The Story about the Coins

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March 2011: Clif Kosterman tweets a picture of Jared and a bemused Sadie looking on at a piles of coins in Jared's trailer. The culprit? Misha. Clif explained "Jared beat Misha in Words with Friends. Misha owed $1970 and ..." Source. Payback's a bitch... in return Jared put part of the coins into Misha's car with a note that read "Please accept this donation on my behalf. Make sure it finds its way to Random Acts. It should be around $660 CAD. P.S. I would appreciate a tax receipt. Misha tweeted "The moral of the story is: Never leave your car keys sitting on your coffee table in your trailer. And the other moral is: Even getting something nice, like money for charity, can be a real pain in the ass."

The story of the prank - which culminated with Jared shovelling the coins from his trailer into Misha's car - was related at a number of Conventions.