Tony Alvarez

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Name Antonio "Tony" Alvarez
Actor Nick Hunnings
Dates  ???? - 2019 (suicide)
Location Fort Dodge, Iowa
Occupation Prophet (malformed)
Serial Killer
Episode(s) 14.12 Prophet and Loss


Tony Alvarez was the next prophet in line after Donatello Redfield. Due to Donatello being in a state between life and death, Tony was a malformed prophet and was driven insane after hearing Donatello babbling about divine retributions, coming to believe that it was God instructing him to enact those retributions.


14.12 Prophet and Loss

A woman is tied and gagged to a table. As she whimpers in fright, Tony picks up a bag of salt and mixes it into a vat of water. Picking the woman up, Tony submerges her in the water. As she struggles, Tony picks up a knife and pulls her from the water. When the woman begins begging, Tony takes the knife and carves Enochian into her arm, before dunking her back into the water and holding her down as the water turns red from her blood. As she dies, Tony begins hearing voices and raises his hands in the air.

Sitting in a parked car, Tony waits for his friend, Alan, to exit the building, then follows him. After gagging and restraining him, Tony drags him into a room and lays him on a plastic tarp. A confused Alan asks Tony what he is doing. Tony straddles Alan and with a knife in hand recites, “And against all the Gods of Egypt, I will execute judgement” before slitting Alan's throat and carving Enochian into his chest.

At the Sphinx Machine Shop, Tony has a third victim strung up whom he prepares to set on fire. Tony lights a match and drops it onto a trail of gasoline. As the fire starts moving towards the man, Sam and Dean rush into the room. As Sam tackles Tony to the ground, Dean puts the fire out and cuts the man free. Tony tells the Winchesters that he is doing God's work, but when they ask him what God is telling him now and he doesn't receive any answers, the severity of his taking innocent lives dawns on Tony. As Sam and Dean are talking about what to do with Tony, Tony attacks Dean, but is thrown across the room by Sam. Taking Dean's gun from the floor, Tony places the barrel beneath his chin and pulls the trigger, killing himself.