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Dear Hellhoundofhoror,

Yes, I do watch the show not only for the fights, action, suspense, and the like, but I also watch it because, like you said in your message, I love watching the Winchester brothers bond and share moments that make their brotherhood towards each other special and unique. I take a look at the page you mentioned.

ImperiexSeed, 3:36 PM, March 21st 2011

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so whats new with season six everybody? any questions or quotes? spoilers? c'mon

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I heard that a Hell Spawn will be one of the main antagonists of season 6.<.

SonicShocker, 10:01 PM, August 2nd 2010

awesome cant wait!

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they are bringing gabriel the archangel back, and raphael's gonna be in it and pissed..

Where did you find that out? That would be so awesome if that happens in season six. -- SonicShocker, 10:24 AM, August 3rd 2010

the gabriel thing was in an interview with Ben Edlund at comic con, and i dont really remember where the raphael thing was, but im pretty sure its legit

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I also heard that azazel is back, and not just as a flashback, and that they are making an evil farie episode, I see some hillarious dialouge in the future for sam & dean.

People please edit anything new or updated about supernatural's upcoming season on this page!

Hello! They are interesting suggestions, and I'm sure the writers could come up with a good story for one of them. Incubi and Succubi could have some good medieval lore tie ins. I am not sure they could do with the same 'drive a wedge between' them type of story as they did with the Siren, because they will already be so suspicious of each others' motives this coming season. At the same time, there are also some really dark possibilities with these kinds of creatures, which does seem to fit the season's tone, from what little I have seen. Personally, I'd like to see a puck/pooka type creature. I know they've done the "trickster" aspect, but it could still be fun--MisterGlass, 1:21, 7 August 2010

Ha! Nessy could definitely be interesting. And they've never really done a show focused on the water, have they? Other than the one in the first season with the ghost related drownings. Maybe Dean could finally go fishing outside of his dreams. I was thinking about other monsters, and one they talk about, but have never shown, is a black dog. It would also be interesting if they could work in other part myth/part real humans, like Jack Ketch. --MisterGlass, 19:21, 7 August 2010

Sure, they are much more accustomed to hellhounds, so it would take them by surprise. I think bringing back more werewolves is a good idea, they are so much more complex to deal with. I cannot remember one having been dealt with since Heart, and it is such an emotional challenge for them to kill one. All of the monsters that can speak for themselves, including the shapeshifters, are interesting. However, I am not that anxious to see a demon's face, or for that matter a hellhound or an angel's true form. I like that they have not tried to show these things because they maintain a certain amount of mystery, and leave them for the viewer to imagine. --MisterGlass, 1:57, 8 August 2010

I like the idea that Chuck may not return, and that his final appearance/disappearance will not be explained. I do not know what the writers, including Eric Kripke, intended him to be, and am comfortable with a lack of certainty. I like having the mystery there, because Supernatural is so much about the unknown. Having all questions answered would be at odds with the show's premise. And because the focus is returning to Sam and Dean, I think it unlikely that the Messiah will be brought into the show. Or if he is, I would expect it to be in a peripheral way...perhaps as it was done in Ben-Hur. But that is another mystery that I do not necessarily think Supernatural needs to explore, and it is very difficult to do well. I would not mind if this remained the Winchester Gospels. --MisterGlass, 15:18, 9 August 2010

As far as the Horsemen: I had not heard that any of them would be returning, but I did expect something more to happen with the rings. I would like to see Death again, perhaps even with Tessa in attendance, as I find her an interesting character. Brady's comments about the rings seem to apply primarily to the other three Horsemen, not Death. For Death, the ring seemed more or less superfluous, but was somehow tied to the Apocalypse and his enforced servitude to Lucifer's will. If anything, it seems like giving up his ring frees Death. He certainly isn't concerned when he hands it to Dean. Death's reaping comment referred to the end of time and the universe (it is similar to a phrase used to describe Death in the Sandman series), and since the Winchesters have survived the Apocalypse this go round, I do not think it will come up.

Gabriel is a character that has grown on me. I would like to see him return. If he does, I wonder if it will be as an archangel or a human. Probably an archangel, the off the wall use of his powers has always been key to the character. I would not be surprised at all if Adam Milligan came back, whether as Micheal's vessel or as himself. It is such an interesting possibility. Having seen Adam's real, non-ghoul personality, he actually does fit into the dysfunctional family quite well. --MisterGlass, 00:36, 10 August 2010

I am trying to avoid spoilers about new characters, and any spoilers that are about specific plot points, so I would rather not talk about the Campbells. As you say, skinwalkers have been talked about but not shown, and I agree that an episode about them could be very interesting. I'd like to see a discussion about the relative evilness of skinwalkers vs. shapeshifters. No doubt their effects will be equally cringe inducing. The Djinn was interesting...I wonder whose fantasy life would be explored this time. I already thought the Djinn was very powerful, approaching the threshold of what the brothers can deal with on their own. --MisterGlass, 14:36, 10 August 2010

Hi - I've deleted your puzzle and assoc pages. While I don;t think a page of such is a bad idea in itself, all your links go to the same website. If you wish to add these links please do so on the page for that site: The Winchester Family Business. --Missyjack 01:29, 11 August 2010 (UTC)

