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Hi to all Supernatural community members

Name Real Name: Not Provided

User Name: Anderson Writer, KidSpeedster

Dates 1992-
Location NH
Occupation Wiki User; Smallville User, Supernatural User, Zelda User. LiveJournal Member, Facebook Member and Wiki Writer. Pogo User.


Mushrooms of the Mushroom Kingdom
The Archangel Michael

The Archangel Lucifer

The Archangel Gabriel

The Archangel Raphael

  • Im a huge Supernatural fan. I’ve been monitoring this site for some time now. I have seen every Supernatural episode. Overall this site is very factual and correct; I'm just trying to improve this web site. If anyone needs something please leave me a message on my Discussion page.
  • I am currently an Lj User (My Lj User name is Anderson Writer)
  • I currently have a Facebook account
  • I currently have two Pogo accounts (My User names are GreatChessKing64 & PerfectGamer64)
  • I'm a big Supernatural Fan
  • My favorite character is Michael. My second favorite character is Gabriel
  • My edits generally concern Angelology
  • My favorite Seasons of Supernatural are Seasons 4 & 5
  • My favorite Episode as of now is 5.13 The Song Remains The Same. I ranked 5.13 The Song Remains The Same as my favorite episode because this episode's main focus is on Angel Lore and this episode refers to many Biblical aspects, as well as biblical theories.
  • My Smallville User name is KidSpeedster17
  • My E-Mail Accounts are:,
  • Supernatural - "Is this what they gonna become?" is an awesome parallel video of Sam and Dean as they face/stand up to their destinies.

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Fav Actors & Actresses:

  • Mark Pellegrino- Mark does a fantastic job acting as the fallen archangel named Lucifer. The way he presents himself is very professional.
  • Misha Collins- Misha is a very popular actor amongst many Supernatural Fans. He's stared as Castiel in approximately 19 Episodes.
  • Genevieve Cortese

Fav Super-Hero’s:

  • Superman
  • Martian Manhunter
  • Thor
  • The Hulk


  • One of my Canon pet peeves is Canonical info that’s not precise and not relevant. I generally edit pages for preciseness and I try to make sure that pages are grammatically correct.
  • Two or Three years ago I was an active member of Supernatural TV Show Wiki. I resigned from this Wiki. Their Info was for the most part correct, however, their standards of a Wiki-Canon were very distorted and there were too many noticeable "Canon discrepancies" {no offense to them, it just wasn't my type of Wiki}. A few months after I resigned I stumbled upon this Wiki, I was immediately sucked into this Wiki, and every sense then I've been hooked to this Wiki.  :):) I'm so glad to be a member of this Wiki. Supernatural TV Show Wiki does a great job onto Episode info; they also do a phenomenal job presenting recent CW news on their Website.
  • A few years ago I came up with a Wiki-term called "Wiki Writer". I consider myself as a "Wiki Writer"; basically I go around to different Wiki's and edit pages to make them as up to date as possible. I generally try to find a favorite character or characters and edit them when necessary; obviously it depends on the Wiki. As I've stated on this page, my edits mostly concern Angelology and grammatical correctness. I chose the term Wiki writer because I go to different Wiki's and I try to find a character that I like the most and edit that characters BIO page as much as I can, whenever new info is presented to the public concerning that character I then go and add it to the characters BIO page.
  • I'm a huge Zelda fan. Twilight Princess was an awesome game.

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  • Wookiepedia - Category:Force powers

Wiki Progress:

