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The Bad Idea

At Salute to Supernatural Charlotte 2018 it was announced that Jared, Jensen, Misha were going to be part of a team of Supernatural almuni to undertake the Seattle marathon to raise money for Random Acts to fight childhood hunger in the US and around the world. The idea had originated with Misha, who in 2010 ran 83km (about 50 miles) and raised funds for the annual Random Acts E4K marathon in which people get sponsorship for undertaking a "marathon" of tasks - be it cup cake making or watching Supernatural or knitting - to raise money for Random Acts. Jared, Jensen, Jason and Rob were no stranger to endurance events having under taken a Tough Mudder event in Austin together in 2015.

Ahead of the event Jensen and Danneel held the Soul Cycle Charity Ride where people could donate money to support Random Acts and Out Youth, an Austin organization for queer and trans young people. The first 114 participants that donated $100 could attend join one of two classes for a 45-minute ride with Jensen and Danneel and then hang out afterwards for 30 minutes of refreshments, sweaty selfies, and conversation.

In the lead up to the marathon, the participant posted photos of their training efforts on social media. Before the event Misha said “Jensen got x-rays of his knees, and I got x-rays of my hips, and [Jared’s Achilles heel is fucked up.”

The Marathon

The Seattle marathon took place on November 25th with Jared, Jensen, Misha, Rob Benedict, Jason Manns, Adam Fergus, Vicki Vantoch and Charlie Capen undertook the full marathon, and Rachel Miner and Genevieve Padalacki, did the half marathon.

At the main center for the marathon, Random Acts set up a station for people to donate canned goods for Move For Hunger, a non-profit organization that collects non-perishable food items to deliver to food banks across America.

Jared and Jensen crossed the finish line clasping hands at 4 hours and 33 minutes. Danneel Ackles captured the moment on video and commented "So Proud of Jensen and Jared finishing the Amica Seattle Marathon together as true brothers. So beautiful and for such an incredible cause! #TheBadIdeaTour"

Next across the line at 4 hours and 42 minutes were Adam Fergus and Misha Collins, Misha limping with a leg cramp. Robe Benedict and Jason Manns finished together at 5 hours and 29 minutes. The race was particularly significant for Benedict, who had a stroke at after the Salute to Supernatural Toronto Convention in October 2013. He posted "5 years post-stroke. Just finished my first marathon. Feeling grateful. Grateful to my friends for running with me to support @randomactsorg. Grateful to everyone who donated and cheered us on."

Rachel Miner, who uses a wheelchair due to having Multiple Sclerosis, said "Everyone in this group spent considerable energy pushing me during the race, I have never before known the likes of these noble champions @jarpad @JensenAckles @mishacollins @adamfergus @jasonmanns @RobBenedict & @charliecapen There should be a special medal for the likes of you!"

The Bad Idea Tour raised over $240,000 including over $116 from fandom and $26,200 from Amica Insurance, the race sponsors and $100k from the cast members.

At the end of 2018, Jared and Genevieve announced they would run in the Boston Marathon in April 2019 to raise money for Dream Big!, an organisation that supports low income girls in being involved in sports and physical activity.


In August 2017, Jensen posted a short video on Instagram of himself and Jared, in which he said he wanted to go on record as saying "this is a bad idea" which he quickly deleted.

They were asked about the incident at Salute to Supernatural Minneapolis 2017 but gave no answers as to what it was!

There's no suggestion that it was related to the marathon idea - but obviously Jensen loves a bad idea!