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The Maw of Fenris is a cult that considers the wolf Fenris to be a deity and worship him. In Norse mythology, the end of days, known as Ragnarök is instigated when Fenris kills the the god Odin. The Maw of Fenris see Ragnarok not as a story, but as a action plan to wipe out all of humanity, leaving only werewolves to dominate the planet. Members of the Maw are known to wear silver bullets around their necks, with Ragnarök etched into them.

The Maw of Fenris was thought to be a dead order once Reverend Jim Meyers took over the congregation, and preached co-existence instead of dominance.[1]

Ragnarök etched on a silver bullet belonging to Sheriff Pat.
The Book of Fenris.
Page from the Book of Fenris detailing Ragnarök.

Fenrir in Lore

In Norse mythology Fenrir (also known as Fenris), is a monstrous wolf and son of the trickster god Loki. During Ragnarök it is foreseen by Odin that Fenrir will kill him, and that Fenrir himself will be slain by the god of vengeance Vidar. Because of these prophesies the Norse gods bound Fenrir in hopes of negating their downfall.

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