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At Salute to Supernatural Charlotte 2018 it was announced that Jared, Jensen, Misha, Rachel, Rob and Jason are going to do the Seattle marathon on November 25th to raise money to fight childhood hunger. Danneel and Gen may also take part. This fundraiser will focus on helping feed kids in many of the poorest areas in the US and around the world.

Fans can also participate by joining Random Acts Endure 4 Kindness which will be held across 4 days from November 22 to November 25th.


In August 2017, Jensen posted a short video on Instagram of himself and Jared, in which he said he wanted to go on record as saying "this is a bad idea" which he quickly deleted.

They were asked about the incident at Salute to Supernatural Minneapolis 2017 but gave no answers as to what it was!

There's no suggestion that it was related to the marathon idea - but obviously Jensen loves a bad idea!