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Name Victoria Dodd
Actor Elysia Rotaru
Dates  ???? - 2012 (spirit dispatched by Whitman Van Ness)
Location Bodega Bay, California
Occupation Ghost (Death Omen)
Episode(s) 7.19 Of Grave Importance


Victoria worked as a "fancy lady" in the Van Ness House back when it was a brothel. Whitman Van Ness killed her by slitting her throat.


7.19 Of Grave Importance

While Annie Hawkins is investigating a series of disappearances of teenagers that center around the Van Ness House, Victoria leaves a message via EVP on her phone begging for help in being freed. Later Annie, calls Sam and Dean suggesting they meet so she can give them Bobby's books. She returns to the house, and is killed by Whitman Van Ness, although Dexter O'Connell tries to warn her off.

Two more teenagers enter the house and are killed, and when Dexter tries to intervene Walter attacks him and absorbs his soul. Annie Hawkins asks Victoria to explain what is happening, and she explains that Whitman kills people who enters the house, and each soul he traps in the house makes him stronger.

Annie begs Victoria to help her and Bobby in communicating with Sam and Dean, but when she does, Whitman appears and burns her remains.