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Name Tina
Actor Kehli O'Byrne
Madeleine Arthur (Young Tina)
Episode(s) 10.12 About a Boy


Tina was a women that claimed to Dean that she had three ex-husbands and lots of debt before being turned into a 14-year-old by the witch Katja.


10.12 About a Boy

Tina talks about JP, the guy who had been murdered the prior night with Dean. As the night goes on, the two begin drinking together and reminiscing about crappy childhoods. As Tina leaves the bar, a mysterious man follows Tina out. Dean hears a scream and when he goes to investigate he finds a pile of clothing. The mysterious man approaches Dean, and with a flash of bright white light, Dean wakes up in a basement and discovers that he is a teenager.

A 14-year-old Tina wakes up in a room and saw a 14-year-old Dean in the room next door. While Dean reassures Tina, they discover JP who is then taken away by the mysterious man. After snacking on cake, Dean finds a way out of the basement, and Teen Tina tells him to go for help while she remains behind as a distraction.

When Sam and Dean come, Katja is cooking soup, as Tina is tied to a chair. Hansel and the boys enter the kitchen, and she orders Hansel to take care of Sam and Dean who think Hansel is on their side. Katja explains that she never made Hansel do anything, and then Hansel knocks Sam down and takes his gun. While battling, Sam and Dean released Tina and she waited for them outside.

Afterwards, Sam and Dean explain to Tina that the hex bag was destroyed, but there is a chance they can figure out how to reverse the spell, but Tina sees her renewed youth as a second chance at life, and is willing to make the best of it. The next day, Sam and Dean give Tina a lift to the bus station and all the cash they have, and they depart.