1.05 Bloody Mary (transcript)

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1.05 Bloody Mary

Written by: Ron Milbauer and Terri Hughes Burton

Directed by: Peter Ellis

Air Date: 11 Oct 2005
“Toledo, Ohio” 

Girl 1: Ok your turn, truth or dare?

Lily: Truth

Girl 1: Do you want to make out with Benji Swartz?

{Girl 3 laughs}

Lily: Dare

Girl 1: Okay, lame. You have to…say “Bloody Mary” in the bathroom.

Lily: Is that the best you can come up with?

Girl 3: Who’s Bloody Mary?

Girl 1: She’s this witch

Lily: I heard she was a lady killed in a car crash.

Girl 1: It doesn’t matter who she is. Point is, if you say her name three times in the bathroom mirror she appears…{dramatic pause and then yells} and scratches your eyes out! {The other girls jump}

Girl 3: So why would anyone say it?

Lily: Because it isn’t real. {She gets up, and Girl 1 hands her a candle.}

Girl 1: No turning on the lights, and remember…three times.

{Cut scene to the inside of the bathroom, the door opens and Lily comes in. She looks at the shadows on the wall, and then closes the door and puts her candle down in front of the mirror.}

Lily: Bloody Mary. This is so stupid. Bloody Mary. {She looks at the candle flickering.} Bloody Mary. {She pauses for a moment, and then we hear a crash, and she screams. Cut scene to outside the door where Girl 1 & 3 are pounding on the door laughing. She walks out of the bathroom.}

Girl 1: Scared ya.

Lily: You guys are jerks.

Lily’s dad: Lily. {Lily looks up to the top of the stairs where she sees her dad.} Do you mind keeping it down?

Lily: Sorry daddy.

Girls 1 & 3: Sorry Mr. Shoemaker.

{Cut scene to Lily’s father walking back upstairs. He passes a mirror in the hall and we see a very Samara Morgan–like looking character (see The Ring- imdb.com/title/tt0298130/), he continues walking down the hall and turns at the end of it, where there is another mirror, and Mary is in it also. He straightens a picture on the wall and walks past another very tiny mirror that we still see Mary in. Cut scene to the inside of the bathroom medicine cabinet, where Lilly’s dad takes out some pills. He pops them in his mouth and then stares closer into the mirror, where he notices some scratches under his eye. Cut scene to the girls back downstairs.}

Girl 3: You so like him!

{Lily’s older sister Donna, walks in from outside.}

Donna: Hey geek. You guys having fun?

Lily: You’re out past curfew.

Donna: Thanks dad. {She walks upstairs.}

{Cut scene to a pool of blood outside the bathroom door. Donna walks around the corner and sees the pool of red. She stops for a moment, and then continues walking towards it slowly. She puts her hand on the bathroom door and pushes it open. There is much more blood, and then Donna screams (we don’t get to see their father.).}

{The screen goes black, and then we see Sam (presumably dreaming) reliving the night he found Jessica on the ceiling (only this time the entire scene is in blue). Blood dripping on his forehead, and seeing her on the ceiling. There is a whisper that sounds like either “I failed you” or “I found you”, but it is pretty inaudible. Sam yells no, as she erupts into flames and another voice says “Why, Sam?” Cut scene to Sam in Dean’s car, and Dean is pushing on Sam.}

Dean: Sam wake up.

Sam: {Looks around wondering what just happened.} I take it I was having a nightmare.

Dean: Yeah, another one.

Sam: Hey, at least I got some sleep.

Dean: You know, sooner or later we’re gonna have to talk about this.

Sam: Are we here?

Dean: Yup, welcome to Toledo, Ohio.

Sam: {Picks up a newspaper with Lily’s dad circled. It says “Shoemaker, Steven- The Shoemaker family is sad to announce the sudden death of their beloved husband and father, Steven Shoemaker. Steven was 46. A short”…the rest is not on the screen.} So what do you think really happened to him?

Dean: That’s what we’re gonna find out. Let’s go. {He and Sam get out of the car.}

{Cut scene to the inside of the morgue Sam and Dean had parked in front of. They walk into room 144.}

Morgue technician: Hey.

