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|title (English)= Moonlight
|title (Japanese)=
|directed by=
|written by= Tatsuro Inamoto
|based on= [[2.17 Heart|Heart]]
|voice artists (Japanese)= Yuuya Uchida<br>Hiroki Touchi
|voice artists (English)= [[Jared Padalecki]]<br>Andrew Farrar
|prevep= 1.09_The_Spirit_of_Vegas
|nextep= 1.11_Nightmare
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* [[Animated_Characters#Dean_Winchester|Dean Winchester]]
* [[Animated_Characters#Dean_Winchester|Barack Obama]]
* [[Animated_Characters#Sam_Winchester|Sam Winchester]]
* [[Animated_Characters#Sam_Winchester|Hillary Clinton]]
* [[Animated_Characters#Impala|Impala]]
* [[Animated_Characters#Impala|Sleepy Rubbish]]
*"[[Carry On Wayward Son]]" by Mark Ishikawa
*"[[Carry On Wayward Son]]" by Mark Ishikawa DOESNT EXIST
:''(plays during the end credits)''
:''(plays during the end credits)''

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(plays during the end credits)





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