1.02 Teach Your Children Well

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Title Teach Your Children Well
Episode # Season 1, Episode 2
First aired October 18, 2022
Directed by John Showalter
Written by Robbie Thompson
David H. Goodman
On IMDB Teach Your Children Well
Monster Zombies
La Tunda
Timeline A couple of weeks after 1.01 Pilot (The Winchesters)
Location(s) Topeka, Kansas
Savannah, Georgia
Lawrence, Kansas
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Dean: The ties that bind a family together can be complicated. Parents raise you, teach you what's right and wrong. And in some instances, how to kill monsters. But no matter who you are there comes a time you have to break from them and make your own way. And if you're not careful, things can get pretty ugly.

Topeka, Kansas
After a meditation session Barry and Maya wander through the woods. Barry thinks he sees his father, and runs after it. He is grabbed by a creature that wraps woody vines around him and he disappears.

Savannah, Georgia
Inside a deserted building, the core four and Ada have found dead zombies. Latika is particularly fascinated with their anatomy. Samuel Campbell has taken out these zombies and left behind a message - shotgun shells with his initials on them. Just then more zombies attack. John gets into some trouble fighting them, and Lata can't get the Monster Box to work, but they are quickly dispatched. Mary finds a newspaper clipping about a missing man from Topeka and decides this is what Samuel want's them to investigate.

Lawrence, Kansas.
As they arrive back in Lawrence, Millie is furious that John disappeared and hasn't contacted her. She's been looking through the few items of Henry's that John found at the Clubhouse, and fears losing John the way she lost Henry. John is angry and storms off.

Topeka, Kansas
Mary and John are neatly dressed as they pretend to be college friends of Barry's as they speak to his father who tells them about the commune. Carlos confides to Lata that he's concerned how Mary won't listen to them and insists on doing everything her way. The four dress as hippies and visit the Harper Ranch commune. When they find out Barry thought he saw his dad, they suspect shapeshifter may be at work. One member, Clyde is wearing a celtic necklace that symbolises transformation, leading Mary to suspect he may be the shapeshifter.

Lawrence, Kansas.
Ada visits the garage and tells Millie that she had worked with Henry, and that John just needs time. She gives her the address and phone number of where he is staying in Topeka.

Topeka, Kansas
Clyde goes missing after apparently seeing the nun who terrorised him as a child, ruling him out as a suspect. Mary finds a green substance on a tree near where Clyde disappears and concludes its the green blood of a Mimic, which can only be killed by a copper weapon. Layla however disagrees. She thinks the green substance is sap, and that the purple flowers nearby are significant, but Mary dismisses her speculation. May sends John to get some copper pip from their motel.

While searching for signs of the creature, Carlos confronts Mary about her leadership style, saying she wont listen to the rest of them and behaves a lot like her father. Lata interrupts and tells them that, after consulting Ada and doing some research, she thinks they are dealing with a monster known as La Tunda. They figure out that John may be in trouble and rac back to the motel to find him gone. They work out they can give the creature using a piece of her own wood.

In the woods, Mary, Carlos and Lata follow the purple flowers until they find La Tunda's lair where John, Barry and Clyde are held captive by La Tunda. A fight ensures but they manage to kill the creature. Mary and John drop Barry at his dad's house, and smile as they watch a heartfelt reunion between the two.

Lawrence, Kansas.
Back at the Winchester's Garage, John apologises to Milly for taking his anger at his dad out on her. Millie says that she and Henry always would say "I love you" after a fight, except for the last time they fought before he disappeared. She says she will always say it to John.

At the clubhouse, Carlos has bought pizza, and Mary says she will try and be a more inclusive leader. Ada tells them all that she has managed to access some memories of the demon that possessed her, and that there is another demon out there who may have information.

Topeka, Kansas
A cloaked figure walks through the woods and at the remains of La Tunda, collects some kind of essence from it. As it walks off, akrida skuttle behind it.




  • "Altitude" by Claude Perraudin
(playing during the opening party)
  • "Aquarius (From "Hair")" by Ronald Dyson
(plays as the "core four" prepare themselves for the commune)
  • "Teach Your Children" by Crosby, Stills, Nash & Young
(plays over the closing montage)


John: I’m just not sure about this part. Think I prefer the simpler, less talky, punching side of hunting.
Carlos: Lata we're not here to play with zombies.

Lata: It's dead. Twice over, actually. Look, it's jaw can dislocate, for bigger bites I presume.

Carlos: You are deeply weird and starting to concern me.
John: In the war, I was a scout. My job was to find things. I was good at that. Striking out the last couple of weeks looking for your dad. I started to get worried.

Mary: About?

