Will Carlton

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Name Will Carlton
Actor Troy Clare
Dates  ???? - 2005 (killed by Peter Sweeney)
Location Lake Manitoc, Wisconsin
Episode(s) 1.03 Dead in the Water


Will Carlton is the son of Bill Carlton and brother to Sophie Carlton.


1.03 Dead in the Water

Will was the only witness to his sister's drowning, having seen her get dragged under from a distance. Sometime after speaking with Sam and Dean Winchester, Will is washes a fish at the sink. He does not turn the water off when he begins cutting up the fish. Will notices the water turning brown and shuts off the faucet. Black water then begins to come up through the drain and fills the sink. Will rolls up his sleeve to pull the plug out of the drain. When he comes up with the plug, the water doesn't drain. He sticks his arm back in the water, and something grabs it, pulling him into the sink drowning him.