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Promotional image from Shadow
Title Shadow
Episode # Season 1, Episode 16
First aired 28 February, 2006
Directed by Kim Manners
Written by Eric Kripke
On IMDB http://imdb.com/title/tt0713621/
Outline Meg lures Sam and Dean to Chicago in order to set a trap for John.
Monster Daeva
Timeline two days between 8-15 June, 2006 (speculation)
Location(s) Chicago, Illinois
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The boys arrive in Chicago to investigate recent violent deaths. Disguised as operators from a security alarm company, they visit the apartment of the last victim, Meredith, who was ripped to pieces as if by a wild animal. They discount werewolves due to it being the wrong time of the lunar cycle, and struggle to find clues until Dean notices that the blood spatter on the carpet forms a symbol.

That night they visit the bar where Meredith worked. Sam has had no luck researching the symbol, and Dean chats to a bartender, but doesn’t gain any useful information other than her phone number. Suddenly Sam spots a familiar face; Meg, the girl he met when he left Dean and was going to travel to California to find John (1.11 Scarecrow).

Sam is suspicious that her appearance is not a coincidence and decides to follow her while Dean checks out her background. While Sam sits outside her apartment, observing her from the Impala, Dean calls to say her story checks out, and that he has found out, with some help from Caleb, the meaning behind the symbol in Meredith’s apartment. It is a sigil for a Daeva, a type of Zoroastrian demon. Sam tracks Meg to an abandoned warehouse, where he observes her at an altar, communicating with someone through a goblet of blood.

Sam returns to tell Dean what he’s seen. Dean has his own information – both victims so far were actually born in Lawrence, Kansas. Suspecting that they may be close to the demon that killed their mother, Dean calls John and asks him to come to Chicago. The boys prepare to do battle, and Sam fantasies about what life may be like after they kill the demon. Dean reacts strongly when Sam expresses a desire to return to college, and opens up about his desire for them to be together as a family again.

At the abandoned warehouse, the boys’ plans are thwarted when Meg commands to daevas to attack them. Once they are restrained, bound to pylons, Meg reveals the murders were a plan to trap them, and use them as bait for John.

The boys manage to distract her long enough for Sam to cut himself loose and overpower her and then overturn the altar. Freed from her control the daevas turn on Meg, and throw her from the window. Sam and Dean see her dead on the pavement beneath.

Returning to their room, Sam and Dean find an unexpected visitor – John. Their reunion is interrupted when the daevas attack them, slashing and beating them until Sam repels them by lighting flares.

Escaping outside to the Impala, Dean announces that Meg was right, John is vulnerable when he is around them, and they must separate. Sam protests, but John agrees. As they go their separate ways, they are observed by a figure in the shadows – Meg.




  • Little Charlie and the Nightcats - You Got Your Hooks In Me
  • The Vue – Pictures of Me
  • X – The New World according to S1Com


Sam: You say you talked to the cops?

Dean: Yeah, I spoke to Amy, the charming, perky officer of the law.
Sam: Yeah? What'd you find out?
Dean: Well, she's a Sagittarius, she loves tequila, I mean... Oh, and she's got this little tattoo...
Sam: Dean!

Dean: What? Yeah... Nothing we don't already know, except for one thing they're keeping out of the papers. Meredith's heart was missing.
Dean: I talked to the bartender.

Sam: Did you get anything? Besides her number?
Dean: Dude, I'm a professional. I'm offended that you would think that.
Sam: [stares skeptically]

Dean: [pulls out sheet of paper with bartender's phone number] Alright.
Sam: (On origin of the Zoroastrian symbol) How'd you figure that out?

Dean: Gimme some credit man. You don't have the corner on paper chasin' around here.
Sam:Oh yeah? Name the last book you read.

Dean:Yeah, I called Dad's friend Caleb, he told me, all right?
Sam: (On origin of the Zoroastrian symbol)How'd you figure that out?

Dean: Gimme some credit man. You don't have the corner on paper chasin' around here.

Dean:Yeah, I called Dad's friend Caleb, he told me, all right?
Sam: You mind doin’ a little bit of thinking with your upstairs brain, Dean?
Sam: I think there's something strange going on here, Dean.
Dean: Yeah, tell me about it. She wasn't even that into me.
Sam: I'm just saying that there's something about this girl that I can't quite put my finger on.
Dean: But I bet you'd like to.
Dean: Here's the thing. These daevas, they have to be summoned, conjured.

Sam: So someone's controlling it.

Dean: Yeah, that's what I'm saying. And from what I've gathered, it's pretty risky business too. These suckers tend to bite the hand that feeds them. And the arm, torsos...
Sam: Dean, we are a family. I’d do anything for you. But things will never be the way they were before

Dean: Could be.

Sam: I don’t want them to be. I'm not gonna live this life forever. Dean, when this is all over, you’re gonna have to let me go my own way.
Sam: You killed those two people for nothing.
Meg: Baby, I've killed a lot more for a lot less.
Meg: I saw you watching me, changing in my apartment. Turned you on, didn't it?
Dean: Get a room, you two.
Dean: Next time you wanna get laid, find a girl that’s not so buckets-o’-crazy, huh?
John: … Listen, Sammy, last time we were together, we had one hell of a fight.

Sam: Yes, sir.

John: It’s good to see you again. It’s been a long time.

Trivia & References

Filming locations: Century House, Vancouver
Meg: "I came, I saw, I conquered." - Meg quotes Julius Cesar's famous words "Veni, vidi, vici"
Meg: "Oh, and I met what’s-his-name, something Michael Murray at a bar.", Sam: "Who?" - Meg refers to Chad Michael Murray (also known as Mayhem) who starred in the TV series Gilmore Girls and the movie House of Wax alongside Jared Padalecki. The two actors are known to be friends.


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