Dean: Hey.

Morgue technician: Can I help you?

Dean: Yeah. We’re the uh...med students.

Morgue technician: Sorry?

Dean: Oh Doctor Figlavitch didn’t tell you? We talked to him on the phone. We uh…We’re from Ohio State. He’s supposed to show us the Shoemaker corpse. It’s for our paper.

Morgue technician: Well I’m sorry, he’s at lunch.

Dean: Oh well he said uh…Oh well, you know, it doesn’t matter. You don’t mind showing us the body do you?

Morgue technician: Sorry, I can’t. Doc will be back in an hour, you can wait for him if you want.

Dean: An hour? Ooh. We gotta be heading back to Columbus by then {looks at Sam}.

Sam: Yeah.

Dean: Uh look man, this paper’s like half hour grade, so if you don’t mind helping us out.

Morgue technician: Oh look man, no.

Dean: {turns around and mumbles} I’m gonna hit him in his face I swear.

{Sam hits dean on the arm. He steps in front of Dean and opens his wallet and pulls out some twenty’s. He lays a few of them down on the technician’s desk.}

Morgue technician: Follow me.

Dean: {Grabs Sam before he can walk out} Dude I earned that money.

Sam: You won it in a poker game. {follows the morgue technician.}

Dean: Yeah.

{Cut scene to the three of them at the dead body.}

Sam: Now the newspaper said his daughter found him. She said his eyes were bleeding.

Morgue technician: {pulls back the blanket over the corpse.} More than that. They practically liquefied.

Dean: Any sign of a struggle? Maybe somebody did it to him?

Morgue technician: Nope. Besides the daughter, he was all alone.

Sam: What’s the official cause of death.

Morgue technician: Doc’s not sure. Massive stroke, maybe an aneurysm? Something burst up in there, that’s for sure.

Sam: What do you mean?

Morgue technician: Intense cerebral bleeding. This guy had more blood in his skull than anyone I’ve ever seen.

Sam: The eyes—what would cause something like that?

Morgue technician: Capillaries can burst. See a lot of bloodshot eyes with stroke victims.

Dean: Yeah? You ever see exploding eyeballs?

Morgue technician: That’s a first for me, but hey, I’m not the doctor.

Dean: Think we could take a look at that police report? You know for, uh…our paper.

Morgue technician: I’m not really supposed to show you that.

{Sam looks annoyed, reaches in his pocket and pulls out his wallet. Cut scene to Sam and Dean walking downstairs.}

Sam: Might not be one of ours. Might just be some freak medical thing.

Dean: How many times in dad’s long and varied career has it actually been a freak medical thing and not some sign of an awful supernatural death?

Sam: Uh, almost never.

Dean: Exactly

Sam: All right, let’s go talk to the daughter.

{Sam and Dean walk into the house where the funeral for Mr. Shoemaker is. There is a picture of him on the desk, and as they walk in they see a bunch of men in black suits and women in black dresses.}

Dean: Feel like we’re underdressed {they continue walking through the house towards the back. Cut scene to out back, when they emerge. They are with a man who points them to the daughters. They walk over to the two daughters and two of their friends, one’s name is Charlie (it’s a girl Charlie).}

Dean: You must be Donna right?

Donna: Yeah.

Sam: Hi uh—we’re really sorry.

Donna: Thank you.

Sam: I’m Sam, this is Dean. We worked with your dad.

Donna: You did?

Dean: Yeah. This whole thing. I mean, a stroke.

Charlie: I don’t think she really wants to talk about this right now

Donna: It’s okay. I’m okay.

Dean: Were there any symptoms? Dizziness? Migraines?

Donna: No.

Lily: That’s because it wasn’t a stroke.

Donna: Lily don’t say that.

Sam: What?

Donna: I’m sorry, she’s just upset.

Lily: No, it happened because of me.

Donna: Sweetie, it didn’t.

Sam: Lily, {he bends down to be eye level with Lily.} why would you say something like that?

