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The Season 6 Blu-Ray had a special feature - pop-up boxes on the 6.15 The French Mistake containing trivia relating to the episode - particularly to point out what was real and what was fiction in the episode.

Other features on the DVD relating to 6.15 The French Mistake are a commentary track by Sera Gamble, Bob Singer, and Ben Edlund and an extended scene and bloopers.

For much more trivia see the episode entry for 6.15 The French Mistake

The 'scene' comments note when the pop-ups appear.

Scene: In Bobby's house

  • The alcohol they drink on set is tea.
  • Bobby's house is the only consistent set since season 1.
  • Sigil blood is made from a corn syrup.

Scene: on the set

  • Serge Ladouceur is the show's Director of Photography; he's worked on every episode of Supernatural except the pilot
  • Robert Singer has directed 19 episodes of Supernatural and executive produced 125
  • Kevin Parks is the assistant director on the "odd"-numbered episodes of Supernatural
  • John MacCarthy is the assistant director on on the "even"-numbered episodes of Supernatural
  • The shattered pieces of glass are made from rubber so they're soft to land on
  • Robert Singer loves Diet Coke
  • 2 bells are used for "cut"; 1 bell for "action"
  • The pictures on top of the mirror are from the make-up trailer. You can see the busted-up face of Jensen from 5.22 Swan Song.
  • Jared is sitting in front of the panic room set from Bobby's house. That's Jared's real set chair.
  • Padalecki is a Polish name

Scene: Outside on the backlot

  • The green trucks in the back are the real catering trucks
  • Supernatural has 8 Impalas; 2 main hero cars, 4 other drivable vehicles, and 2 partials including the crashed one from Season 1
  • This is shot on the backlot, which was originally built for the movie "Watchmen"
  • This is not Misha's real voice
  • Sides are small versions of the script, with only the pages specifically for that day of shooting
  • Misha often tweets and has dubbed his followers "minions". He currently has 2.57M followers and won the Best of Twitter 2009 award.
  • J-squared refers to Jensen and Jared's name both starting with the letter J
  • This is the real exterior of Jensen's trailer

Scene: Inside the trailer

  • Jensen does not have an aquarium or a helicopter in his trailer
  • Both Jared and Jensen are really from Texas
  • This is real footage of Jensen playing Eric Brady on "Days Of Our Lives" episode 8849 in the year 2000

Scene: Inside the car

  • The name K M Motion Picture Studios was in honor of Kim Manners, the executive producer who passed away in 2009. Kim directed 16 episodes of Supernatural
  • Jared and Jensen both have drivers and get picked up in SUVs for work. Their drivers are usually Cliff and John. (Note Clif Kosterman's name is mispelt in the pop-up
  • Supernatural is filmed in Burnaby, BC. The pilot was shot in Los Angeles; the show then moved to Canada
  • Producers Todd Aronauer and Kristin Cronin are the only remaining crew from the beginning of the pilot, with exception of Jared, Jensen, and Eric.

Scene: Inside Jared's mansion

  • This is not Jared's house
  • The boys do not use tanning beds. They use the safer route of spray tans when necessary
  • Jared and Genevieve do not own an Alpaca - we don't think
  • Jared and Genevieve met on the set of SPN Season 4.
  • Jared and Genevieve got married in February 2010 in Idaho. That is their real wedding picture
  • Jared did not know that the wedding pictures of Genevieve and himself were going to be used until the day of filming
  • Jensen was married in 2010 to Daneel Harris, previously of "One Tree Hill"(Note: Danneel's name is misspelt in the pop-up)
  • The art department composited Jared's face onto this photo (Referring to the photo of Jared in cowboy gear on a horse)
  • The beer bottle labels are individually made by the Art department and then attached by the Props Department
  • That is Genevieve's real wedding ring

Scene: In the car at the airport

  • Jensen and Jared follow proper custom policies, and all regulations and international laws ... as far as we know.

Scene: Filming on set - Sam and dean have to do some acting

  • Scripts for Supernatural are usually around 48 pages. A shooting schedule is usually 8 days per episode which is an average of 6 pages per shooting day
  • That is Jensen's real set chair
  • The 'smart slate' helps make sure the audio and video are in sync
  • The areas where the director sits is called the video village
  • A 'mark' is a piece of tape in the floor telling the actor where to stand. Jensen and Jared always hit their marks without looking
  • The assistant director is always with the camera not by video village as he is here
  • Misha is actually nice - he doesn't push crew members
  • Looking at the camera is called "breaking the fourth wall". Actors shouldn’t do it unless directed to
  • Serge always has has handy dandy laser pointer to show the crew which lights to move (Note: there is a typo in the pop-up 'has' rather than 'his')
  • The director of the episode Charles Beeson, is British and often says penultimate. Charles has directed 12 episodes of Supernatural
  • Translation of IMHO: Im My Honest Opinion
  • Translation of ROTFLMAO: Rolling On The Floor Laughing My Ass Off
  • Sera Gamble is the show's executive producer. This is not her real voice

Scene: Sam and Dean leap through the window

  • That was not Jared and Jensen - it was Todd and Mike their stunt doubles

Scene: on the set

  • This is the real green screen area, where a lot of driving scenes are shot
  • Hockey is the main topic of conversation among the crew all season long
  • This is Lou Bollo. He really is the stunt coordinator, and has patterned shorts like this custom made
  • Fighting on set is not permitted. Bare feet are also not permitted
  • Jensen's real stunt double Todd is holding him back. Jared's real stunt double Mike is holding him back

Scene: In the production office

  • Jim Michaels is co-executive producer, and is the only producer who lives in Canada during the season.
  • Sera and the other producers reside in Los Angeles.
  • Jared and Jensen are called "the boys" by the crew.
  • Eric did not sell "Octocobra"

Scene: On the set

  • The actor playing RS is Brian Doyle-Murray. Eric Kripke is a huge fan and was happy to get him to play the part.


Scene: Alleyway

  • On average Los Angeles gets 14.9 inches of rainfall a year. Vancouver gets 43.6
  • Canadian money can be blue, purple, brown, red or green

Scene: Virgil's killing spree

  • Eric Kripke is the creator, writer and executive producer of Supernatural
  • Eric was pleased with his death scene . He is also alive and well.
  • Serge is always calm and collected

Scene: Castiel confronts Raphael

Scene: Sam and Dean back in Bobby's place

  • Set walls are called flats

Over the end credits

  • Jared and Jensen are still talking