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Name Tamara
Actor Caroline Chikezie
Location Near Lincoln, Nebraska
Occupation Hunter
Episode(s) 3.01 The Magnificent Seven


Tamara, is a British born hunter, who was married to Isaac, who died at the hands of the demon Gluttony. They have been hunting for eight years, after something supernatural killed their daughter. At some point during those eight years, they met and befriended Bobby Singer.


3.01 The Magnificent Seven

Upon meeting the Winchesters, Isaac, doesn't want to work the case with them, blaming them for releasing the demons. Tamara admonishes him for the comment, and shows that she is willing to work with them. While investigating a bar looking for demons, the couple believes they have spotted one, and Isaac with a flask of holy water attempts to make a move, until he is stopped by the bartender who reveals himself a demon. Surrounded by the Seven Deadly Sins, the demon Gluttony forces him to down a bottle of Drano, killing him while Tamara watches in vain. As Gluttony turns his sights on Tamara Bobby arrives, crashing his car through the bar, saving Tamara who forced to abandon Isaac's body during the escape.

Once back at the house, Tamara demands to go back to the bar and slaughter every last demon in it, but is dissuaded by Bobby. Instead Tamara sets her sights on Envy, who she exorcises back to Hell. After the exorcism a demon possessing Isaac's corpse tries to trick Tamara into letting him into the house, in her anger she attacks the demon, breaking the salt line at the front door, and stabs him with a stake of Palo Santo, which drives out the demon.

The next morning, Tamara gives Isaac a hunter's funeral pyre before departing the Winchester's company.