Lily: Right before he died, I said it.

Sam: You said what?

Lily: Bloody Mary- Three times in the bathroom mirror. She took his eyes, that’s what she does.

Donna: That’s not why dad died. This isn’t your fault.

Dean: I think your sister’s right, Lily. There’s no way it could have been Bloody Mary. Your dad didn’t say it, did he?

Lily: No I don’t think so.

{Cut scene to inside the Shoemaker’s hallway on one of the mirrors. We see Sam and Dean walking towards the mirror, then they go around the corner. Cut scene to inside the bathroom, the door is pushed open by Dean and Sam. There is still some dried blood on the floor.

Sam: The Bloody Mary legend- Dad ever find any evidence that it was a real thing?

Dean: Not that I know of.

{Dean walks into the bathroom and Sam stoops to the floor and touches the dried blood.}

Sam: I mean, everywhere else all over the country, kids will play Bloody Mary, and as far as we know, no one dies from it.

Dean: Yeah well maybe everywhere it’s just a story but here it’s actually happening.

Sam: The place where the legend began? {Dean shrugs his shoulders.} But according to the legend, the person who says—{Sam looks at the medicine cabinet mirror which Dean was inspecting, because it was now pointing towards Sam. Sam shuts it.} The person who says you know what, gets it. But here—

Dean: Shoemaker gets it instead, yeah.

Sam: Right.

Dean: Never heard anything like that before. Still, the guy did die right in front of the mirror, and the daughter’s right. The way the legend goes, “you know who” scratches your eyes out.

Sam: It’s worth checking in to.

{Cut scene to in the hallway. We see a woman’s legs walking down towards the bathroom. Sam and Dean quickly go out of the bathroom to see who it is.}

Charlie: What are you doing up here?

Dean: We—we, had to go to the bathroom.

Charlie: Who are you?

Dean: Like we said downstairs, we worked with Donna’s dad.

Charlie: He was a day trader or something, he worked by himself.

Dean: No, I know, I meant—

Charlie: And all those weird questions downstairs, what was that? So you tell me what’s going on, or I start screaming.

Sam: All right, all right. We think something happened to Donna’s dad.

Charlie: Yeah, a stroke.

Sam: That’s not a sign of a typical stroke. We think it might be something else.

Charlie: Like what?

Sam: Honestly? We don’t know yet. But we don’t want it to happen to anyone else. That’s the truth.

Dean: So… If you’re gonna scream, go right ahead.

Charlie: Who are you, cops?

Dean: Something like that.

Sam: I’ll tell you what. Here. {He reaches into his pocket, pulls out a paper and pen and starts writing their cell phone number down.} If you think of anything, you or your friends notice anything strange, out of the ordinary…just give us a call. {He hands her the paper as he and Dean walk down the hallway.}

{Cut scene to Sam and Dean walking around a library.}

Dean: Say Bloody Mary really is haunting this town. There’s gonna be some sort of proof—Like a local woman who died nasty.

Sam: Yeah but a legend this widespread it’s hard. I mean, there’s like 50 versions of who she actually is. One story says she’s a witch, another says she’s a mutilated bride, there’s a lot more. {They walk in to the actual library.}

Dean: All right so what are we supposed to be looking for?

Sam: Every version’s got a few things in common. It’s always a woman named Mary, and she always dies right in front of a mirror. So we’ve gotta search local newspapers—public records as far back as they go. See if we can find a Mary who fits the bill.

Dean: Well that sounds annoying.

Sam: No it won’t be so bad, as long as we…{He looks at the computers which all say “Out of Order” on them.} *chuckles* I take it back. This will be very annoying.

{Cut scene to Donna’s friend driving in a car talking on her cell phone.}

Charlie: I’m not sure. They were cops or detectives or something.

{The phone conversation is between Donna’s friend and another girl who was at the funeral named Jill. Jill is in her room taking off her sweater.}

Jill: Whoever they were, they were cute.

Charlie: Jill

Jill: You didn’t think so?

Charlie: Yeah okay they were cute. Still, do you think something happened to Donna’s dad?

