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  • Days spent on each case include the day after they solve them, if it is shown in the episode.
  • Day counts assume one driving day in cases when the boys hear about the case and must travel to the location, unless otherwise stated.
  • Day counts count partial days as full days (meaning if an episode starts late at night, that night counts as a day)
  • Priority of information sources: A)Dialogue, B)Logic, C)Art/Props Department, D)Other Official Sources, E)Conjecture.

IMPORTANT NOTE: If you want the dates to be in chronological time, you will have to add 2 years to all dates listed. (See note before Timeline (Season 6) and Timeline (Season 8) for more details)

Unknown 2019 - 15.01 Back and to the Future

Day Count: less than 24 hours

Location: Harlen KS

Sam, Dean, and Cas flee the zombie-ish horde with Jack’s body, and have to figure out what their next actions are going to be to save the nearby town of Harlen, KS, when they determine that some of their old foes have come Back and to the Future to wreak havoc.

  • The episode takes place over less than 24 hours, but takes the brothers into the next calendar day, since the episode starts at night.

Unknown 2019 - 15.02 Raising Hell

Day Count: approx. 3

Location: Harlen KS

Two days later and Sam and Dean are still trying to solve the problem of Chuck Raising Hell. We spend approx 3 days in Harlen, KS, as Sam and Dean gather their allies.

  • 2 days after previous episode

Unknown 2019 - 15.03 The Rupture

Day Count: 1

Location: Harlen KS, The Bunker (Lebanon KS)

After failing to do much of anything last episode, our crew tackle healing The Rupture yet again. Success comes at a cost though, and everyone is quite distraught afterwards. We spend a day in Harlen, KS, and then head back to the Bunker, where Cas decides to part ways with the Winchesters.

  • immediately following previous episode

Unknown 2019 - 15.04 Atomic Monsters

Day Count: 3

Location: The Bunker (Lebanon, KS), Beaverdale Iowa

Sam and Dean head to Beaverdale to investigate the death of a cheerleader, hunt some Atomic Monsters, and hopefully get Sam’s mind off his grief.

  • Dean says that Sam’s barely left his room in the past few days, so we know that at least a few days have passed since the events of The Rupture.
  • It’s about a 7 hour drive from Lebanon KS to Beaverdale IO
  • School is in session and parents have arranged scouts to come to the game – which to me indicates that it might be Fall already? If Billy is a senior and his parents are worries about college acceptance, then the latest they could have him scouted is the fall. That being said, Mary was killed in the spring and not enough time has passed for a whole summer to have gone by – so it could very well be that Billy is a Junior and his parents are being proactive and having him scouted BEFORE his senior year.

Unknown 2019 - 15.05 Proverbs 17:3

Day Count: 3

Location: The Bunker (Lebanon, KS); Black Forest CO

We spend 3 days with the Winchesters, exploring the meaning of Proverbs 17:3, when they travel from the Bunker to Black Forest, CO, to investigate a werewolf attack.

  • It makes the most sense for this episode to take place in the summer months sometime, as the girls are on an annual hunting trip that they were able to take over the years even when attending school.

Unknown 2019 - 15.06 Golden Time

Day Count: 1

Location: The Bunker; Unknown location (x2)

Sam has a limited Golden Time to save Eileen when she reappears in spirit form. The episode takes place seemingly over a period of just one day, with Sam and Dean traveling separately from the Bunker to Rowena’s apartment in an unknown location and then back again. Meanwhile, Castiel tracks a Djinn at another unknown location.

Unknown 2019 - 15.07 Last Call

Day Count: 2

Location: The Bunker (Lebanon, KS); Texhoma TX

Dean travels to Texhoma, TX, for a case and ends up enjoying Last Call with a friend who owns a bar there. Meanwhile, Sam and Eileen stay at the bunker to “research” but things go sideways for Sam when Castiel arrives with a plan to use Sam’s wound to trace Chuck. We spend 2 days with the Winchesters, with Dean returning to the Bunker at the end of the second day.

Unknown - 15.08 Our Father, Who Aren't in Heaven

Day Count: 2-3 Location: The Bunker (Lebanon, KS); Milford NE

Dean and Sam tap in Donatello and then track down Michael in an attempt to find a way to defeat Chuck. We spent 2-3 days in this episode at least.

Unknown - 15.09 The Trap

Day Count: 1

Location: The Bunker (Lebanon, KS); Purgatory; Milford NE

Sam and Eileen are stuck in The Trap, while Cas and Dean search purgatory over the course of 12 hours and find a trap of their own. Dean and Cas then travel to Milford, NE, to save Sam and Eileen, then they all return to the Bunker, before Eileen leaves. This episode likely takes place in a single day.

Spring 2020 - 15.10 The Heroes' Journey

Day Count: approx. 4

Location: The Bunker (Lebanon KS); Grantsburg WI, (Northern) Minnesota

Sam and Dean contemplate The Heroes’ Journey as they take an unlucky trip from the Bunker to Grantsburg WI, and then over to Minnesota, when Garth calls them for help after his cousin-in-law is attacked by a Wraith. We spend approx. 4 days in this episode.

  • See next episode for season reasoning.

Spring 2020 - 15.11 The Gamblers

Day Count: approx. 5

Location: The Bunker (Lebanon KS); Alaska; Cushing, OK

Sam and Dean are in Alaska in order to find The Gamblers who play for luck. Meanwhile, Cas gets a phone call about Jack and travels to Cushing, OK, to investigate. We spend approx. 5 days with the boys (including 3 days for traveling back from Alaska.)

