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The Winchester Family Business was started in 2009 by Alice Jester. She had been reviewing Supernatural since 2007 on The main focus of the site is reviews of the show and meta discussions as well as also linking to show related articles.

Everyone is welcome at The Winchester Family Business site
For all things Supernatural! Insightful Reviews and Analysis.
The place with all the meta on all the episodes, engaging news, discussion and fun.
The Winchester Family Business! Come for the meta; stay for the fun!

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Episode Reviews

Each week, during the Supernatural season, we publish articles that provide an in depth analysis of theme, plot, characterization, music and cinematography. For each episode there are a least 10 articles! The following list provides a meager sample of a few of our articles published during the Supernatural Season 12.

Complete list of season 12 articles:

Special Feature Articles From The Season 12 Year

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Fans provide additional entertaining and insightful commentary on the episode and article. Be sure to join in with your views. (Disqus login required.) Read our discourse rules.


Percysowner writes news updates from the Supernatural Family (cast, production and fandom) with “Supernatural Bits & Pieces.” This is a year round feature. Example article:

You can visit an archive of all the Supernatural Bits & Pieces News by visiting Percysowner's article page:

Special news reports can be found on:

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