  • Lucifer seems to be very compassionate and fair to Sam Winchester. In 5.03 Free To Be You And Me, he tells Sam that he will never lie or trick him into saying Yes. However, he did say that he still would receive Sam's consent by other methods. A similar conversation was brought up again in episode 5.22 Swan Song. In 5.22 Swan Song, Lucifer tells Sam that they will try to resist one another; Lucifer tells Sam that he won't cheat and that he expects that Sam will do the same. Also, Lucifer willingly decides to allow Sam to speak while he’s being possessed. This illustrates that Lucifer has some type of bond/connection with Sam Winchester.
  • Lucifer's cage was designed by Angels. God got tired of Lucifer’s constant defiance to His orders, so, God banished Lucifer to Earth. In a violent rage, Lucifer decided to anger God by twisting a Human soul into a Demon. This demon was named Lilith. After this, God sent Michael down to Earth to condemn his younger brother to an abyss. Michael banished Lucifer to this abyss after defeating him in an angelic Battle. This abyss was locked with 600 Seals. Only 66 of the 600 had to be broken in order for Lucifer to be released. Near the end episode 5.22 Swan Song, Michael and a "controlled" Lucifer (Sam) fell into this endless Chasm. At the very end of 5.22 Swan Song, Sam was seen out side of Lisa's house underneath a lamp.
  • God has yet to display his true nature and godliness. But, on several rare occasions God has intervened when it was "most" needed.

Omniscience - God knows everything that can be known. God is also aware of everything that happens in the Universe. Omnipotence - God is able to do anything he wishes. God can take on human form (Chuck). God can also perform the most impossible of feats. For example: God can turn a mountain into a piece of toast, God can destroy the World/Universe with a single thought, God could even make Michael and Lucifer disappear with a mere thought. God can also end the Apocalypse with a single word. God can also resurrect the dead. Joshua told Dean and Sam that it was God who brought Castiel back to life. God supposedly revived Castiel back to full health (he even enhanced Castiel's angelic power) for the second time in 5.22 Swan Song. Omnipresence - God is present everywhere. God can be present at Africa, China and Heaven all at the same time.

  • In the past he served Heaven during the time of the Great Flood and now he serves Lucifer in the Apocalypse. He originally planed on destroying Chicago and its 3,000,000 inhabitants in a great storm. It's possible that this Storm would’ve been very similar to the one conjured during the Great flood. It is unkown if this makes him a neutral force or if he simply serves whoever summoned him.
  • Stull Cemetery is a small Cemetery located in Lawrence Kansas. This Cemetery has been described as the Battle Field for Michael and Lucifer. Chuck Told Dean the following. 'This Cemetery is where the two archangels named Michael and Lucifer will fight to the death'. Shortly after possessing Sam, Lucifer met Michael at Stull Cemetery inside his True Vessel. Lucifer tries to turn Michael against God by hurling accusations of their Father. Such as: blaming Him for the Devil. Lucifer sternly told Michael that God knew that Lucifer would become evil; Lucifer says that God needed the Devil. However, Michael was adamant and told Lucifer that he can't defy his Father and that he won't back down; in other words, they must fight, as they were destined to do.
  • Both Michael and Lucifer emit a frequency burst when their angelic essence is present somewhere on Earth; Michael demonstrated this ability twice already, he first demonstrated this to get Zachariah's attention, he did this to announce that he is willing to give Zachariah another chance at his job. He demonstrated this again when he was summoned to Earth by Zachariah, after this angelic sound burst, Michael's angelic spirit engulfed the room in white light, this white light engulfed Adam, Adam and Michael disappeared on the spot, their current location is unknown. Lucifer fist demonstrated this ability in 4.22 Lucifer Rising. His angelic spirit emitted an angelic frequency burst with such magnitude that it brought Sam and Dean to their knees, this was after Sam had released him from Hell. Shortly after, Lucifer's angelic energy engulfed the entire Convent and exploded almost instantly.

Host Members:

