War's Mustang

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War's Mustang.jpg
War's Mustang
Model '65 Mustang Fastback
Plates 971-Q4S
Color Cherry Red
Owner(s) War
Apearance(s) 5.02 Good God Y'All


War's cherry red 1965 Mustang Fastback represents his red horse. It has Colorado plates - 971-Q4S

Ironically, Kripke originally was going to have the Winchesters drive a 1965 Mustang rather than an Impala:

When I was originally writing the show I wanted to give the guys an American muscle car. My first choice was a '65 Mustang. My neighbour said it has to be a '67 Impala, because you can put a body in the trunk. He says, 'You want a car that, when people stop next to it at the lights, they lock their doors.'

Eric Kripke, Source