Jill: Maybe Lily was right. Maybe Bloody Mary got him.

Charlie: Ha ha, very funny.

Jill: Wait, I’m sorry. Was that fear I hear in your voice?

Charlie: No.

Jill: Charlie, I’m walking to the bathroom mirror right now.

Charlie: Jill, quit it.

Jill: {She gets to her bathroom mirror.} Oh no, I can’t help myself. I’m gonna say it. Bloody Mary. Bloody Mary. Bloody Mary.

Charlie: {There is a silence on the phone.} Jill? {Jill screams.} Jill!?!

Jill: {Starts laughing} You’re such a freak, I’ll call you tomorrow. {They hang up the phone and Jill goes to her closet to finish getting changed. She opens the door, and on the inside there is a mirror, where we see Bloody Mary. She closes the closet door and goes to sit down at her vanity, where of course there is another mirror. We see Bloody Mary as she takes her earrings out, and then her reflection again when Jill walks in front of her TV screen. Jill goes back in the bathroom to wash her face, but as she bends down to wash, her reflection in the mirror stays standing. She looks up and sees her reflection looking at her as if it were another person. Jill starts panicking as the reflection in the mirror starts oozing blood out of its eyes. She reaches up and feels blood on her own face.}

Reflection: You did it. You killed that boy.

{Jill falls down after seemingly being strangled to death as her reflection in the mirror watches her.}


{Cut to Sam’s dream again. The flames sucked up into Jessica’s body, we hear “Why Sam?” and Sam wakes up.}

Sam: Why’d you let me fall asleep?

Dean: Cause I’m an awesome brother. So what did you dream about?

Sam: Lollipops and candy canes.

Dean: Yeah, sure.

Sam: Did you find anything?

Dean: Oh besides a whole new level of frustration? {Sam sits up.} No. I’ve looked at everything. A few local women, a Laura and a Catherine committed suicide in front of a mirror, and a giant mirror fell on a guy named Dave, but uh, no Mary.

Sam: {Falls back on the bed.} Maybe we just haven’t found it yet.

Dean: I’ve also been searching for strange deaths in the area, you know…eyeball bleeding, that sort of thing. There’s nothing. Whatever’s happening here, maybe it just ain’t Mary.

{Sam’s cell phone rings. He answers it.}

Sam: Hello? {We do not hear who is calling, but a look of concern comes across Sam’s face.}

{Cut scene to a park bench. Charlie is sitting there and Dean is sitting on the back of it, and Sam is standing there. Charlie is crying.}

Charlie: And they found her on the bathroom floor. And her—her eyes. They were gone.

Sam: I’m sorry.

Charlie: And she said it. {Dean looks up at Sam.} I heard her say it. But it couldn’t be because of that. I’m insane, right?

Dean: No, you’re not insane.

Charlie: Oh God, that makes me feel so much worse.

Sam: Look. We think something’s happening here. Something that can’t be explained.

Dean: And we’re gonna stop it but we could use your help.

{Cut scene to Jill’s room. Charlie comes in and locks the door. She then goes over to the window and opens it, where Sam and Dean are waiting to enter. Sam enters first and Dean throws him a duffel bag. Sam sets it on the bed and starts going through it.}

Sam: What did you tell Jill’s mom?

Charlie: Just that I needed some time alone with Jill’s pictures and things. {Sam pulls something out of the bag and Dean shuts the curtains.} I hate lying to her.

Dean: Trust us, this is for the greater good. Hit the lights.

Charlie: {goes over to turn off the lights.} What are you guys looking for?

Dean: We’ll let you know as soon as we find it.

Sam: {has a digital camera ready, and hands it to Dean.} Hey, night vision. {Dean turns on the night vision for him.} Perfect.

{The digital camera is aimed at Dean.}

Dean: Do I look like Paris Hilton?

{Sam walks away with the camera. He opens Jill’s closet door and begins filming around the mirror.}

Sam: So I don’t get it. I mean…the first victim didn’t summon Mary, and the second victim did. How’s she choosing them?

