby, Dean reiterates that he wants to shoot their way through, but Sam says they need to stop doing things in the same manner they have historically used. He argues they need to try to focus again on saving people – all the people. He believes they can find a cure for the infected. Dean is initially reluctant but finally agrees to follow Sam's plan. While Dean gets Jenna and the baby out, Sam acts as a decoy to draw the infected away. When Dean and Jenna almost get to the exit door, they are confronted by Mike who, just before he dies, tells them the name the child, Amara.

Meanwhile in the suburb, Crowley has summoned two of his minions to pick him up at the woman’s house in the aftermath of the orgy. He resumes possession of his old body, and the minions inform him that the Darkness has been released. Believing that it was only a myth, Crowley shrugs it off, but one of his minions persists, nervously saying that all of hell heard screaming animal sounds from within Lucifer's Cage, as if Michael or Lucifer himself was trying to warn Hell about this incident.

As Sam hides in a supply closet from the rabids, he gets attacked by a nurse who was in the closet with him. He kills her, but infected blood gets in his mouth in the struggle. Within moments, the other rabids break down the door. When they get close to him, however, they sense he is already infected and leave.

While stopping at a gas station so that Jenna can change Amara, Dean calls Sam to ask how his part of the plan was going. Sam only tells him that he is still looking for the cure, and Dean responds by saying that he will take Jenna to her grandmother’s, and then he will return to help Sam clean up the town.

Dean has a flashback to the woman he spoke to inside the Darkness – she tells him they are bound, revealing the Mark of Cain on her body, and that she would help and protect him, just like he will always protect her. As Jenna changes baby Amara, she finds a tiny birthmark on her chest – the Mark of Cain.




  • "Run Through the Jungle" by Creedence Clearwater Revival
(plays over "The Road So Far" recap of events; also played in 3.04 Sin City)
  • "It's Not Unusual" by Tom Jones
(plays during the orgy/massacre aftermath)


Dean: She saved me.

Sam: What? Who?

Dean: The Darkness.
Sam: So we know jack.
Dean: Well we know what she looks like, we know that she's evil. Question is what does she know? She's been locked away since the beginning of time, does she even know what a cheeseburger is? All I know is we set her free and we're gonna put her back in no matter what it takes.
Dean: So what the smoke mutated 'em? Yeah, sure why not just a couple of hours ago I killed Death, I'm pretty much open for anything. But mutated into what? Alright you know what, one thing at a time let's just get her some help and we'll deal with whatever comes next.
Amara: I like it here, with you. I haven't this peaceful in a long, long time.

Dean: Let's get something straight I'm not here to bring you peace, I know what you are.
Amara: Really? I've been gone so long, I didn't think anyone remembered.
Dean: Well, Death painted a hell of a picture.

Amara: I don't know this Death, and he doesn't know me.
Castiel: Brothers, sisters. I know I have no right, I have no standing to ask you anything, but these are desperate times so ask I must. I confess my transgressions, and I will accept whatever punishment you dole out, now I ask you to help me. Please, save me from doing worse.
Dean: Why do I get the feeling that is going to bite us in the ass.
Demon Minion: It's just you barely escaped assassination, you're arguably on the run from the most powerful witch on earth, not to mention an angel of Heaven, and uh...

Crowley: And uh?
Demon Minion: You didn't call for help until after the orgy?

Crowley: I apologize... for nothing.
Dean: We can't save Cas if we're stuck in some hospital, okay. Just like I can't strap on a time machine, go back and tell Cain to stick that Mark up his ass, or stop you from releasing the Darkness. Now have we made mistakes? Yes, hell yes. And we can analyze each and everyone one of them over a couple of frosty's when we are old and farting sawdust and out of this room! Right now all I can do is gear up, go out and save that frickin' baby, which is exactly what I'm gonna do.
Sam: When did we forget how to do this?

Dean: What!?
Sam: Dean if you don't change right now, all of our crap is gonna keep repeating itself.
Dean: Okay, I don't even-what?

Sam: This, this kill first question later. What happened to us? Hunting things -- were good at that, sure we're great at that. But that's only half of the bumper sticker, man.
Crowley: Daddy's home. What?

Demon Minion #2: Sir, there are rumors from Hell.
Crowley: Rumors?
Demon Minion #2: The Darkness has been released.
Crowley: The Darkness? Please. Myth. It's a bedtime story, something daddy demons threaten toddler demons with to get them to eat their vegetables. Even if it was true, what's the concern? Darkness, King of Hell -- natural allies.
Demon Minion #1: It's just something happened sir, in the Cage.
Crowley: What?
Demon Minion #1: They said it sounded like a frightened animal, all of Hell heard like someone was going crazy. The rumor is that Michael or Lucifer, one of them is trying to warn us...
Crowley: About the Darkness. Ridiculous.

Demon Minion #2: Except... half of Hell is sort of freaking out sir, what do we do?
Dean: If you're as bad as they say you are, why haven't you hurt me?
Amara: For the same reason that you'll never hurt me. We're bound, Dean. We'll always be bound. You helped me, I helped you. No matter where I am, who I am, we will always help each other.

Trivia & References

"Out of the Darkness, Into the Fire" is the name of song by Moxy, a 1970s Canadian hard rock and heavy metal band from Toronto. It could be a reference to the idom, "out of the frying pan into the fire," which is used to denote going from a bad situation to a worse one.
Jenna: Show me some skin!

Dean: Huh?
Sam: What?
Jenna: Both of you!
Dean: Is this like a Magic Mike moment?

Magic Mike is a 2012 comedy-drama film about a male stripper who teaches a younger performer how to party, pick up women, and make easy money.
Sam: This is the Darkness, right? It's gotta be.

Dean: So what? She shows up and everyone goes 28 Days Later? We didn't.

28 Days Later is a 2002 post-apocalyptic movie, where England has been overtaken by a virus that turns people violent rage filled zombies.
Jenna: This is madness.

Dean: No that is madness, this-this is horse sense.

Horse sense is another term for common sense.
The name Amara occurs in many cultures and is ascribed a variety of meanings: "eternal" (German), "unfading" (Greek), "immortal" (Sanskrit) and "bitter" (Latin). In Bahasa Indonesia the word amarah means "anger," in Ethiopian legends, Amara is the name for "paradise."
Jenna: Joy comes in the morning... My grandma leads a Bible study.
From Psalms 30:5:
"For His anger is but for a moment, His favor is for a lifetime; weeping may last for the night, but a shout of joy comes in the morning."


In Supernatural tradition, there is a new Title Card this season. Unlike previous seasons, the season's number (11) flashes on screen briefly.
Ryan Grantham, who plays the young boy that confronts Castiel, previously played Todd in 4.08 Wishful Thinking.
Kirsten Robek, who plays Marnie -- Crowley's temporary meatsuit, previously played Mrs. Wallace in 4.07 It's the Great Pumpkin, Sam Winchester.
Kurt Evans who played Marnie's Husband, previously played Agent Calvin Reidy in 2.19 Folsom Prison Blues and 3.12 Jus in Bello.
Lee Shorten, who plays a demon minion, was last seen as a minion in 10.21 Dark Dynasty.
Lane Edwards, who plays an angel, previously played Stephanie's Father in 5.16 Dark Side of the Moon.

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