  • at least 4 days after previous episode
  • It takes 48 hours (straight) to drive between the Bunker to the closest part of that is accessible by road. (Unless they took a ferry…which I doubt, because I don’t think there ARE ferries that go all the way to Alaska from the continental US – though that would make more sense than trying to cross the Canadian border with a car full of guns). Regardless, it would be 3-4 days of driving if you included stopping to sleep.
  • We know that Sam and Dean drove back to the Bunker, rather than driving to Alaska directly from Wisconsin, because they left the note for Cas.
  • I’m officially calling it Spring, because they were able to drive to Alaska (probably without snow tires) - something that is very difficult to do in winter (trust me, I’m Canadian)

~April 2020 - 15.12 Galaxy Brain

Day Count: 2

Location: The Bunker (Lebanon KS); Sioux Falls SD

The Winchester family can’t begin to comprehend Death’s Galaxy Brain, as they spend around 2 days attempting to rescue Kaia from The Bad Place. Sam and Dean travel from the Bunker to Sioux Falls and back again.

  • It’s a 6 hour drive between the Bunker and Sioux Falls, so the drive there and back doesn’t really add days. The day count is based more off of the passage of time we see on Jody’s end of things.
  • It's been at least 4 weeks since The Trap - Chuck spends 4 weeks in the RadioShed on Earth 2. We know that he’s already disappointed in the other worlds when he arrives at the RadioShed, so it’s possible that he was trying to entertain himself in the other worlds for days or weeks before that too, but we know for sure that it’s been at least 4 weeks since he left our world in The Trap – and therefore since Jack returned.

Unknown 2020 - 15.13 Destiny's Child

Day Count: TBD Location: The Bunker (Lebanon KS); several unknown locations

SPECIAL NOTE: I forgot to timeline this episode and only just realized as I was editing this page. I'll return with more details at a later date, but if anyone watches it in the meantime and finds any time-related evidence, please feel free to edit!

~April 2020 – May 18, 2020 - 15.14 Last Holiday

Day Count: Unknown

Location: The Bunker (Lebanon KS); several unknown locations

Sam and Dean accidentally release a wood nymph into the Bunker that has been on ‘standby’ since the Men of Letters all died. It’s great to have a 1950s housekeeper for a while, but not so much when her need to protect the Men of Letters causes Jack to become a target. They celebrate a bunch of holidays just for fun while she’s around, but the Last Holiday is Jack’s birthday.

  • There is a lot of time passage in this episode, and holidays are celebrated off season just for fun, but one doesn’t usually celebrate birthdays when it’s not a birthday – so I think Sam’s birthday was actually celebrated on Sam’s birthday, and also, even when the Wood Nymph isn’t around anymore, they celebrate Jack’s birthday. So, even if the episode took place over a shorter period of time and they celebrated Sam's birthday late, I still think they wouldn't have celebrated Jack's birthday unless it was actually Jack's birthday
  • Around May 17th, Sam goes on a date with Eileen

Unknown 2020 - 15.15 Gimme Shelter

Day Count: approx. 5

Location: The Bunker (Lebanon KS); Unknown locations

Sam and Dean try to track down Amara, while Castiel and Jack go on their own small-time hunt. We spent approx. 5 days in this episode, 4 of which Sam and Dean spend driving.

Unknown 2020 - 15.16 Drag Me Away (From You)

Day Count: at least 2

Location: The Bunker (Lebanon KS); Wadsworth OH

A childhood friend of Sam and Dean’s dies in suspicious circumstances and his sister calls for them to investigate. They spent at least 2 days on the case.

Unknown 2020 - 15.17 Unity

Day Count: approx. 3

Location: The Bunker/Lebanon KS; Sante Fe NM

Now is the time for Unity, but that’s thin on the ground for the Winchesters, who clash over the plan to kill Chuck. We spend approx. 3 days with the boys, as Sam and Cas do research in the bunker, and Dean drives Jack to Santa Fe, NM, and back again.

Unknown 2020 - 15.18 Despair

Day Count: at least 3

Location: The Bunker (Lebanon KS); Unknown locations; Hastings MN

We fall into Despair as the Winchesters have now made enemies of both God and Death, and one of them is collecting souls. Over the course of at least 3 days, the Winchesters travel between the bunker and several unknown locations – eventually splitting up so that Dean and Cas can go after Death, while Sam and Jack drive to Hastings, MN, to try futilely to protect their friends.

  • immediate follows previous episode

Unknown 2020 - 15.19 Inherit the Earth

Day Count: approx. 4-5

Location: The Bunker (Lebanon KS); Hastings MN; Unknown Locations

Dean joins Sam and Jack in Hastings MN, where they confirm that everyone is dead, and Dean breaks the news about Cas. They return to the Bunker to regroup and then they go on a quest to bargain with or just kill Chuck. They travel to several unknown locations over the course of approx. 4-5 days, ending up once again in Hastings MN

  • Shortly after previous episode

Unknown - 15.20 Carry On

Day Count: 4 together and then the rest of Sam's life

Location: The Bunker (Lebanon, KS); Akron OH; Canton OH; Heaven

Dean and Sam Carry On. We spend about 4 days with them, as they wake up and find a hunt in Akron, OH. They then move onto Canton, OH, tracking vampires. Dean dies on approx. the third day, leaving Sam to hold the funeral, and then go on to live his own full life, dying of old age with his son at his side. He reunites with Dean in heaven, shortly after Dean finishes his first drive in the heavenly Impala.

All information for this timeline taken from hells_half_acre's SPN Timeline