1.12 Faith (transcript)

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1.12 Faith

Written by: Sera Gamble and Raelle Tucker

Directed by: Allan Kroeker

Air Date: 17 Jan 2006
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episode 12 Faith

(FADE IN: Abandoned house. SAM and DEAN park their car and get out. They open the trunk and DEAN takes out two tasers.)

SAM: What do you got those amped up to?

DEAN: A hundred thousand volts.

SAM: Damn.

DEAN: Yeah, I want this rawhead extra frickin' crispy. And remember, you only get one shot with these things. So make it count.

(CUT TO: DEAN and SAM enter the house with guns and flashlights. They go downstairs into the basement and hear a noise. They turn and see an old closed cupboard. They move towards it.)

DEAN: On three. One. Two. Three. (They open the cupboard and see two scared young children, one boy and one girl, covering their ears.)

SAM: Is it still here? (The children nod.)

DEAN: (to the boy) Ok. Grab your sister's hand, come on, we gotta get you out of here. Let's go, let's go. (SAM takes both the children and they move towards the stairs.) Alright, go! (They start to go upstairs, but a hand grabs SAM's legs and knocks him back down.) Sam! (DEAN moves to the other side of the staircase and shoots the taser but doesn't hit the monster.) Sam, get 'em outta here!

SAM: You take this! (He throws DEAN his taser and goes upstairs with the children. DEAN looks around the basement for the monster.)

DEAN: Come on. (He points his flashlight in a corner of the room and sees a creature resembling a werewolf. The creature pushes him into a corner and DEAN falls in a puddle of water. He sees the creature coming towards him. DEAN grabs the taser and shoots it, electrocuting the monster, which was also standing in the puddle. The shock travels through the puddle and electrocutes DEAN. The creature falls to the ground, while DEAN shakes and twitches. He then goes unconscious. SAM runs down the stairs and sees DEAN in the corner.)

SAM: Dean! (He runs over to DEAN and shakes him.) Dean, hey. Hey. (He tries to wake DEAN, but he remains unconscious.)

(CUT TO: Hospital. SAM is at the desk, talking with a receptionist.)

RECEPTIONIST: Sir, I'm so sorry to ask. There doesn't seem to be any insurance on file.

SAM: Right. Uh, ok. (He takes a card out of his wallet.)

RECEPTIONIST: (reading the name on the card) Okay, Mr. Burkovitz. (SAM walks over to two police officers.)

POLICE OFFICER: Look, we can finish this up later.

SAM: No, no, it's okay. We were just taking a shortcut through the neighborhood. And, um, the windows were rolled down, we heard some screaming. We drove past the house, and we stopped. Ran in.

POLICE OFFICER: And you found the kids in the basement?

SAM: Yeah.

POLICE OFFICER: Well, thank God you did. (SAM turns around and sees a doctor walking towards them.)

SAM: Excuse me.

POLICE OFFICER: Sure. Thanks for your help. (SAM walks over to the doctor.)

SAM: Hey, Doc. Is he-

DOCTOR: He¡¯s resting.

SAM: And?

DOCTOR: The electrocution triggered a heart attack. Pretty massive, I¡¯m afraid. His heart-it¡¯s damaged.

SAM: How damaged?

DOCTOR: We¡¯ve done all we can. We can try and keep him comfortable at this point. But, I¡¯d give him a couple weeks, at most, maybe a month.

SAM: No, no. There¡¯s-there¡¯s gotta be something you can do, some kind of treatment.

DOCTOR: We can¡¯t work miracles. I really am sorry. (SAM nods, with tears in his eyes, and walks away.)

(CUT TO: DEAN¡¯s room. He is watching TV in his bed, looking very sick. He is pale and has dark circles under his eyes. SAM comes in and stands by his bed.)

DEAN: (weakly) Have you ever actually watched daytime TV? It¡¯s terrible. (SAM sighs.)

SAM: I talked to your doctor.

DEAN: That fabric softener teddy bear. Oh, I¡¯m gonna hunt that little bitch down.

SAM: Dean. (DEAN looks up.)

DEAN: Yeah. (He turns the TV off.) Alright, well, looks like you¡¯re gonna leave town without me.

SAM: What are you talking about? I¡¯m not gonna leave you here.

DEAN: Hey, you better take care of that car. Or, I swear, I¡¯ll haunt your ass.

SAM: (nearly crying) I don¡¯t think that¡¯s funny.

