1.04 Masters of War

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Title Masters of War
Episode # Season 1, Episode 4
First aired November 1, 2022
Directed by John Kretchmer
Written by Julia Cooperman
On IMDB Masters of War
Monster Mars Neto
Location(s) St. Joseph, Missouri
Lawrence, Kansas
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Dean: Fighting the battle between good and evil is never easy. Especially when the first monster you have to face is the one inside yourself.

Hannibal Park Hospital
A vet - Patches Pasternak - storms out of a group therapy session. He starts to hear the sounds of war - a French song, the sounds of mortars exploding. Escaping into an empty room, he actual feels like he is back at war, and is confronted by a figure carrying a long spear. When he asks "Who are you?" the figure answers: "Destiny" and kills Patches.

Campbell House
In the backyard, John and Mary are sparring when Carlos calls them inside - he and Lata have found a case . Carlos says a friend who is a veteran told him about Patches' death, and that there were scorch marks in the room where he was found. John is surprised that Carlos is friends with a vet, and even more surprised to learn he was in the navy. Latika suggests a manticore may be reasonable, and Mary thinks it could be a dragon. They decide they need to visit the hospital to check out Patches body, and the scene of the crime. As John goes to get ready, Mary rebukes him sharly as he goes to open the door to a room. When she leaves, Latika tells him that its the bedroom Maggie, Mary;s cousin who was killed while hunting, used.

Hannibal Park Hospital
At the hospital, Mary, John and Latka are dressed in hospital gear, and get in as they are wheeling a body bag on a trolley. In the morgue, Carlos gets out of the body bag. They examine Patches and find he has deep, clean wounds that are cauterized, and speculate they were caused by a heated blade. John picks up a silver cross, like the one of Murph's that was embedded in his arm. Just then a woman enters the morgue - Patches' window Stella. John hands her the cross and thanks her for Patches' service and then, obviously upset leaves the room. Mary asks about Patches, and Stella mentions he didn't get on with his doctor from group therapy. She also mentions someone else had asked her about his time in the hospital and hands Mary a card for Kyle Reed - the guy she went to the movies with!

Down the hall in a bathroom, John is sweating, and panicking as he has flashbacks to Vietnam. The silhouette of a figure appears but it quickly disappears. John vents his anger by punching the towel dispenser. When he catches up with Mary, she tells John that he and Carlos are to go undercover in the therapy group.

Mary and Latika talk about how much they miss Maggie, before Mary goes to meet Kyle. She pretends that Patches was a friend of the family, and Kyle reveals that he's an investigative report who's been looking into the deaths of veterans in psych wards across the country.

Winchesters' Garage
John is in uniform - he tell his mom that he and Carlos are going to a Patches' memorial service before attending the therapy group. Carlos arrives in his sailor whites. When Millie remarks that women love a man in uniform, he retorts that so do other men in uniform and she smiles.

Hannibal Park Hospital
Back at the hospital, Carlos and John check in and manage to get a place in the same group Patches was in with Dr Zampano. In the group, Carlos reveals that he joined the navy when he was given the choice of service or jail after being arrested. He talks about his experiences in Vietnam, and how they still haunt him. Excusing himself, he leaves the room and gestures for John to go next. He talks about seeing Murphy killed but is interrupted when another group member, Jimmy - has an outburst of anger. He makes a vague accusation about something that happened between Patches and the Doctor. John follows him as he storms out of the room. When he finally finds him he is dead, in the same room Patches died in.

Meanwhile Carlos has broken into the Doctor's office. He finds Patches file and that he reported seeing a man in a horned mask carrying a spear.

John and Carlos call Mary and Latika at the clubhouse and report Jimmy's death - he also had cauterised rooms just like Patches. Carlos tells them about the figure Patches reported seeing. After the call, they confront Dr Zampano about what Patches had seen, but he insists that the figure isn't real and is simply a manifestation of trauma, This makes John angry, but Carlos admits to the doctor that talking in the group session helped him. Carlos and John decide to split up and see if they can find any more of the tell-tale scorch marks.

Campbell House
As the Men of Letters did not have any books relating to pre-Christian mythology, Mary and Latika search Maggies' room. They find postcards she wrote after each hunt - two bad things that happened and one good thing. They also find a book that identifies their creature. It's a god called Mars Neto that carries a flaming spear.

Hannibal Park Hospital
Mary, Latika and Millie are on the way to the hospital. Latika explains that the god has an amphora that is a link to his immortality while he manifests on Earth, If they can destroy the amphora, then they can kill him. At the hospital Millie demands to see John, and helps them bluff their way into the facility.

Elsewhere, like Jimmy and Patches, Carlos and John have found themselves in a space that resembles the jungle of Vietnam. Carlos tells John he can't find a way out - they appear to be trapped in there. Just then Carlos steps on a landmine, just like Murph did in Vietnam. Mars Neto appears - he was disguised as the veteran Jimmy that they thought had been killed. He tells John he's been searching for a vet full of rage to help him in the fight against the Akrida. He sees that anger in John. John forces a deal - he'll help Mars if he frees Carlos. Mars counters - if John can draw first blood, then Carlos will be freed. A spear materialises in John's hands and they start to fight! Neto taunts John about his father leaving, and telling him there are centuries of violence in his blood. Mars says John's scars are holding him back. and with a touch his scars, like the one where Murph's cross was embedded, disappear.

