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Name Thaddeus
Cory (vessel)
Actor Wesley MacInnes
Dates Before humanity – 2013 (killed by Gadreel)
Location Earth
Occupation Angel
Pop star
Episode(s) 9.10 Road Trip


Before the fall, Thaddeus was a guard, as well as a torturer, in Heaven's prison. When he fell to Earth, he ended up in the body of a popular pop singer known as Corey.


9.10 Road Trip

Possessing a pop star by the name of Corey, Thaddeus is surprised to find Gadreel waiting in his dressing room before his concert. After Gadreel comments on Thaddeus' vessel, Thaddeus tells him it's like being a god. When Gadreel confronts him about all the torture he endured from Thaddeus, Thaddeus tells him that Gadreel broke the rules and he was only doing his job. When Thaddeus realizes that Gadreel has visited him for payback, he bends down to open his guitar case but finds it empty, and Gadreel holding his angel blade. Thaddeus pleads for mercy, but is stabbed in the chest and explodes into light.