DEAN: Oh, come on, it¡¯s a little funny. (They are both silent for a few seconds.) Look, Sammy, what can I say, man, it¡¯s a dangerous gig. I drew the short straw. That¡¯s it, end of story.

SAM: Don¡¯t talk like that, alright? We still have options.

DEAN: What options? Yeah, burial or cremation. And I know it¡¯s not easy. But I¡¯m gonna die. And you can¡¯t stop it.

SAM: Watch me.

(CUT TO: Motel Room. SAM is sitting on the bed, surrounded by research about heart care. He is trying to call his father.)

VOICEMAIL: This is John Winchester. I can¡¯t be reached. If this is an emergency, call my son, Dean. 866-907-3235. He can help. (The beep sounds.)

SAM: (trying to hold back tears) Hey, Dad. It¡¯s Sam. Uh¡­.you probably won¡¯t even get this, but, uh¡­.It¡¯s Dean. He¡¯s sick, and uh¡­.the doctors say there¡¯s nothing they can do. Um¡­.but, uh, they don¡¯t know the things we know, right? So, don¡¯t worry, cause, uh¡­.I¡¯m gonna do whatever it takes to get him better. Alright¡­.just wanted you to know. (He hangs up and tosses his phone on the bed. He starts to tear up when there is a knock on the door. He gets up and opens it. DEAN is standing there, looking even worse.) What the hell are you doing here?

DEAN: I checked myself out.

SAM: What, are you crazy?

DEAN: Well, I¡¯m not gonna die in a hospital where the nurses aren¡¯t even hot. (He shrugs. SAM laughs and shuts the door.)

SAM: You know, this whole I-laugh-in-the-face-of-death thing? It¡¯s crap. I can see right through it.

DEAN: Yeah, whatever, dude. Have you even slept? You look worse than me. (SAM helps him over to a chair.)

SAM: I¡¯ve been scouring the Internet for the last three days. Calling every contact in Dad¡¯s journal.

DEAN: For what?

SAM: For a way to help you. One of Dad¡¯s friends, Joshua, he called me back. Told me about a guy in Nebraska. A specialist.

DEAN: You¡¯re not gonna let me die in peace, are you?

SAM: I¡¯m not gonna let you die, period. We¡¯re going.

(CUT TO: Nebraska. DEAN and SAM pull up outside of a large white tent. A group of people, who look very sick, are making their towards the tent. DEAN gets out and sees a sign saying ¡°The Church of Roy LeGrange. Faith Healer. Witness The Miracle.¡± SAM goes to DEAN and tries to help him out of the car.)

SAM: I got ya. (DEAN grunts in pain.)

DEAN: I got it. (SAM lets go of DEAN.) Man, you are a lying bastard. Thought you said we were going to see a doctor.

SAM: I believe I said a specialist. Look, Dean, this guy¡¯s supposed to be the real deal.

DEAN: I can¡¯t believe you brought me here to see some guy who heals people out of a tent. (An elderly woman passes by and overhears them.)

WOMAN: Reverend LeGrange is a great man.

DEAN: Yeah, that¡¯s nice. (They walk past an angry man who is talking to a sheriff.)

MAN: I have a right to protest. This man is a fraud. And he¡¯s bilking all these people out of their hard-earned money.

SHERIFF: Sir, this is a place of worship. Let¡¯s go. Move it. (They walk away.)

DEAN: I take it he¡¯s not part of the flock.

SAM: But when people see something they can¡¯t explain, there¡¯s controversy.

DEAN: I mean, come on, Sam, a faith healer?

SAM: Maybe it¡¯s time to have a little faith, Dean.

DEAN: You know what I¡¯ve got faith in? Reality. Knowing what¡¯s really going on.

SAM: How can you be a skeptic? With the things we see everyday?

DEAN: Exactly. We see them, we know they¡¯re real.

SAM: But if you know evil¡¯s out there, how can you not believe good¡¯s out there, too?

DEAN: Because I¡¯ve seen what evil does to good people. (A young blonde woman, LAYLA ROURKE, overhears them.)

LAYLA: Maybe God works in mysterious ways.

DEAN: (attracted to her) Maybe he does. (LAYLA smiles.) I think you just turned me around on the subject. (She laughs.)

LAYLA: Yeah, I¡¯m sure. (DEAN extends his hand.)

