Zach Warren

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Name Zach Warren
Actor Aleks Holtz
Location St. Louis, Missouri
Episode(s) 1.06 Skin


Zach Warren is a friend of Sam's from Stanford, and is the brother of Becky Warren. Zach's girlfriend Emily was murdered by a shapeshifter disguised as Zach, which led to his arrest for her murder.


Photo of Sam with Becky and Zach.

1.06 Skin

After Zach is arrested for the murder of his girlfriend, Emily, his sister Becky seeks the help of Sam and Dean in order to prove his innocence. She tells Sam and Dean that Zach had been drinking with her until after midnight, well after the time Emily was supposed to have died. Zach is later released by the police when a new suspect, Dean Winchester, turns up. The shapeshifter wearing the physical appearance of Dean was caught attacking Becky and was later found dead at her house.