The Other Side

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Liza as Dean Winchester

"The Other Side" is a fan film produced and directed by counteragent, a fan who has been a vidder since 2007. "The Other Side," an alternate Season Three episode Genderswap story featuring female actresses playing the roles of Sam and Dean.

The script was written by author Naomi Novik, fellow Supernatural fan and bestselling author of the Temeraire novel series.

Counteragent is documenting the process of making the film:

"As the project represents one of my very first productions, I figured the journey would be as interesting as the end product. Auditions, casting, script concept-ing, costuming, prop-gathering, shooting guerrilla-style in Central Park, editing, foley-work, promotion--we’ve done or will be doing it all!"

"Watch it at our websiteor on You Tube