DEAN: I¡¯m Dean. This is Sam. (She shakes his hand.)

LAYLA: Layla. So, if you¡¯re not a believer, then why are you here?

DEAN: Well, apparently my brother here believes enough for the both of us. (LAYLA¡¯s mother walks over to them.)

MRS. ROURKE: Come on, Layla. It¡¯s about to start. (They say goodbye and leave.)

DEAN: Well, I bet you she can work in some mysterious ways. (SAM smiles and they go into the tent.)

(CUT TO: INT. - Tent. A large group of people are sitting down, waiting for the service to begin. DEAN gestures to a security camera on the wall.)

DEAN: Yeah, peace, love, and trust all over. (SAM notices the camera. DEAN goes to sit down in the back.)

SAM: Come on.

DEAN: What are you doing? Let¡¯s sit here.

SAM: We¡¯re sitting up front.

DEAN: What? Why?

SAM: Come on.

DEAN: (upset) Oh, come on, Sam. (SAM helps DEAN to the front of the room.)

SAM: You alright?

DEAN: This is ridiculous. I¡¯m good, dude, get off me. (He pushes SAM away. SAM points to two empty seats behind LAYLA and her mother.)

SAM: Perfect.

DEAN: Yeah, perfect.

SAM: You take the aisle. (They sit down. ROY LEGRANGE gets on the stage to start the service. ROY is blind and is wearing sunglasses.)

ROY: Each morning, my wife, Sue Ann, reads me the news. Never seems good, does it? (The crowd agrees with him.) Seems like there¡¯s always someone committing some immoral, unspeakable act. (SAM notices a table filled with crosses and other religious items. He sees an old cross that has another smaller cross on top with a circle around it.) But, I say to you, God is watching. God rewards the good, and He punishes the corrupt. (The crowd answers with lots of nodding, cheering, and murmuring.) Who does the healing here, friends? The Lord who guides me in choosing who to heal by helping me see into people¡¯s hearts. (The crowd murmurs.)

DEAN: (quietly, to SAM) Yeah, or into their wallets.

ROY: You think so, young man? (The church goes silent. DEAN is embarrassed.)

DEAN: Sorry.

ROY: No, no. Don¡¯t be. Just watch what you say around a blind man, we¡¯ve got real sharp ears. (The crowd laughs.) What¡¯s your name, son? (DEAN hesitates.)

DEAN: Dean.

ROY: Dean. I want-I want you to come up here with me. (SUE ANN gets up on the stage to welcome DEAN. The crowd claps and cheers. LAYLA and her mother look upset.)

DEAN: No, that¡¯s ok.

SAM: What are you doing?

ROY: You¡¯ve come here to be healed, haven¡¯t you?

DEAN: Well, yeah, but-(The crowd cheers some more.) No, maybe you should just pick someone else. (The crowd claps loudly.)

ROY: Oh, no, I didn¡¯t pick you, Dean, the Lord did.

CROWD: That¡¯s right! Yeah! Come on! (They clap and cheer.)

SAM: (excitedly) Get up there! (DEAN reluctantly goes on the stage, looking very uncomfortable.)

ROY: You ready?

DEAN: Look, no disrespect, but I¡¯m not exactly a believer.

ROY: You will be, son. You will be. Pray with me, friends. (The crowd lifts their arms up and joins hands with each other. ROY lifts up his hands and places one on DEAN¡¯s shoulder. DEAN and SAM both look nervous. ROY moves his hand to DEAN¡¯s forehead. DEAN¡¯s eyes glaze over.) Alright, now. Alright, now. (DEAN starts to look very weak and dizzy. His eyes close and he falls to his knees.) Alright, now. (DEAN collapses on the floor. The crowd cheers and claps.)

SAM: Dean! (He rushes onto the stage and shakes DEAN. DEAN suddenly bursts awake, gasping for breath.) Say something. (DEAN looks around, tired. The camera gives the audience a look through DEAN¡¯s vision. DEAN is able to see an old, seemingly dead man standing on the stage next to ROY. He is dressed in a black suit and has white hair. He looks at DEAN then vanishes. DEAN looks shocked. The screen goes black.)

(FADE IN: Hospital. SAM and DEAN are waiting in a room.)

SAM: So, you really feel okay?

DEAN: I feel fine, Sam. (A nurse comes in the room, looking over some paperwork.)

