Venom: Space Knight

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Issue one variant cover by Ariel Olivetti

“Sometimes a hero needs a little space.”

Robbie Thompson has teamed with artist Ariel Olivetti to write the new "All-New, All-Different Marvel" ongoing series "Venom: Space Knight".

Membership of Guardians of the Galaxy led Flash Thompson and his Klyntar symbiote suit Venom to the symbiote's home planet where they discovered the race had plans for the two as cosmic agents of justice.

Says Thompson of the series:

(Thompson's) answering a call. He's not really sure who's calling, but he's answering. Then as these stories start to unfold, Flash will gain a bit of a reputation, and will not necessarily be the most popular person to certain people in the Marvel Galactic Universe.

And while Flash and the Klynter are getting a chance to turn the page on their past, they're still Venom and Venom is a badass. Flash is also a person who doesn't mind stepping in when he thinks something has gone wrong. That's a great way to be a hero, but it's also a great way to make some enemies.

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