John: That my Dad left me that letter because he wanted me to follow in his footsteps, but I don't know how.
Millie: We had a deal. You promised to come home, instead it's your dad all over again. You disappear for a week and when you finally do come back you're covered in blood! John: It's not my blood.
Carlos: I want to find Samuel. I do. But I'm used to being the only one on stage, you know.

Latika: No I don't, I've never been on stage.
Carlos: Yeah, cause your built for a band Lata, I'm not. Especially when Mary's on lead vocals. She only knows how to sing Samuel's song.

Latika: I know those lyrics. The ballad of the Campbell way or the highway.
Ada: John just needs time. He'll go to his corner, come back when he's ready.

Millie: You learn all that from one week on the road with my son?

Ada: Learned all that from his father.
Mary: They're only vulnerable to weapons made out of copper

Carlos: You mean literally the only metal I don't have in my van?
Mary: You're kidding, right? Why not?

Carlos: Because I pride myself on carrying quality weaponry, not cheap garbage made out of ...pennies.
Carlos: You can't keep treating everyone like your dad: the front man who ignores the rest of the band. You need to listen.
Mary: Well I don't have time for that, especially when there's a monster out there putting people in danger.

Trivia & References

"Teach Your Children Well" is a lyric in the song "Teach Your Children", released in 1969 by Crosby, Stills, Nash & Young.
Barry: My third eye is open after today's circle. I can see everything.
In some spiritual traditions, the third eye symbolises enlightenment, and is a gate to a higher state of consciousness.
Barry: We’re like dolls -- y’know, the Russian ones? Trapped inside our parents, and our parents’ parents...
Russian dolls – also known as Matryoshka or nesting dolls – are a Russian toy dating from 1890. They feature a series of hollow wooden dolls which each fit inside the larger one. Traditionally they are styled as Russian peasants, although today they are decorated in range of characters – including those from Supernatural.
John: You cant be serious. I’m Mick Fleetwood?

Mary: Well its nice to meet you Mick, I’m Christine McVie. Come on. Now how about you “show me a smile”.
John: You really want me to “lay it all down”?
Mary: Now, you’re in character. Let’s go.

John and Mary use the aliases Mick Fleetwood and Christine McVie who are members of the band Fleetwood Mac. Sam and Dean always used male members of rock bands as their Aliases, while Castiel preferred female pop stars.
“Show me a Smile” and “Lay it All Down" are both songs from Fleetwood Mac's 1971 Future Games album.
Mary: Okay, will you just come out with it? You're clearly mad at me. You haven't given me the silent treatment since I admitted I hated Cabaret.
Cabaret is a 1972 movie, based on a musical, starring Liza Minnelli, Michael York and Joel Grey. It centers on the story of nightclub performer Sally Bowles and her boyfriend Brian Roberts and is set during the rise of fascism in Weimar Berlin. It's open depictions of bisexuality, polyamory, and gender fluidity made it a queer classic.
Clyde's necklace, as identified by Lata was a Triskelion. The three interlocking spirals can be traced back to Neolithic times, including the famous Newgrange tomb in Ireland built around 3200 BCE. Its name comes the Greek "Trisekis" meaning three legs, and while it has many meanings it is, as is stated in the episode associated with cycles and change and transformation.
Mary: But if it was up to me you'd be David Crosby. You know, C, S, N and Y

Mary: There's no Y anymore.

C, S, N and Y refers to Crosby, Stills, Nash & Young. They broke up in 1971 and reformed in 1973. Neil Young achieved huge solo success in 1972 with his album Harvest and and its two Top 40 singles "Heart of Gold" and "Old Man".
Mary: You're the one who said we were dealing with Audrey 3...so you tell us.
"Audrey 3" is a reference to the monstrous carnivorous plant from the 1960 movie Little Shop of Horrors. The movie was made into a stage musical in 1982, and that in turn became a 1986 movie starring Rick Moranis.


During an Instagram live on 18/10/2022 before the episode, Jojo Fleites started that Carlos was non-binary and used he/him pronouns.
The plot of the episode in many ways mirrors 1.02 Wendigo, the second episode of Supernatural in that in both episodes people follow clues left by their missing parent (John/Samuel) that lead to a hunting job while said parent is still missing.
The two bands mentioned in this episode -- Fleetwood Mac and Crosby, Stills, Nash and Young -- often had tensions and break-ups (both personal and professional), which are mirrored in Mary's relationships with her friends in the episode.
Ada: I saw this vine when we drove in. Do you mind if I take some of it?

Millie: You can take all of it if you want. Henry planted it years ago and never learned its name much less how to take care of it. Somehow it's still here after all these years.
Ada: It's jasmine. It's for protection.

As established in 8.12 As Time Goes By, the Winchesters were living in Normal, Illinois in 1958 when Henry went missing.
A 1964 Impala was spotted twice in the episode.

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