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Name Vance
Actor Sam Robert Muik
Dates  ???? - 2018 (killed by Dean Winchester and Jack Kline)
Location McCook, Nebraska
Occupation Zombie
Episode(s) 14.06 Optimism


Vance was the high school boyfriend of Harper Sayles, who upon graduating college wanted to leave their small hometown of McCook, Nebraska. Harper, however, did not wish to leave or want Vance to either, forcing her to kill him and resurrect him as a zombie through necromancy. To sustain Vance's body, Harper would allow herself to be courted by other men, so Vance in his jealousy would kill and eat them and keep his body from deteriorating.


14.06 Optimism

On orders from Harper, Vance attacks and rips out Miles' throat in an alley as he is taking out trash. When Dean hears the commotion, he goes to investigate, only to find Miles' dead body. As he is talking to Jack on the phone, Vance attacks and chases Dean to Harper's apartment, where he breaks down the door. As Dean tries to hold off Vance, Jack and Harper make their escape. In the middle of the fight with Dean, Vance suddenly stops and runs out of the apartment.

Vance makes his way to the library where he is let in by Harper. He gives her the book Jack discarded in the street, leading Harper to kiss Vance and reveal to Jack that he is her boyfriend, and his killings have been a game they play due to his need to consume flesh and maintain his dead body. She sics Vance on Jack, and Vance beings to stalk him throughout the library. When Jack gives Harper a speech about being together and loving her, Vance is angered and rushes Jack but is met by Dean who shoots him in the chest. Unfazed, Vance turned his attention to Dean, who tries to talk him out of killing him. As Harper encourages him, a momentary distraction allows for Dean and Jack to place silver handcuffs on Vance, restraining him and allowing them to transport him to the cemetery and stake him in his grave.