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The No Stairway Anthology is a collection of fiction, posted in digests of ten stories, presented in full by pre-posted publishing dates. The goal of the Anthology is to showcase fan works that are considered solid, appealing, original in theme or execution, re-readable, literary, and well executed. We accept Gen, Het and Slash works of between 1,000 and 10,000 words. Works previously published online or in 'Zines are welcome, as are new works.

– Maygra, Administrator, Introduction & Overview (subject to change, current as of Jan 27)

From the website:

The Anthology will be available in electronic format from the No Stairway website: It will be "part online fanzine and part recommended reading"1. The Livejournal community currently has more information:
The Anthology submission process is well-documented and includes an outline of the submission process (which covers screening & reviews by Anthology "staff"). You can find the details here.
The No Stairway Anthology was first announced January 27, 2008 following a post and subsequent discussion on winterlive's LJ. Its founders (and current staff) are Maygra (Administrator), Winterlive (Acquisitions Manager) & Traveller (Production Manager). By the end of February, No Stairways has a huge team of additional administrative, technical and editorial staff.

The concept of the publication caused much discussion in fandom, particularly related to what constituted 'literary' fan fic.

Issue 1 - June, 1, 2008

The first issue was published on June, 1, 2008 on the No Stairway Website.

As of Jan 1 2009, no further issues had been produced.