NURSE: Well, according to all your tests, there¡¯s nothing wrong with your heart. No sign there ever was. (DEAN looks curious while SAM looks very happy.) Not that a man your age should be having heart trouble, but, still it¡¯s strange it does happen.

DEAN: What do you mean, strange?

NURSE: Well, just yesterday, a young guy like you, twenty-seven, athletic. Out of nowhere, heart attack. (DEAN looks concerned.)

DEAN: Thanks, Doc.

NURSE: Oh, no problem. (She leaves.)

DEAN: That¡¯s odd.

SAM: Maybe it¡¯s a coincidence. People¡¯s hearts give out all the time, man.

DEAN: No, they don¡¯t.

SAM: Look, Dean, do we really have to look this one in the mouth? Why can¡¯t we just be thankful that the guy saved your life and move on?

DEAN: Because I can¡¯t shake this feeling, that¡¯s why.

SAM: What feeling?

DEAN: When I was healed, I just-I felt wrong. I felt cold. And for a second, I saw someone. This, uh, this old man. And I¡¯m telling you, Sam, it was a spirit.

SAM: But if there was something there, Dean, I think I would¡¯ve seen it, too. I mean, I¡¯ve been seeing an awful lot of things lately.

DEAN: Well, excuse me, psychic wonder. But you¡¯re just gonna need a little faith on this one. Sam, I¡¯ve been hunting long enough to trust a feeling like this.

SAM: (reluctantly) Yeah, alright. So, what do you wanna do?

DEAN: I want you to go check out the heart attack guy. I¡¯m gonna visit the reverend.

(CUT TO: INT. - ROY LEGRANGE¡¯s house.)

DEAN: I feel great. Just trying to, you know, make sense of what happened.

SUE ANN: A miracle is what happened. Well, miracles come so often around Roy.

DEAN: (to ROY) When did they start? The miracles.

ROY: Woke up one morning, stone blind. Doctors figured out I had cancer. Told me I had maybe a month. So, uh, we prayed for a miracle. Now, I was weak, but I told Sue Ann, ¡°You just keep right on praying.¡± I went into a coma. Doctors said I wouldn¡¯t wake up, but I did. And the cancer was gone. (He takes off his sunglasses.) If it wasn¡¯t for these eyes, no one would believe I¡¯d ever had it.

DEAN: And suddenly you could heal people.

ROY: I discovered it afterward, yes. God¡¯s blessed me in many ways.

SUE ANN: And his flock just swelled overnight. And this is just the beginning.

DEAN: Can I ask you one last question?

ROY: Of course you can.

DEAN: Why? Why me? Out of all the sick people, why save me?

ROY: Well, like I said before, the Lord guides me. I looked into your heart, and you just stood out from all the rest.

DEAN: What did you see in my heart?

ROY: A young man with an important purpose. A job to do. And it isn¡¯t finished. (DEAN looks slightly surprised.)

(CUT TO: Locker room. SAM is talking to a friend of MARSHALL HALL, the heart attack victim.)

MAN: I¡¯m telling you, he seemed healthy. Swam every day, didn¡¯t smoke. So, a heart attack just kind of seemed, well, bizarre.

SAM: And you said he was running, right before he collapsed?

MAN: Yeah, yeah, he was freaking out. He said that something was, uh, was after him.

SAM: Did he say what?

MAN: Well, thin air is what. I mean, it wasn¡¯t anything. (SAM thinks for a second.)

SAM: Alright, thanks. (He starts to leave, but notices a stopped clock on the wall.) Hey, buddy? Your, uh, your clock¡¯s busted.

MAN: Oh, yeah, we, uh, can¡¯t get it workin¡¯. Just froze at 4:17.

SAM: Is that the same time Marshall died?

MAN: How¡¯d you know?

(CUT TO: EXT. - ROY¡¯s house. DEAN is leaving and sees LAYLA and her mother waiting to go in.)

LAYLA: Dean, hey.

DEAN: Hey.

LAYLA: How you feeling?

DEAN: I feel good. Cured, I guess. What are you doing here?

LAYLA: You know, my mom, she wanted to talk to the reverend. (SUE ANN comes outside.)

SUE ANN: Layla?

LAYLA: Yes, I¡¯m here again.

SUE ANN: Well, I¡¯m sorry, but Roy is resting, and he won¡¯t be seeing anyone else right now.

MRS. ROURKE: (upset) Sue Ann, please. This is our sixth time, he¡¯s got to see us.

