Wendy Goodson

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Name Wendy Goodson
Actor Alycia Purrott
Dates 1974/5 – 2011 (killed by Maggie Stark)
Location Prosperity, Indiana
Occupation Real estate agent
Episode(s) 7.05 Shut Up, Dr. Phil


Wendy was a real estate agent in Prosperity, Indiana. She worked with property developer, Don Stark on a project that failed.


7.05 Shut Up, Dr. Phil

While getting her hair done at Josephine's hair & beauty salon, Wendy's stylist, Chris, sits her down at a hair dryer and tells her he'll be back in 10 minutes. When she starts to overheat and the hair dryer won't lift off her head, Wendy begins to scream but Chris can't hear her because of the general noise of the salon. A few moments later, Chris returns to find Wendy burnt to death.

It is later revealed that the witch, Maggie Stark, was the culprit after finding out her husband, Don Stark, was cheating on her with Wendy. She had placed a magical coin in Josephine's hair salon, knowing that Wendy frequented it.