Weren't You On Eureka?

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This is a Page for Supernatural Cast Members that have Appeared on Eureka.

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Actor/Actress Role on Eureka Role on Supernatural
Erica Cerra Jo Lupo Robin
Neil Grayston Douglas Fargo Student in 2.15 Tall Tales
Matt Frewer Jim Taggart Pestilence
Chris Gauthier Vincent Ronald Reznick
Sonja Bennet Callie Curie Nurse Pamela Clayton
Antony Holland Irvine Thatcher Westborough
Laura Mennell Dr. Rivers Brigitta
Ever Carradine Lexi Carter Julia Wright
Barclay Hope General Mansfield Professor Arthur Cox in 2.15 Tall Tales
Cameron Bancroft Dad Dr Gaines
Sean Owen Roberts Toby Bismarck Chet
Christopher Jacot Larry Haberman Neil in 2.04 Children Shouldn't Play with Dead Things
Bill Mondy Sam Lovejoy Dr. Waxler in 2.10 Hunted
Jamie Ray Newman Tess Fontana Amanda Walker
Ty Olsson ANDY Eli
Kavan Smith ANDY Victim in 3.15 Time Is on My Side
David Paetkau Callister Raynes Mark Campbell
Elias Toufexis Adam Barlowe
Injured Driver
Ansem Weems
Garwin Sanford Congressman Faraday Deacon
Jim Michaels
Michael Shanks Christopher Dactylos Rob in 5.17 99 Problems
Lexa Doig Dr. Anne Young Risa
Sharon Taylor Stark's Doctor Crossroads Demon
Rob LaBelle Walter Perkins Azazel
Alex Ferris Kid Young Sam Winchester
Nicholas Elia Young Parrish Ben Braeden
Amber Borycki Cybernetic Fairy Sophie Carlton
Jay Brazeau Captain Yuri Gregor Librarian
Dr. Corman
Leanne Merrett Special Agent Miller Guilty Woman at Bar in 7.04 Defending Your Life
Felicia Day Dr. Holly Marten Charlie Bradbury
Mike Rohl Episode Director Director
Jeff Wollnough Episode Director Director