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Name Ted
Actor Bradley Stryker
Dates  ???? - 2008 (killed by the Girl in the Wall)
Location Stratton, Nebraska
Episode(s) 4.11 Family Remains


Ted is helping his sister Susan Carter and her family move to the country, to try and recover following the death of their eldest son Andy in a car accident.


4.11 Family Remains

Despite Sam and Dean's dissuasion, the family moves into the house where they are terrorized by what Sam and Dean assume to be a ghost. Ted doesn't believe them, and thinks it's just some backwoods hillbillies screwing with them, his suspicions are proven partially correct when the Girl in the Wall is able to cross the ring of salt the Winchesters have made to protect the family. When the youngest, Danny is taken, Ted and Dean go looking for him inside the walls of the house. When they find a hole in the floor, Dean goes down to check it out while Ted waits topside. Just as Dean hurries back, Ted turns around and comes face to face with the girl, who stabs and kills him.