Dean: Beats me.

{Sam closes the closet door.}

Dean: I want to know why Jill said it in the first place.

Charlie: It’s just a joke.

Dean: Yeah well somebody’s gonna say it again, it’s just a matter of time.

{Sam is in the bathroom filming around the mirror when he stops and sees trickles of something running out from behind the mirror.}

Sam: Hey. {Dean and Charlie turn to look at him.} There’s a black light in the trunk, right?

{Sam has carried the mirror out to Jill’s bed and lays it on the bed upside down. Dean throws him a black light. Sam peels off the brown paper that is on the back of the mirror. Sam shines the black light over the back of the mirror and we see a handprint, and the words “Gary Bryman.”}

Charlie: Gary Bryman?

Sam: You know who that is?

Charlie: No.

{Cut scene to outside, again on a bench. Dean and Charlie are sitting on it, and Sam comes up behind them.}

Sam: So, Gary Bryman was an 8-year-old boy. Two years ago he was killed in a hit and run. The car was described as a black Toyota Camry. But nobody got the plates or saw the driver.

Charlie: Oh my God.

Sam: What?

Charlie: Jill drove that car.

Dean: We need to get back to your friend Donna’s house.

{Cut scene to the bathroom of Donna’s house. Sam and Dean are hunched over the back of the mirror with a black light. There is a handprint on it, and the words “Linda Shoemaker”.}

Sam: Linda Shoemaker.

{Cut scene to downstairs with Donna.}

Donna: Why are you asking me this?

Sam: Look, we’re sorry, but it’s important.

Donna: Yeah. Linda’s my mom okay? She overdosed on sleeping pills, it was an accident, and that’s it. I think you should leave.

Dean: Now Donna, just listen.

Donna: Get out of my house! {she runs upstairs.}

Charlie: Oh my God. Do you really think her dad could’ve killed her mom?

Sam: Maybe.

Charlie: I think I should stick around.

Dean: All right. Whatever you do, don’t—

Charlie: Believe me, I won’t say it.

{Cut scene to Dean at a computer and Sam looking at some things posted on a bulletin board.}

Sam: Wait, wait, wait, you’re doing a nationwide search?

Dean: Yep. The NCIC, the FBI database—at this point any Mary who died in front of a mirror is good enough for me.

Sam: But if she’s haunting the town, she should have died in the town.

Dean: I’m telling you there’s nothing local, I’ve checked. So unless you got a better idea—

Sam: The way Mary’s choosing her victims, it seems like there’s a pattern.

Dean: I know, I was thinking the same thing.

Sam: With mister Shoemaker and Jill’s hit and run.

Dean: Both had secrets where people died.

Sam: Right. I mean there’s a lot of folklore about mirrors-that they reveal all your lies, all your secrets, that they’re a true reflection of your soul, which is why it’s bad luck to break them.

Dean: Right, right. So maybe if you’ve got a secret, I mean like a really nasty one where someone died, then Mary sees it, and punishes you for it.

Sam: Whether you’re the one that summoned her or not.

Dean: Take a look at this. {Cut to a picture of a woman laying by a mirror in a puddle of blood. Dean prints out another picture and hands it to Sam. The picture is of a handprint and the letters “Tre”}

Sam: Looks like the same handprint.

Dean: Her name was Mary Worthington—an unsolved murder in Fort Wayne, Indiana.

{Cut to a police or detective agency, and the words “Fort Wayne, Indiana” come on the screen.}

Detective: I was on the job for 35 years-detective for most of that. Now everybody packs it in with a few loose ends, but the Mary Worthington murder—that one still gets me.

Dean: What exactly happened?

Detective: You boys said you were reporters?

Sam: We know Mary was 19, lived by herself. We know she won a few local beauty contests, dreamt of getting out of Indiana, being an actress. And we know the night of March 29th someone broke into her apartment and murdered her, cut out her eyes with a knife.

Detective: That’s right.

Sam: See sir, when we asked you what happened, we wanted to know what you think happened.