  • Michael - In God's absence, Michael was left in charge of Heaven and the Angels that dwell there. Michael is charge of managing the Host; Michael has complete authority over the Host and its members.
  • Lucifer - Lucifer has been described as the Angel who is second to Michael. This particular statement draws a clear parallel to his rank and position on the Host. Due to Lucifer's defiance and disobedience, he has lost his angelic status and as well as his place on the Host.
  • Gabriel - Gabriel was an active member of the Host, however, due to the Lucifer's constant argumentative out bursts towards Michael, Gabriel decided to leave the Host (heaven) and retreat to Earth as a temporary fix to his dilemma.
  • Raphael - Raphael is an active member of the Host. Besides the fact that he is an active member, he has seemingly lost faith in God. This was illustrated when Raphael made the comment, "God is dead"; Raphael thought that he God was in fact alive, how then could all of the terrible catastrophes be active with God alive." This statement is very ironic; theoretically God can't die nor age or grow tired.
  • Zachariah - When Zachariah failed to get Dean's consent for Michael, Michael terminated his position on the Host. However, just recently, Michael re-elected Zachariah to his prior Job (getting Dean to consent to Michael). Zachariah was the one responsible for putting together a group of angels, all of which wanted the 66 Seals broken; these angels wanted the seals broken for they thought that if Lucifer ascended from Hell, they would then send Michael down to his chosen vessel (Dean Winchester) and use his vessel to defeat Lucifer.
  • Castiel - At first, Castiel directed most of his efforts towards following orders. Castiel as of this date in now more humanized, this is mainly because he has spent a considerable amount of time on Earth watching over the Winchesters. This has changed his perspective to such a degree that he has rebelled for Dean's sake; Cass has sacrificed everything for Dean Winchester (this includes his Host position as well as his angelic reputation), when Dean neglects to remember this fact, Cass sternly reminds him periodically. Cass has lost his position on the Host.
  • Anna - At one point Anna was part of the Host. However due to her personal insecurities and longing for independence, she decided to rebel, this led to her "fall". At one point Anna did had authority over Castiel and Uriel for she was their superior at the time.
  • Joshua - Joshua is an angel who talks directly with God. God talks to Joshua periodically, rarely does Joshua talk to God, as Joshua said "God does more of the talking and I just listen in to his words" (Not an Exact Quote). Joshua is an active member of the Host.
  • Uriel - Uriel was first introduced as being a "specilast". Uriel was originally under Castiel's authority. Later on, Uriel was premoted to a higher rank than Castiel; it should be noted that this was mainly due to Castiel's difience to his angelic leaders, which led to Castiel's rebellion. Uriel finally reveled that he was in fact working for the fallen angel named Lucifer. Uriel made many attempts to persuade the angels in his Garrison (including Castiel) to join his cause - freeing Lucifer from Hell. Cass denied this offer, this led to an angelic fight between Castiel and Uriel. Uriel got the upper hand and was about to slay Cass, when Anna appeared just in time to slay Uriel with The Angel killing Blade.
  • Cupid -


  • Lucifer demonstrated a high degree of his power and strength in 5.19 Hammer of the Gods; Lucifer effortlessly took down multiple Pagan gods (Note: Lucifer killed these gods in a very gruesome manner; in other words, Lucifer pried his arm into their flesh and abruptly removed some of their bodily organs with his hand. Lucifer also demonstrated a high portion of his angelic invulnerability/resistance to physical harm - Kali emitted a deadly blast of fire towards Lucifer, when this fire-blast hit him, Lucifer became dazed for 2-3 seconds before he instantaneously recovered and immediately retaliated.
  • Apparently, when fighting with other Archangels, Lucifer's angelic invulnerability can be penetrated; in 5.19 Hammer of the Gods, Gabriel proved to be capable of harming his older brother Lucifer, he this by grabbing onto to Lucifer and throwing him across the room with a tremendous amount of force.
  • Unlike most creatures, Gabriel has the angelic power to consciously battle with other Archangels with some success (in other words he can hurt them).
  • Gabriel can create an exact copy of himself; this gabriel-copycat possesses all of the real Gabriel's powers and abilities.

Gabriel's angelic being (essence) can be destroyed if he was stabbed with an archangel blade. Unfortunately for Gabriel, he was ultimately killed at the hands of Lucifer who stabbed him with an archangel blade, ironically, this blade happened to belong to Gabriel.

  • 'The Four Horsemen Rings can bound and banish Lucifer back to Hell.' However, in order for this to work, Lucifer must be standing directly above his "cage door", in others words St. Mary's Convent.

Theoretically, the only way to kill/destroy the Horsemen is to rid the effects they give off to the World. For example: if wars suddenly stopped, then logically the "Horseman War" would be destroyed. Take Famine for example, the cause of his weak composition along with his sickly state was due to the improvements in farming and agriculture.

Powers and Abilities

  • Mercury can move his body at incredible speeds. He can move his body at such great speeds that the human eye cannot perceive him.
  • His reflexes and reaction time are both at god-like levels.