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WinchesterConUk is a fan-run convention which first took place in October 2006 as a British pendant to the WinchesterCon.

First WinchesterConUk, 2006

The first WinchesterConUk took place in York, Oct 13-15, 2006 at the Travelodge York Central Hotel. It was held on the same weekend as WinchesterCon, providing a chance for European fans who couldn't attend the US Wincon to meet up.

The con's slogan was "Winconuk. Demons I get, fangirls are crazy!" as voted by the people in the Winconuk LJ community. All graphics that were used for Winconuk (nametags, logos, etc.) featured the Supernatural chibis.

Winconuk was attended by roughly 15 people. Most of them attended the whole weekend, although a few were there for a shorter time. Due to the con's rather small size, the schedule was very relaxed, allowing for spontaneous activities and lots of conversations.

The activities included:

Friday, October 12th

- arrival in York
- meeting up at Starbucks
- dinner at the Pub

Saturday, October 13th

- screening of the latest episode
- screening of the Supernatural DVD extras
- trivia quiz
- the Impala Awards Ceremony
- hangman game using SPN quotes
- dinner at Pizza Hut
- ghost walk through York

Weekend passes cost £25 and included access to the convention room, multiple activities and a goody bag. These were personalized and included goodies with Supernatural references, such as:

- nametag
- a personalized Supernatural keychain
- holy water
- rock salt
- peanut M&Ms
- toy soldiers
- a fake ID
- various small things like rubber spiders or bats
- the con CDs

Prior to the convention the attendees could submit art and fanfic inspired by classic rock songs. They were burned onto CD and handed out to the attendees along with a con soundtrack that included all the classic rock songs which had served as inspiration.

WinConUk 2.0

The second WinchesterConUk will be held March 7-9, 2008 in Milton Keynes at the National Badminton Centre.

Weekend passes are available for £30 and will presumably include:

- Convention ticket
- Entry to conference room Saturday and Sunday
- Convention booklet
- Saturday night "entertainment"/dinner
- Goodybag
- possibly food for lunch the other days