Troy Squire

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Name Troy Squire
Actor Ross Kohn
Dates  ???? - 2005 (killed by Constance Welch)
Location Jericho, California
Episode(s) 1.01 Pilot


Troy was killed by the ghost of Constance Welch. He stopped to pick her up when he saw her on the side of the road and, because he planned to be unfaithful to his girlfriend, Amy Hein, with her, Constance led him to her old home and then killed him on the same bridge that she jumped from to commit suicide.


1.01 Pilot

While Troy is driving home down the Centennial Highway, he notices Constance Welch standing at the side of the road, he stops and asks if she is having car trouble, and she asks him take her home and enters Troy's car. While driving, Constance begins to come on to Troy asking him if he will come home with her, he agrees. They arrive at Constance's home, an old abandoned house at the end of a road, and Constance mysteriously disappears. As Troy enters the house he sees a photo of Constance and her children, when he is scared by a bird he runs back to his car and drives off. When he looks in the rearview mirror, Constance is in the back seat. Frightened he drives straight through a "Bridge Closed" sign, stopping about halfway across the bridge. He screams as blood spatters the windows.