SUE ANN: Roy is well aware of Layla¡¯s situation. And he very much wants to help just as soon as the Lord allows. Have faith, Mrs. Rourke. (She goes inside. MRS. ROURKE turns to DEAN, visibly upset.)

MRS. ROURKE: (cruelly) Why are you still even here? You got what you wanted.

LAYLA: Mom. Stop.

MRS. ROURKE: No, Layla, this is too much. We¡¯ve been to every single service. If Roy would stop choosing these strangers over you. Strangers who don¡¯t even believe. I just can¡¯t pray any harder.

DEAN: Layla, what¡¯s wrong?

LAYLA: (hesitantly) I have this thing¡­.

MRS. ROURKE: It¡¯s a brain tumor. It¡¯s inoperable. In six months, the doctors say....(LAYLA puts a hand on her mother¡¯s shoulder.)

DEAN: I¡¯m sorry.

LAYLA: It¡¯s okay.

MRS. ROURKE: No. It isn¡¯t. (She turns to DEAN.) Why do you deserve to live more than my daughter? (She walks away. LAYLA, nearly crying, follows her. DEAN looks upset.)

(CUT TO: Motel Room. DEAN enters and finds SAM at his laptop, looking upset.)

DEAN: What¡¯d you find out?

SAM: I¡¯m sorry.

DEAN: Sorry about what?

SAM: Marshall Hall died at 4:17.

DEAN: (stunned) The exact time I was healed.

SAM: Yeah. So, I put together a list of everyone Roy¡¯s healed, six people over the past year, and I cross-checked them with the local obits. (He hands DEAN a pile of research.) Every time someone was healed, someone else died. And each time, the victim died of the same symptom LeGrange was healing at the time.

(A woman is shown running in the park, listening to music. She is able to sense the old man somewhere in the trees, and she stops.)

DEAN: (VO) Someone¡¯s healed of cancer, someone else dies of cancer?

SAM: (VO) Somehow. LeGrange-he¡¯s trading a life for another.

WOMAN: Hello? (She looks around. The scene goes back to the motel.)

DEAN: Wait, wait, wait. So, Marshall Hall died to save me?

SAM: Dean, the guy probably would¡¯ve died anyway. And someone else would¡¯ve been healed. (The scene cuts to ROY¡¯s church service. ROY has his hand on the forehead of an old man in a wheelchair, who is using an oxygen tube to breathe. The scene goes back to the motel.)

DEAN: You never should¡¯ve brought me here.

SAM: Dean, I was just trying to save your life.

DEAN: But, Sam, some guy is dead now because of me.

SAM: I didn¡¯t know. (The scene goes back to the service.)

ROY: Pray with me, friends. (The crowd lifts their arms in the air.)

SAM: (VO) The thing I don¡¯t understand is how is Roy doing it? How¡¯s he trading a life for a life? (The scene cuts to the motel.)

DEAN: Oh, he¡¯s not doing it. (The scene cuts to the park, where the woman is out of breath. She seems to have been running for a long time.) Something else is doing it for him.

SAM: (VO) What do you mean?

DEAN: (VO) The old man I saw on stage. (The woman in the park turns around and sees the old man standing in front of her. The scene goes back to the motel.) I didn¡¯t wanna believe it, but deep down I knew it.

SAM: You knew what? What are you talking about?

DEAN: There¡¯s only one thing that can give and take life like that. (SAM looks confused.) We¡¯re dealing with a reaper. (The scene cuts to the park, where the woman is running away from the reaper. At the church service, ROY is preparing to heal the old man. The scene returns to the park, where the woman is still running. She looks behind her, and when she turns back around, she crashes into the reaper, who is now in front of her. She falls to the ground. The reaper puts his hand on the side of her face, and her face begins to lose its color. The scene cuts to the church service, where ROY puts his hand on the old man¡¯s head. Once again, the scene returns to the park. The woman gasps for breath, while her face continues to get paler. A moment later, she falls to the ground, dead. The scene cuts to the church service. The reaper, who is invisible to the crowd, also places his hand on the old man¡¯s head. The crowd watches while the old man falls to his knees. The color returns to his face, and he is able to breathe without his oxygen tube. ROY smiles, and the crowd claps and cheers. The screen goes black.)

(FADE IN: Motel Room. DEAN and SAM are researching.)

SAM: You really think it¡¯s the Grim Reaper? Like, angel of death,