{Cut scene to the detective pulling some files out of a file cabinet.}

Detective: Technically I’m not supposed to have a copy of this. {He opens a file to the picture Sam and Dean found on the computer.} Now see that there? T-R-E?

Dean: Yeah.

Detective: I think Mary was trying to spell out the name of her killer.

Sam: You know who it was?

Detective: Not for sure. But there was a local man, a surgeon-Trevor Sampson. {He pulls out a picture of a man.} And I think her cut her up good.

Sam: Now why would he do something like that?

Detective: Her diary mentioned a man that she was seeing. She called him by his initial, “T”. Well, her last entry, she was gonna tell “T”’s wife about their affair.

Dean: Yeah but how do you know it was Sampson who killed her?

Detective: It’s hard to say, but the way her eyes were cut out…it was almost professional.

Dean: But you could never prove it?

Detective: No. No prints, no witnesses. He was meticulous.

Dean: Is he still alive?

Detective: Nope. {sits down and sighs} If you ask me, Mary spent her last living moments trying to expose this guy’s secret. But she never could.

Sam: Where’s she buried?

Detective: She wasn’t. She was cremated.

Dean: What about that mirror {nods at the one in the picture}. It’s not in some evidence lockup somewhere is it?

Detective: Ah, no. It was returned to Mary’s family a long time ago.

Sam: You have the names of her family by any chance?

{Cut scene to the inside of a girl’s bathroom at a school where Donna and Charlie are walking in.}

Donna: I mean, you bring these strangers into my house and they ask me things like that?

Charlie: They were only trying to help. Please, Donna, you have to believe me.

Donna: What? About Bloody Mary? {Of course they have now stopped in front of the mirror.}

Charlie: Please, I know it sounds crazy—

Donna: Crazy doesn’t even begin to cover it. I mean it’s one thing for my sister to believe this crap, she’s 12. But you?

Charlie: Think about the way your dad died, okay? And the way Jill died.

Donna: Okay so {she turns to face the mirror} Bloody Mary.

Charlie: No!

Donna: Bloody Mary. Bloody Mary. {She turns back to face Charlie} See? Nothing happened.

Charlie: Why would you do that?

Donna: Oh my God. There really is something wrong with you.

{Cut scene to the school halls. Charlie is walking down past some windows into the classroom, and we see Bloody Mary in one of them.}


{We come back to a physics/science class at Charlie’s school.}

Teacher: Elements that loose electrons become positive ions, which are smaller than other atoms of the same element. {Charlie opens up her compact.} Therefore the ionic radius is smaller than the atomic radius. {Charlie sees Bloody Mary in the corner and screams. The class freaks out as she starts running around the room.} Charlie! {She sees the reflection of Mary in the window of the door, picks up a stool, and throws it through the window.} Charlie!!! {The teacher catches Charlie.} Charlie stop it! What’s wrong!? Just calm down.{Charlie sees Mary in the reflection of the teacher’s glasses.}

Charlie: Aah! Let me go!

Teacher: Charlie! {Charlie runs out of the room.}

{Cut to Sam and Dean driving down the road. Sam is on his cell phone.}

Sam: Oh really? Ah that’s too bad Mr. Worthington. I would have paid a lot for that mirror. Okay, well maybe next time. All right, thanks. {Sam hangs up.}

Dean: So?

Sam: So that was Mary’s brother. The mirror was in the family for years, until he sold it one week ago to a store called Estate Antiques. A store in Toledo.

Dean: So wherever the mirror goes, that’s where Mary goes?

Sam: Her spirit’s definitely tied up with it somehow.

Dean: Isn’t there an old superstition that says mirrors can capture spirits?

Sam: Yeah there is. Yeah, when someone would die in a house people would cover up the mirrors so the ghost wouldn’t get trapped.

Dean: So Mary dies in front of a mirror, and it draws in her spirit.

Sam: Yeah but how could she move through like a hundred different mirrors?

Dean: I don’t know, but if the mirror is the source, I say we find it and smash it.

Sam: Yeah, I don’t know, maybe. {Sam’s cell phone rings.} Hello. {The look of concern comes across his face again} Charlie?

