Wendy Rice

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Wendy Rice.png
Name Wendy Rice
Actor Jennifer Clement
Dates  ???? - 2013 (killed by Castiel)
Location Lincoln Springs, Missouri
Occupation PhD Candidate
Episode(s) 8.17 Goodbye Stranger


Wendy Rice lived in Lincoln Springs, Missouri. She was a PhD Candidate and was doing her research on the history of the town.


8.17 Goodbye Stranger

Sam and Dean, disguised as FBI agents question Wendy about her connection to Ann Morton. She explains that Ann was looking for a original map of the town, something that she herself was working on for her research about the history of the town. Although not sure of what she was exactly looking for, she tells them that Ann mentioned something about a missing orchard and she points on the map that she re-constructed herself to the location of an orchard.

A knock at the door brings three demons, who instantly recognize the Winchesters and attack, but Castiel appears and intervenes at the last moment to save Sam. Before they can kill the last demon, it possesses Wendy and tries to escape but is captured by Castiel. Castiel moves to interrogate the demon, but when the demon was about to shout out the truth to Sam and Dean about their true motive, Castiel stabs the demon with his angel blade thus killing Wendy as well.