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While the Supernatural Wiki is the largest and most extensive Wiki related to Supernatural and its fandom (yes we are boasting!), there are other Wikis related to the show:

  • Supernatural on Wikipedia has a series of linked detailed articles covering the Show, individual episodes and characters.
  • Supernatural on Fandom - mainly focused on episode synopsis and character pages. The site Fandom, was known as Wikia 2006, is a wiki hosting service and domain operated by Fandom, Inc.,
  • Supernatural Fan Wiki features episode, character and cast guides, information on the mythology of Supernatural as well as fan forums.
  • Fanlore is a multi-fandom Wiki run by the Organisation of Transformative Works. It is currently in beta testing. it only has a small number of Supernatural related pages, but has many general pages relating to fandom.
  • Fandomnatural's Wiki on Reddit features links to current & popular SPN fan Resources, a Guide to Fanfiction, the community's Fanfiction Recommendations Archive, Outside Recs List/Archive, Prompt Fill Archive, & a small SPN Comics Archive.