Tasha Banes

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Name Tasha Banes
Actor Alvina August
Dates  ???? – 2017 (killed by Miss Beverly)
Location Rock River, Wyoming
Occupation Hunter
Episode(s) 12.20 Twigs & Twine & Tasha Banes


Tasha Banes was a witch and a hunter, she was the mother of Alicia and Max Banes, whom she conceived with Asa Fox some twenty years ago.

Tasha was a natural witch, along with her son Max, whom she trained in the art of witchcraft. Her eyes glow purple when she uses her power.


12.06 Celebrating the Life of Asa Fox

Tasha Banes is mentioned by her kids Max and Alicia Banes who were attending Asa Fox's funeral. Max said that she was a good witch who taught him how to seduce men. Alicia told Sam that she uses crystals and taught her how to hunt bad witches. Alicia also said that her mother taught Max some magic, but he thought that the seduction lessons were more useful. It is later revealed by Jael that Max and Alicia attended the funeral because Asa was their father.

12.20 Twigs & Twine & Tasha Banes

Tasha enters a boarding house in Rock River, Wyoming, seeking refuge from the rain outside. She is startled by Miss Beverly sitting in the parlor wrapping yarn, and the two have a brief conversation, ending with Tasha offering to cleanse Miss Beverly's "muddy' aura. The proprietor of the boarding house, Andy, rushes to the front desk and checks Tasha in, apologizing for her wait.

Later that night, in her room, Tasha is performing a spell. We see her receive a message on her phone from Alicia but the phone is on the desk and Tasha does not see it. Tasha begins swinging a crystal pendant over symbols on the floor, chanting the words "Reveal. Now. Reveal. Now. Reveal." As Tasha's eyes flash purple and the crystal pendant lights up in a purple glow, it begins to move out on its chain to show where Tasha needs to go. She gets up and follow the crystal downstairs, then outside to the cellar entrance. She puts the crystal away and opens the cellar entrance. She cautiously goes downstairs, when she begins to notice an unpleasant smell. She turns to look at something and is suddenly stabbed from behind. The weapon is removed and Tasha collapses to the ground.

Tasha soon comes to, strapped to a table to see Miss Beverly standing before her. She offers her power to Tasha, but Tasha rejects it, spitting in her face. She proceeds to cut out Tasha's heart and places it into a Twigs & Twine Doll, giving the creature all of Tasha's memories, while it is under Miss Beverly's control.

When Miss Beverly was eventually killed by Dean, the doll disintegrated as a result.