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Title Something Wicked
Episode # Season 1, Episode 18
First aired April 6, 2006
Directed by Whitney Ransick
Written by Daniel Knauf
On IMDB Something Wicked
Outline Dean and Sam face an unvanquished foe from their childhood - a creature that sucks the life force from children.
Monster Shtriga
Location(s) Fitchburg, Wisconsin
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On instructions from John, Sam and Dean head to Fitchburg, Wisconsin where children in the town are becoming mysteriously ill. Posing as officials from the Center for Disease Control, they speak to Dr. Hydeker at the local hospital who indicates that no treatments are proving effective with the children, who seem to have compromised immune systems.

At the home of the latest victim, the boys find the sign of supernatural involvement: an inhuman hand print on the window ledge outside the child’s bedroom.

After checking into a motel run by a woman with two young sons, Michael and Asher, Dean tells Sam he thinks the creature at work is a shtriga, which their father had encountered many years previously. Sam discovers it often disguises itself as an old woman, so the boys return to the hospital where they had passed the room of an elderly woman who had an inverted cross on her wall. However, she proves to be harmless, and human.

Back at the motel, the youngest child Asher is sick and has been taken to hospital. While Dean drives the mother to the hospital and interviews the doctor again, Sam researches similar occurrences and tracks the shtriga back to Black River Falls in the 1890s. Sam had thought it would be disguised as a feeble old woman, but this one is disguised as Dr. Hydecker - who is working at the hospital in Fitchburg, and is also seen in the 1890s photo.

Sam cannot find any lore on what kills them, but Dean says John found out they are vulnerable when feeding, and to being shot with consecrated wrought iron buckshot, or rounds. Sensing Dean knows more about the shtriga than he has revealed, Sam pushes him.

Sixteen or seventeen years ago, John Winchester was hunting a shtriga in Fort Douglas, Wisconsin. While John was out, Dean left Sam alone briefly and the shtriga attacked. John took the boys to stay with Pastor Jim, but when he returned he couldn't track the shtriga. Dean blames himself for its escape, and for the deaths that have occurred since.

Dean suggests using Michael as bait to trap the shtriga. Michael at first refuses, but later decides to do it, even though Dean can't guarantee Asher will get better. Dean and Sam set up a CCTV (closed-circuit television) system to observe Michael in bed, as they need to wait until the shtriga starts feeding before they can attack. The shtriga attacks Michael and the boys storm in, only killing the monster when it tries to feed on Sam.

After the shtriga is killed, Asher and the other children recover. Sam laments that Michael has lost his innocence, now he knows what really lurks in the dark.




  • "Rock Bottom" by UFO
(plays while Sam and Dean are on their way to Fitchburg)
  • "Road to Nowhere" by Ozzy Osbourne
(plays at the end of the episode, when they hit the road again)
  • "Another Day Of Regrets" by Molly
(plays at the end of the episode, when they hit the road again; Netflix Streaming version)


Sam: Dude, dude, I am not using this ID.

Dean: Why not?

Sam: Because it says “Bikini Inspector” on it.
Michael: King or two queens?

Dean: (Asking for a room) Two queens.
Michael: (Looks at Sam waiting outside) Yeah, I bet.
Dean: What'd you say?

Michael: Nice car.
Sam: Hey, Dean, I’m sorry.

Dean: For what?
Sam: Well, you know...I’ve really given you a lot of crap for always followin’ Dad’s orders. But I know why you do it.

Dean: Oh, God, kill me now.
Sam: An old person, huh?

Dean: Yeah.

Sam: In a hospital? Whew, better call the Coast Guard.
Dean: Yeah well, first of all, I'm not going to open fire in a pediatrics ward. Second, it wouldn't have done any good. The bastard's bullet proof unless he's chowing down on something. And third, I wasn't packing, which is probably a good thing, 'cause I probably would have burned a clip in him on principal alone.

Trivia & References

The title of the episode is a reference to a line in the play Macbeth, "By the pricking of my thumbs, something wicked this way comes." Something Wicked This Way Comes is also the title of a novel by Ray Bradbury, about a carnival magician who feed on people's souls.
Sam: Same deal. Before that, there was Ogdenville. Before that, North Haverbrook and Brockway. Every fifteen to twenty years, it hits a new town.
Ogdenville, North Haverbrook and Brockway are all fictional towns from the animated sitcom The Simpsons.
The old woman in the hospital is warded in room 237. In the movie The Shining, room 237 is the mystery-shrouded room, where Jack encounters the ghost of a young woman that turns into an old woman. This is one of Supernatural's many references to The Shining throughout the series. The room number is also used for the rooms the boys stay in during 2.11 Playthings.
Dean uses a credit card with the name "Kris Warren" to pay for their motel room.
Sam's bikini inspector badge from "Something Wicked" reads:
This agent is authorized to operate at any beach, park, or backyard pool party, or warm climate locale in the world. No restrictions or limitations are to be placed on their visual or physical inspections; violators will be subject to tickling and spanking.S1Com
The cartoon that Sam is seen watching during Dean's first childhood flashback is Thundercats, an 80's cartoon about a group of cat-like warriors from Thundera who battle evil mutants on a foreign planet. Also seen briefly when Dean is watching TV in the wish-verse in 2.20 What Is and What Should Never Be.


Young Sam and Dean stay in the Kingpin Motel in Fort Douglas, Wisconsin. The walls are decorated with b/w photos of bowling scenes. The partition screens feature panels in the shape of bowling pins and bowling balls. The bowling theme and the name of the motel are probably an homage to the movie Kingpin.
Adrian Hough who plays Dr. Hydeker also played Victor Rogers in 8.18 Freaks and Geeks.
Ridge Canipe who plays young Dean in the flashbacks also played Dean in 3.08 A Very Supernatural Christmas.
Filming locations: Motel 2400, on the Kingsway.
As Sam and Dean are driving, they pass two signs with two different spellings for the name of the town (Fitchberg and Fitchburg).
The feeble old woman incorrectly calls the cross hanging in her room a crucifix, which always depict the crucified body of Jesus (hence the name).

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