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Hey there! If you've got a message for me, please leave it below. A request: to keep things organized, please leave messages under a header with your username on it! Also, no flaming, trolling, or annoying. I will remove your posts and report you. If I don't respond right away, my apologies.



Hey there!! Thanks for your contributions here, and welcome to this wiki foundation. If you have any questions feel free to create a subheading with your User name on my Talk page then post your comment(s) under it. Cheers :)

Anderson54, February 27th 2011

Thanks! Good to meet you :) AparnaBrielle 03:02, 28 February 2011 (UTC)

Hello again!! I just have one quick question: What would be the the purpose of creating a page about Bobby Singer's floor plans? Currently, there is already a page titled Singer Salvage Yard which contains information on his house or renovation and it also contains a lot of information on theland's structure, how much acres are planted there, and the layout of the interior of the house itself is also presented there. And generally, here at this wiki, we (the contributors) should only create an article if we know for certain that it will be visited and resourceful. Although done't take any of this too harshly because I don't know your true intentions with this so could you share when it's most convenient?

Anderson54, February 28th 2011 [[ Currently, I have no idea whether or not you have seen every episode to date but I have a subsequent question (well more of an opinion, as it was stated within the show itself). What do you think happened to Jesse Turner, the half Cambion half human entity? He mysteriously vanished and hasn't seen since. Personally, I hate when they do that: they introduce powerful, overwhelming characters but then they never appear later.

Anderson54, February 28th 2011


Hello! Just wanted to say that I like the floor plan. It's nice to have it on the site. --MisterGlass 01:53, 2 March 2011 (UTC)

Hi - I don't think we should limit the roleplaying twitters that we link to those followed by CW-Supernatural. You might want to link tot he list that they follow on the Twitter page if you like , but the Wiki is here to document all fan activities, and just because the CW_supernatural acc doesn't follow someone doesn't make it any less legitimate or important. cheers --Missyjack 21:25, 25 March 2011 (UTC)



Dear AparnaBrielle,

First off, relevant to this, I am a user at Supernatural wiki and on another one called Smallville wiki. I don't know if you know what Smallville actually is but I would really appreciate your help, as I have just run into a problem just yesterday (and I have never had such a problem with that wiki before) and have been trying to figure out what's going on but has had no such luck. Please read the following.

Help notice: Lately, starting yesterday, every time I click on the Edit tab (on Smallville wiki) of any page it goes to the edit section summary but then the pages are completely blank with only random templates at the bottom in which some say protected. As a wiki contributor, do you know what that means and or what's going on? But here's what confuses me, when I go to the Recent Wiki Activity page, I see others making edits to pages. Alos, on a side note, when I try to create a new user account or load some local (internal) pages the tab starts to load but than stops and the page is not displayed.... What should I do.... And at first, I encountered this problem at home but than it happened again on a different computer and on a totally different network. Any thoughts?

ImperiexSeed (, 8:39 AM, April 6th 2011

Dear AparnaBrielle,

Hey! I currently use Firefox 3.0 for my network. Thanks, but I just resolved that particular problem a few days ago.

ImperiexSeed (, 5:41 PM, April 9th 2011