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Hola Mishamigos!!!

Hey there!

Im a Pisces I love listening to classic rock taking long drives in the midnight and eatting pie I have a low tolerance for stupidity amoung other things ;) Ive been following the life of the two most famous hunters out there Sam and Dean Winchester since it all began in 2005. Yeah guess you could say I know a few things...okay alot.

I decided to join Supernatural Wiki in early July of 2012 so yes im fairly new here however not the least bit new to the Fandom neverless the Canon

My mission not only in here and in life is to spread the word of the wonderful life of Supernatural (not so wonderful for them yes? Ass kicking does hurt)

So feel free to contact me if youd like below...and yes I am a Dean girl


@Lois_Luthor Twitter Email