According to the page on this site, rawheads focus primarily on children, so I'm not sure that they would try to reward Sam or Dean. I do not know much about them. Evil fairies will be fun. And since fairies can prophecy, I wonder if one of them will throw out a prediction that applies to the brothers. --MisterGlass, 14:00, 11 August 2010

As I stated before, I am trying to avoid spoilers about specific episodes and characters. I would appreciate it if you didn't post anything too overt in messages to me, including episode titles, specific incidents in the episodes, and the names and actions of new characters. I would rather not speculate on them. As far as the rawheads, I agree that they do change lore to suit, so anything is possible. --MisterGlass, 15:05, 11 August 2010

Thanks for understanding. Jason Vorhees? Now that is terrifying. Any chance that was a joke? I would really prefer that they stick to urban legends and folklore, which are so much more interesting than relatively modern slasher flick characters. I agree that there are so many other, fascinating places they could go before resorting to that! They've only done a couple of international myths and legends, and the characters they have looked at have only had a couple of outings each, if that. Unless the movie loving shapeshifter returns from the dead, I'd prefer not to see a monster known only from movies. If they have to have a Jason-like character, I'd rather for him to have that unique Supernatural spin. They've had a few good, twisted humans of their own, like Doc Benton, the witches, and the Benders. I'd like to see more of them. --MisterGlass, 00:39, 12 August 2010

I have to say I also like Season 3 Ruby better. She was more willing to make waves and talk back, but I suppose that couldn't be carried forward into the next season when she was trying so hard to keep Sam on the hook. She was also more willing to interact with Dean, and fool him. I have wondered about the knife. At first I thought she made it, but then Alastair commented that she must have found it. I wonder if there is some kind of ancient hunter's cache somewhere, maybe from the Middle Ages when she died, and the knife was there. I assumed some hunter would have made it, like Samuel Colt made the Colt. As far as what the gun can kill, my initial impression was that it couldn't kill the other three archangels and God. I still think that may be the case, but I'm not sure where that leaves the Horsemen. Maybe there is a loophole that fits four more beings. --MisterGlass, 13:59, 12 August 2010

Thanks for the heads up about the gag reel, I didn't know a clear version was available. I enjoyed the previous ones, and I have no doubt this one will have me rolling. I hadn't thought about 'peachy' as a catchphrase, but you're right, they do use it a lot. Not quite as often as 'dude' though. I like peachy, it's a good expression. Amazing how much sarcasm Dean can convey with one word. --MisterGlass, 1:12, 13 August 2010

Hmm, good question. For most disturbing, I have to second Bugs, and add Skin, Malleus Maleficarum, My Bloody Valentine, and Dead Men Don't Wear Plaid (mostly because of the child-zombie). I think Skin and My Bloody Valentine are great episodes, though. For greatest emotional impact, I like your list, but will add What Is And Should Never Be, The Rapture, and Abandon All Hope. --MisterGlass, 13:43, 13 August 2010

Yeah, that was quite a moment with Dean on the ground bleeding and Sam turning away. And of course the echo back to Sam and John's fights made it all the more touching. I would also pick Season 4 as my favorite. It had a good balance of humor and drama. It started off with an amazing first episode, and built slowly but continuously to one of the most jaw-dropping season finales ever. I thought the show really hit its stride early in Season 2, and I enjoyed Seasons 3 and 5 as well, but Season 4 comes out on top. Well, so far. --MisterGlass, 1:24, 14 August 2010

That is a tough one because there are quite a few that resonate emotionally. First, I have to pick the Devil's Trap/In My Time of Dying pair because of the interaction between John and the boys. They are such strong personalities, and none of them can compromise, and when they realize what is actually going on, it is always too late. A Very Supernatural Christmas was both weird and depressing, and yet showed off the love that Sam and Dean really do have for each other. It was illustrated so well in the childhood Christmas, and the way adult Sam and Dean threw themselves into that pitiful celebration and tried to ignore the fate awaiting Dean for a few hours. And then there is Dark Side of the Moon, which shattered so many illusions at one time - illusions of Dean, Sam, and Castiel - that it was impossible not to feel the characters' anguish. Tragedy is something Supernatural has done very, very well.

Lilith versus Azazel would be quite the battle. And I bet they would fight, if they shared space in an episode. Both of them probably claim to be Lucifer's favorite. I have not decided whether Azazel is more powerful or not. Certainly he has been shown doing things other demons haven't, but that doesn't necessarily mean Lilith isn't capable of them too. Being Lucifer's first, I would expect her to be quite formidable. However, Azazel seems more devious and cunning, and is capable of extremely long term planning. On those grounds I pick him as the winner.

