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| 2013
| 2013
| 9
| 9
| Human [[Cas]]/[[Fallen angels]]
| [[Sam]] and [[Dean]]'s relationship/Human [[Cas]]/[[Fallen angels]]/[[Mark of Cain]]/[[The First Blade]]
| [[Metatron]]/[[Abaddon]]
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[[Category:Canon]][[Category:Timelines]][[Category:Symbols & Rituals]]

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24th January


While many fans developed intricate theories as to the significance of Jess and Dean sharing a birthday, Eric Kripke has stated that he chose the date because it is his wife's birthday.

24th April

The Impala, according to Chuck in 5.22 Swan Song, rolled off the assembly line in Janesville, Wisconsin, on April 24, 1967. April 24 is Eric Kripke’s birthday.

2nd May


In a bizarre coincidence, Eric Kripke's son was also born on this date in 2007.


  • Mary Campbell makes a deal with Azazel (1973)
  • Sam Winchester dies. Dean Winchester makes a deal to bring him back (2007)
  • Dean Winchester's deal is up. He dies (2008)

29th September


This day is also the traditional day for Michaelmas, the feast of Saint Michael the Archangel, for whom Adam eventually served as a vessel.

2nd November

Sam Winchester is six months old on this day.

Year-to-Season Chart

This chart is predicated on the belief that the year Supernatural first broadcast is the first year in the Winchester story. It gives only a rough approximation of internal and external chronologies.

Year Season Major Story Arc Major Villain(s)
2005/06 1 Search for Dad/Kill the Demon Meg/The Demon
2006/07 2 Sam’s visions The Yellow-Eyed Demon
2007/08 3 Dean’s countdown/Demon hunting Lilith
2008/09 4 Keeping secrets/Angels are dicks Ruby/Lilith/Zachariah
2009/10 5 Resist destiny/Look for God Lucifer/Zachariah
2010/11 --- Dean’s with Lisa & Ben Braeden/Sam’s with Samuel Campbell
2011/12 6 Souless Sam/Search for Purgatory Eve/Crowley/Raphael
2012 7 Fight the Leviathans Leviathans/Crowley
2012/13 --- Dean’s in Purgatory/Sam’s with Amelia
2013 8 Translate the demon tablet/Close the Gates of Hell Crowley/Naomi
2013 9 Sam and Dean's relationship/Human Cas/Fallen angels/Mark of Cain/The First Blade Metatron/Abaddon