{Cut scene to wherever Sam and Dean where staying. Charlie is sitting on the bed with her head on her knees and Sam and Dean have all of the curtains drawn shut, and are throwing sheets over the mirrors, or facing them to the wall or floor.}

Sam: {Sits next to Charlie} Hey, hey it’s ok. Hey, you can open up your eyes Charlie. It’s okay, all right?

{Charlie looks up slowly.}

Sam: Now listen. You’re gonna stay right here on this bed, and you’re not gonna look at glass, or anything else that has a reflection, okay? And as long as you do that, she cannot get you.

Charlie: But I can’t keep that up forever. I’m gonna die, aren’t I?

Sam: No. No. Not anytime soon.

Dean: {Sits on the bed too} All right Charlie. We need to know what happened.

Charlie: We were in the bathroom. Donna said it.

Dean: That’s not what we’re talking about. Something happened, didn’t it? In your life…a secret…where someone got hurt. Can you tell us about it?

Charlie: I had this boyfriend. I loved him. But he kind of scared me too, you know? And one night, at his house, we got in this fight. Then I broke up with him, and he got upset, and he said he needed me and he loved me, and he said “Charlie, if you walk out that door right now, I’m gonna kill myself.” And you know what I said? I said “Go ahead.” And I left. How could I say that? How could I leave him like that? I just…I didn’t believe him, you know? I should have. {She puts her face back on her knees and starts crying again.}

{Cut scene to Sam and Dean driving in the rain.}

Dean: You know her boyfriend killing himself, that’s not really Charlie’s fault.

Sam: You know as well as I do spirits don’t exactly see shades of gray, Dean. Charlie had a secret, someone died, that’s good enough for Mary.

Dean: I guess.

Sam: You know, I’ve been thinking. It might not be enough to just smash that mirror.

Dean: Why, what do you mean?

Sam: Well Mary’s hard to pin down, right? I mean she moves around from mirror to mirror so who’s to say that she’s not just gonna keep hiding in them forever? So maybe we should try to pin her down, you know, summon her to her mirror and then smash it.

Dean: Well how do you know that’s going to work?

Sam: I don’t, not for sure.

Dean: Well who’s gonna summon her?

Sam: I will. She’ll come after me.

Dean: You know what, that’s it. {He pulls the car over.} This is about Jessica, isn’t it? You think that’s your dirty little secret that you killed her somehow? Sam, this has got to stop, man. I mean, the nightmares and calling her name out in the middle of the night—it’s gonna kill you. Now listen to me—It wasn’t your fault. If you wanna blame something, then blame the thing that killed her. Or hell, why don’t you take a swing at me? I mean I’m the one that dragged you away from her in the first place.

Sam: I don’t blame you.

Dean: Well you shouldn’t blame yourself, because there’s nothing you could’ve done.

Sam: I could’ve warned her.

Dean: About what? You didn’t know what was gonna happen! And besides, all of this isn’t a secret, I mean I know all about it. It’s not gonna work with Mary anyway.

Sam: No you don’t.

Dean: I don’t what?

Sam: You don’t know all about it. I haven’t told you everything.

Dean: What are you talking about?

Sam: Well it wouldn’t really be a secret if I told you, would it?

Dean: {looks surprised} No. I don’t like it. It’s not gonna happen, forget it.

Sam: Dean that girl back there is going to die unless we do something about it. And you know what? Who knows how many more people are gonna die after that? Now we’re doing this. You’ve got to let me do this.

{Cut scene to the shop. Sam is trying to pick the lock on the door. It opens and they see many mirrors are in this shop.}

Dean: Well…that’s just great. {He pulls out the picture of Mary’s dead body to look at the mirror.} All right let’s start looking.

{They split up and walk around the store and we see a flashing light that seems to be part of an alarm.}

Dean: Maybe they’ve already sold it.

{Sam’s flashlight stops on the mirror.}

Sam: I don’t think so.