Mary, Latika and Millie search frantically of the amphora. Having heard an orderly say that Jimmy's body had disappeared from the morgue, they head to his room and start searching but find nothing. Climbing onto a dresser, Mary lifts a ceiling tile and finds the amphora. She hands it to Latika who is taken with its antiquity and beauty. Millie however breaks here from her reverie as she smashes it to the ground.

In the jungle illusion, Neto is weakened enough that John is able to snap his spear in two and stab the now mortal god with it. As he dies, Neto says John is just like him, and ready to fight the Akrida. The illusion, including the landmine Carlos was standing on, disappear.

In the car park, the team unite. Dr Zampano admits to them that the hospital has failed to handle the death of the veterans well, and Mary hands him Kyle's card, saying he may be able to help. The doctor tells Carlos that he thinks he would benefit from continuing to attend the group. As they start to leave, Carlos admits to Mary that he doesn't feel like sleeping in his van, and she invites him to stay the night in Maggie's room.

Later that night Millie comforts John after she finds her son crouched, fully clothed, under the shower sobbing.




  • "Paris Cheri" by Joséphine Baker
(playing in the hospital as Patches is attacked)
  • "Loneliness of Hurt" by Donnie Owens
(playing on the radio as Millie is working in the garage)
  • "Everybody's Talkin' (Theme from Midnight Cowboy)" by Harry Nilsson
(plays over the closing montage)


Carlos: Am I interrupting whatever hetero mating ritual this is?
Latika: If we don't get him into a drawer the hallway's going to smell like week old meatloaf.
Millie: Everyone loves a man in uniform.
Carlos: Including other men in uniform.
Latika: You won't find anything here. I've been doing inventory on the clubhouse library and, shocker, a bunch of old white men weren't big on a bunch of pre-Christian lore and myths.
Mars Neto: There is centuries of violence and rage in your blood, John. Become what you were born to be! Bingo. Your scars are holding you back. Your past is holding you back. Let me wipe the slate clean.
Latika: Ironic, isn't it? That a god's immortality be tied to something that appears so... Fragile.
Millie (knocks vase to the ground where it smashes): We do not have time for irony.
Carlos: Hey, Winchester, before you go -- I just want to thank you for what you did back there.

John: You're welcome.
Carlos: If you ever want to talk... You let me know, okay?

John: I will.

Trivia & References

"Masters of War" is the title of a song by Bob Dylan, itself adapted from the traditional song "Nottamun Town."
Mary: Mrs. Pasternak, I'm Joan Mitchell forensic autopsy technicians and this is my associate Graham Nash.
Joan "Joni" Mitchell is a Canadian-American singer-songwriter known for songs that ranged from the intensely personal to the philosophical. Graham Nash is an English English singer-songwriter and musician known for his contributions to the band the Hollies, and Crosby, Stills, Nash and Young.
Carlos: But then I realized they were the cherries from the Viet Cong's cigarettes.
"Cherries" refers to the red, lit end of a cigarette. The Viet Cong was the name of the South Vietnamese fighters who fought with the North Vietnamese communist government against the South Vietnamese government and U.S. forces in the Vietnam War.
Millie: Was Yoko Ono unfairly blamed for the break-up of The Beatles?
Yoko Ono is an artist, singer and peace activist. She met John Lennon of The Beatles in 1966 and they married in 1969. The Beatles broke up in April 1970, for reasons unrelated to Yoko Ono, although many fans who disliked Yoko blamed her for it.
Millie: If you don't let me in the whole world is going to hear about your lockdown. Want to explain it to Walter Cronkite on the nightly news? Be my guest.
Walter Cronkite was the anchorman on the CBS Evening News between 1962 and 1981.
Carlos: Well on the upside I have a new therapist. On the other hand I'm a scoche shaken up and I don't think I can sleep in the van tonight.
Scoche means "a little" and is Navy slang, thought to have originated with U.S. troops based in Japan during the Korean War from the Japanese word sukoshi.
Mary: Maybe save the thanks until after you've survived a night with several Donny Osmond posters.

Carlos: Actually, sounds quite soothing.

Donny Osmond started out singing with his brothers in the early 1960s when he was five. In the early 1970s he had a hugely successful solo career as a pop star and heartthrob, appearing many times on magazines such as Tiger Beat and 16 magazine.
The song "Everybody's Talkin'" by Harry Nilson became famous and won a Grammy award after it was used in the 1969 movie Midnight Cowboy which is about a young Texan who moves to New York to become a sex worker, and his relationship with a small time con man.


The Veterans hospital is called Hannibal Park Hospital. It is in St Joseph, Missouri which is a 90 minutes drive from Lawrence.
Carlos: What do I have to be in the bag?

Mary: Because you suck at Rock, Paper, Scissors.
Carlos: There is no logical world where paper beats rock.

Sam and Dean often made decisions based on Rock, Paper, Scissors. In 7.12 Time After Time, Dean echoed Carlos' sentiment saying "How does paper beat a rock? It's stupid."

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