The Lost Winchester Journals

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Long since the time when things that went bump in the night were first discovered, when the battle between good and evil started to rage. When things that were Supernatural were fought and beaten, the true stories of two brothers and their struggles toward making the world they live in safer are documented... even as the battle reached an epic high.

Create your own character and join the brothers as they fight for good or explore your truly evil side. Discover that things aren't always what they seem... and some things are better off left alone...

Join us at The Lost Winchester Journals a free form role play board based on the CW show Supernatural. We aren't just a role play board, but a group of friends who gather to discuss the show, cast and crew. We offer forums such as Southern Comforta place for you to post your favorite recipes and music.
Come on over to "Harvelle's Roadhouse" have a cold drink, say Hi to Ellen or Jo and hang out. You never know who might come through the door.

Step into the Devils Trap on Thursday nights after the show for some lively discussion! (10 p.m. EST) With the Winchesters in the room, you never know exactly what the topic will turn to.