{Dean walks over to him and pulls out the picture again to compare. It is the mirror.}

Dean: That’s it. {sighs} You sure about this? {Sam hands Dean the flashlight.}

Sam: {sighs} Bloody Mary. Bloody Mary. {he looks at Dean who gives him an unsure look back. Sam picks up the crowbar} Bloody Mary.


{Dean turns to see a light coming through the store.}

Dean: I’ll go check that out. Stay here, be careful. {Sam readies the crowbar again} Smash anything that moves. {Dean crawls away towards the front door. He sees a headlight.} Crap. {He puts the crowbar down and begins to walk to the door.}

{Meanwhile Sam hears a breath, so he turns to look at a different mirror, when the camera turns back to Mary’s we see her in it.}

{Cut scene back to Dean who is now outside facing police.}

Police: Hold it.

Dean: Woah guys, false alarm, I tripped the system.

Police: Who are you?

Dean: I’m the boss’s kid.

Police: You’re Mister Yamashiro’s kid?

{Cut scene back to Sam. We see Mary in a different mirror now. Sam sees her there out of the corner of his eye and smashes the mirror with the crowbar. She is in a different one now, and he sees her and smashes that mirror too. He is now back facing her mirror.}

Sam: Come on. Come into this one.

{Sam looks oddly at his reflection, which has now taken a mind of its own like Jill’s. Sam starts having trouble breathing and has a trickle of blood coming out of his eye. He drops the crowbar and grabs his heart.}

Reflection: It’s your fault. You killed her. You killed Jessica.

{Cut back to dean outside.}

Dean: Like I said, I was adopted.

Police: Yeah.

Dean: {Is being covered back and front by the two cops.} You know, I just—I really don’t have time for this right now. {He punches one cop, backhands the other, then punches the cop in front of him again. They are now on the ground.

{Cut scene to Sam and his reflection.}

Reflection: You never told her the truth—who you really were. {Sam is now falling towards the ground.} But it’s more than that, isn’t it? Those nightmares you’ve been having of Jessica dying, screaming, burning—You had them for days before she died. Didn’t you!?! You were so desperate to ignore them, to believe they were just dreams. How could you ignore them like that? How could you leave her alone to die!?! You dreamt it would happen!!!

{Dean’s crowbar goes through the mirror.}

Dean: {bends down to the floor to Sam} Sam, Sammy!

Sam: It’s Sam.

Dean: [in reference to the blood that had come out of his eyes] God, are you okay?

Sam: Uh, yeah.

Dean: Come on, come on. {He pulls Sam up. He puts Sam’s arm over his neck, and they begin to walk out, until Mary (again, much like Samara coming out of the TV in The Ring) comes out of the frame of the mirror. They turn around to see her crawling over the broken glass. May walks towards them and they both fall to the ground. They both start bleeding from the face, but Dean reaches up and pulls over a mirror so that Mary is forced to see her own reflection.}

Reflection: You killed them! All those people! You killed them!

{Mary starts choking to death and melts into a pile of blood. Dean throws down the mirror he held and it shatters.}

Dean: Hey Sam?

Sam: Yeah?

Dean: This has got to be like…what? 600 years of bad luck?

{Sam chuckles weakly.}


{We come back to Sam and Dean driving in the car with Charlie in the back. They pull up in front of a house.}

Charlie: So this is really over?

Dean: {nods} Yeah, it’s over.

Charlie: Thank you. {Dean reaches back to shake her hand, and she gets out of the car.}

Sam: Charlie? {Charlie turns around} Your boyfriend’s death…you really should try to forgive yourself. No matter what you did, you probably couldn’t have stopped it. Sometimes bad things just happen.

{Charlie smiles faintly, then turns around to go into the house.}

Dean: {Gently hits Sam} That’s good advice. {They drive off} Hey Sam?

Sam: Yeah?

Dean: Now that this is all over, I want you to tell me what that secret is.

Sam: Look…you’re my brother and I’d die for you, but there are some things I need to keep to myself. {Sam looks out the window and sees Jessica in a white dress on the street corner standing next to a light pole, as they turn the corner she disappears behind the pole, and we don’t see her again.}