Here's one: what color are Crowley's eyes? I've been waiting for them to roll over yellow. That would explain why he hasn't flashed them at the Winchesters like the other demons they've met, including Azazel. They would never trust another YED. --MisterGlass, 1:49, 15 August 2010

The eyes do seem to be a class system thing. There have been powerful black-eyed demons, but none of them seem to be in charge of very many other demons. Even the red-eyed, deal making demons only have limited authority. Though Lilith is the only demon mentioned as having been created directly by Lucifer, it's possible, even likely, that Alastair and Azazel, and maybe Crowley, were also created by him. Maybe the lesser demons are the ones created by other demons in Hell, rather than by Lucifer. I am not sure whether white outranks yellow or vice versa, but both are powerful, so I suppose neither one would be a surprise on Crowley. If Azazel is unique, I wonder why. Perhaps he is an appointed leader, as you suggest.

I had not thought about Samuel Colt as the creator of the knife. I suppose that is possible, given his obvious knowledge of devil's traps and other symbols. At the same time, it seems like the knife would predate the gun, just because a knife is more basic. That doesn't mean he wouldn't have made it, though. Colt is someone I would like to learn more about in the context of the show. He must have had many other secrets. --MisterGlass, 14:26, 16 August 2010

I am not sure about the yellow eyes/leadership role correlation. I remember a comment (I think by Bela) that at one time Lilith held all crossroads contracts. That would make sense if Crowley were her subordinate and assumed leadership after her death. So in the beginning at least she may have been in charge of the crossroads. And Alastair was in charge of torture, on some level.

However, I do think Azazel, had he lived, would have been in charge of breaking the seals. He did receive his instructions directly from Lucifer, and acted on them continuously for over thirty years. I doubt he would have surrendered control of the operation to anyone. And after all, he was the one that arranged for Lilith's escape through the devil's gate. There appears to be some coordination between demonic forces on earth and in Hell, so they probably had some arrangement worked out ahead of time. Most of the demons on earth were in the dark, and only knew they were following Azazel.

I don't know that a live action series would come about, as much fun as that would be, but I would think they could do some comics that fill in the history of Azazel and Crowley. That could be quite a good read. Or, since they are doing some anime, maybe they could work them into it. BTW, I'm not on twitter at present. --MisterGlass, 1:09, 17 August 2010

I suppose I stand another 39 days. Hopefully. It seems like Crowley holds all contracts now, or at least did until he sided with Sam and Dean, but in Season 3 I believe it was Lilith. That's why Sam and Dean made that last ditch effort to kill her when she was terrorizing that family by possessing their little girl: they thought it would free Dean. I wonder if Crowley will re-assume control of the crossroads with Lucifer gone. The other demons seem to hate him an awful lot right now, but at the same time they side with the reigning power.

I have to admit I know almost nothing about numerology, but I know it has been mentioned within the series a couple of times. I vaguely remember Dean making a reference to 40 symbolizing death, as in 40 days and 40 nights. I had not thought about the fact that 10 years is used both for crossroads deals and for Azazel's bargains. The implication of perfection does seem to make sense for Azazel's purposes. And it seems like the deal covers more than just entry into the home. There needs to be a child there 10 years after the fact, and Azazel knows there will be. That has to have been arranged, even if not explicitly stated. --MisterGlass, 13:38, 17 August 2010

No, I haven't read the novels, or even the origin comics. I may look them up at some point. I'm all for Poe connections. Excellent question about the angels, that is something I have been thinking about since I first saw that episode. I waited for it to come up in Season 5, thinking a group of angels would declare their altered allegiance, but perhaps they all wanted to wait for the dust to settle. This might be especially true after seeing what happened to Castiel and Anna. With Michael gone, it is entirely possible that they will make a bid to run the planet themselves.

I suppose there must be at least three factions in the struggle for Heaven. First, there is the group that supports Michael's actions in bringing about the Apocalypse so that he could fight and defeat Lucifer. Second, there is a group that favored Lucifer, which would include Uriel's converts. The third group would be those who take Castiel's side, who believe provoking the Apocalypse was not necessarily what God would have wanted. Hopefully he has a couple of supporters, given the evidence of his survival via two resurrections. Some will point to his disobedience, and some will suggest that Lucifer was responsible for at least one of his resurrections. Others will critique his familiarity with humans. However, there must be some angels like him that found Heaven's orders questionable, but were uncertain how to act. --MisterGlass, 1:06, 18 August 2010

That probably is part of the chaos to which Cas was referring. I imagine there is still a lot of angel/angel violence to come before something like a new heavenly order is established. "Heaven's basement" is an interesting comment. I wonder if that's the same place they put Cas and Anna for re-education. If so, those are going to be some angry, damaged angels once they get loose.

I do not have a good answer for how Sam got out. It doesn't seem like any agency inside the cage can act to free itself, since Lucifer would have escaped if he could have done so. And communication is all but impossible without the kind of human sacrifice made by Azazel. Perhaps it was a divine act after all. --MisterGlass 14:51, 18 August 2010 (UTC)

I'm sure Sam will tangle with the angels again. Now that he's no longer needed as Lucifer's vessel, and Dean is not needed for Michael, the ban on killing them likely doesn't apply. As for the anime, I do not know what kind of creature looks like that. Some literature refers to dragons as 'worms', but I think they would go more traditional with the look if it was meant to be a dragon. That looked more like a land lamprey, which is just icky. --MisterGlass 14:06, 19 August 2010 (UTC)