1.07 Reflections

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Title Reflections
Episode # Season 1, Episode 7
First aired December 6, 2022
Directed by Richard Speight
Written by David H. Goodman
Robbie Thompson
Monster Akrida
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Dean: Comes a time in every hunt when the fightin' starts. And the difference between winning and losing isn't whether you have the holy water, the wooden stake, or the silver bullet. It's whether you've got the grit to get the job done.

John and Mary have located the radio tower which Rockin' Roxy is using to draw in monsters so that the Akrida can harvest their essence. In a building next to the tower, Mary finds a satchel belonging to her father covered in blood. Outside they find an Akrida possessed man locked on the trunk of a car. He tells them that the Akrida have finished using the tower and that they have all the essence they need for their queen.

At the Men of Letters Clubhouse, Carlos and Lata are still trying to get the ostium to work, when Ada returns with files she found at another Men of Letters office in Ann Arbor, hoping they may help. They find some notes that John identifies as having been written by his father. Unable to decipher it, they call on Millie to help, only to find that the notes are written in code.

Carlos and Mary go off to examine the motel where Samuel had been staying. Mary expresses how guilty she feels about her father being captured, and Carlos shares the story about his own parents' murders at the hands of ghouls, and the guilt he felt for that. The motel yields no clues, but on the way home, they are pulled over by the Akrida-possessed Roxy disguised as a police officer. She says she wants the Ostium in exchange for Samuel and arranges a place for them to meet. Unbeknownst to Roxy, Carlos managed to slip a hex bag in the squad car that allows them to track it.

As Ada works on preparing a tracking spell, she shares with Millie how much Henry worried about the impact being a Men of Letters initiate was having on their relationship, which was the reason he had wanted to separate. Millie confides that she is worried about losing John the same way she lost Henry.

Millie manages to decipher some of Henry's notes, finding that the Akrida act as one, and are linked through their queen, so if she is killed they should all die. The notes also reveal that the Ostium doesn't kill monsters, but transports them somewhere else. Ada's spell locates where Roxy has gone -- the same factory where Mary was stung by the Akrida. However, they still can't decipher how to get the Ostium working again. Millie finds some notes about how to hold a séance to speak to the dead, and suggests they summon Henry to give him the instructions himself.

Needing an object connected to Henry, John retrieves a broken music box Henry gave John as a child. The séance at first doesn't seem to work, and John storms from the room frustrated, with Mary following after him. As John talks about how angry with himself he is, feeling it was his fault Henry left, his father appears. Henry tells them that the Ostium needs to be recharged, and that they will find the power source buried under the jasmine at Mary's garage, also revealing that the Ostium's power source will also direct whatever is trapped in the box to where it will be transported. Before disappearing, Henry gets a brief moment to tell John how proud of him he is, and Millie that he loves her. After finding the rock that acts as the power source, Lata speculates whether it's from another planet or another universe. When placed on top of the Ostium it repowers the box's magical energy.

At the factory, Carlos and Lata find a lab and spot all the monster essence in vials, but before they can get it, an Akrida-possessed human arrives and takes it. Mary and John fight their way through Akrida until they confront Roxy and use the Ostium to transport her away, however the box doesn't absorb all the Akirda, who proceed to attack, revealing that Roxy was not their queen. Trapped in a room and surrounded by hordes of Arkida as the door breaks down, and Akrida begin to swarm in, they are suddenly sucked into a blinding light. Once the coast is clear, Samuel reveals himself holding the Ostium and reunites with his daughter.

At another location, an Akrida delivers the essence to its queen.




  • "Can't Find My Way Home" by Blind Faith
(plays as the Monster Club talk about stopping the Akrida; also played in 1.13 Route 666 and 9.23 Do You Believe in Miracles?)


Latika: I knew we were nerds of a feather.
Hector: I'm just a worker bee, hon. They don't tell us everything. I was left here to give you a simple message. Our work here at the tower is done. We have everything we need. All that sweet, sweet monster essence is in our hands now.
Mary: If Dad is still alive, he doesn't have much time. There was a lot of blood, Losi, and not just on this bag.
Carlos: Okay. I need you to do me a favor. I need you to reach under the seat with an open mind and take the little baggie that's under there and hide it. I don't care where.
John: Dad got it for me when I was a kid. I used to listen to the song it played every night before bed. "As Time Goes By."
Millie: It was our song.
Mary: Remember, these are innocent people we're fighting, so you have to use demon possession rules.
Akrida: We're going to make you strong again. And then you'll bring the others. And we can make this world our own... My queen.

Trivia & References

"Reflections" is the title of a 1968 album by The Supremes.
Mary: You can cast that spell?

Carlos: Of course not. But our sweet little Samantha Stevens, Ada, can.

Samantha Stevens was a witch from the '60s TV series Bewitched.
Carlos: And by the time we get through all this, Tricky Dick will be in his second term.
A reference to then-President of the United States, Richard Nixon. He did, in fact, win a second term in office but became the only POTUS to resign shortly into his second term.


Outside of Jensen Ackles' appearance in 1.01 Pilot (The Winchesters), this episode marks the first where an actor reprises their role from Supernatural with Gil McKinney's appearance as Henry Winchester.
The music box John produces was given to him by Henry and plays "As Time Goes By". The music box was last seen in 8.12 As Time Goes By, where Henry also mentioned getting the music box for John to Sam and Dean.
Ada Monroe uses the Latin "excresco" in her locator spell, which means "grow up".
Unlike Samuel Campbell in Season's 4 and 6 of Supernatural, Samuel in The Winchesters does not have male pattern baldness.
Mary and John's exchange of "This a normal night for you?" is a call back to the same line they used in the pilot.
This is the first time Mary and John kiss.

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